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The Woman I Saw


Friends this story I am going to tell you is related to a very scary experience I had in the year about 2001. But before that I never used to think that something exists beyond our imagination which does exist and to say the truth which I experienced is a reality.

I was coming back from visiting my close friend when I saw a old woman sitting in the garden in front of our house. I thought it must be some visitor to the garden. I started walking towards my house when suddenly my attention once again went towards the old woman. She turned her head towards me and started saying "come here my boy", I want to tell you something. I thought she was pulling my leg or maybe she is mad and was laughing at me. I thought better to ignore her and walk home. But suddenly something made me look back towards the bench on which she was sitting and no one was there. I realized quickly that something was wrong with that woman.

I ran like anything and quickly came to my home. I had fever for almost three days. I never spoke about this to anyone as I know very well that if I spoke about this to anyone they would laugh at me and tell me that I need a psychiatrist Or should have been admitted to the mental hospital. I told about this to some people but they all laughed at me and suggested what I told above about. But what I have spoken is true. I know people laugh at me but what I have experienced is hundred percent true. If anyone laughs at me it is their point of view. But if anyone trusts me just explain me about what I experienced in detail.

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lady-glow (14 stories) (3078 posts)
11 months ago (2022-10-24)
Hello again, Amchi.

In my opinion, it's very difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to explain what is wrong in that garden. There's not enough information in your narrative to reach any accurate conclusion.

You could start by researching if what people say are facts or only unfound rumours and urban legends. There has to be, somewhere, a recorded history of the area.

You have stablished that your "father has lived here for almost seventy five years." and he "says that there were huge ponds and lakes there".

Did he see the lakes and knows what happened to them? Did they dry out by natural causes or as a result of a man-made project? Does he remember if a woman that resembles the one you saw ever lived in the area during the time he has lived there?

Are you aware that some environmental factors, like electromagnetic radiation, pollution, etc., can affect people's mood? Would it be possible that, what you call "negative energy in the garden" is not necessarily paranormal, but the effect of exposure to something mundane?

As I have already said, it's hard to know what may be wrong in the garden without knowing anything about it. You are welcome to share your experiences in this forum, but keep in mind that when it comes to the paranormal, there's nothing written in rock and we are here not always to find answers, but to be heard and to know that we are not alone nor crazy after experiencing something unexplained.
Amchi1986 (13 stories) (39 posts)
11 months ago (2022-10-23)
Some people in my area say that there was a graveyard of Christian people but my father says that there were huge ponds and lakes there. Even I have felt some negative energy in the garden. Many people who are known to me have also felt the same thing. I think something is abnormal and wrong in the garden which is in front of my house. Someone please explain.
PenOrSaber (guest)
11 months ago (2022-10-23)
Is there any 'History' in that particular area that you saw the old woman? Perhaps if you looked into it more you could find out exactly who or what that woman was. 🤔
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (217 posts)
11 months ago (2022-10-22)
Hello Amchi, thank you for sharing your experience.

First and foremost, remember we can offer opinions and beliefs about what you encountered, but you were there, so you know what you experienced. If you believe it was supernatural, then trust that.

People may laugh or disbelief your stories, but the truth is, many times that's just a coping mechanism, it unnerves more people than care to admit it, that ghosts and spirits don't compute and to have something like that in our world, something that cannot be controlled or understood, frightens people. If your car makes funny noises or doesn't run right, then you take it to a mechanic, diagnose the issue and have it corrected. When you see people, that are there one minute, and not the next, walking through walls, or hearing noises with no audible source like foot steps, that's an altogether different proposition. Unlike the movies we can't just call the Ghostbusters and have them clean it up for us. There are techniques and people who can assist in these matters but again, it's not as straightforward. Laughter can conceal fear, so if it helps, it's not personal, the laughter helps people deal with something they can't and don't wish to deal with. It's almost like they think, if they don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist and won't bother them.

You're in the right place to share your encounters, people here who are open minded and have a healthy dose of skepticism, but have their own experiences to share as well.

There are many stories on this very site of people who fall ill, particularly with fevers after a supernatural encounter, so that further indicates what you saw was real. As to who she was, I cannot say, some theories have already been proposed for you by other posters. Some ghosts do like to inspire fear in people, they seem to get a kick out of it and draw strength or energy from it. If a person was mean spirited in life, then they can carry that same personality into the afterlife. The only difference is they're not held accountable for it like they were in life.

You're in good company here. If others in your immediate circle don't care to hear your stories or would rather ridicule you in order to feel better about the matter themselves, then you know there are places like these to discuss such matters. Good Luck!
PenOrSaber (guest)
11 months ago (2022-10-20)
One thing is something I heard that I can't explain (not something another person told me). It might have been a child, but I doubt it. The other thing I saw was a figure I saw when I was waiting for the school bus.
valkricry (48 stories) (3244 posts) mod
11 months ago (2022-10-19)
If you think what you saw was supernatural/paranormal then you may submit. But things such as UFOs, aliens, Big Foot, etc. Will be rejected.
PenOrSaber (guest)
11 months ago (2022-10-19)
I'm sorry this comment isn't related to the above story, but is this a place to post GHOST sighting or UNEXPLAINED sightings? I saw something that I'm not exactly sure what it was.
Amchi1986 (13 stories) (39 posts)
12 months ago (2022-10-19)
U said that it was just a lady whom I saw was just a crazy lady but when I looked back there was nothing on that bench... She was laughing at me madly as if she had seen someone whom she could poke fun at and insult. Explain me regard this.
Rajine (14 stories) (632 posts)
12 months ago (2022-10-19)
Reminds me of the time I saw this creepy looking woman while I was out, I remember looking at her hands and it actually looked like witches claws you see in movies long ugly looking nails and all, here in South Africa we have a lot of shaman type people who believe in and practice witchcraft and voodoo, it's become a sort of business as well, so that's what I thought when I saw her, maybe the lady you saw was just a lady who looks crazy.
Amchi1986 (13 stories) (39 posts)
12 months ago (2022-10-17)
Yes I still live in that house. My father has lived here for almost seventy five years. I told few of my friends but no one believed me. They all laughed at me. But what I have seen was hundred percent true. I am waiting for other people's comments on this story. Please do reply.
lady-glow (14 stories) (3078 posts)
12 months ago (2022-10-17)
Hello Amchi.

I'm puzzled about your following statement:

"before that I never used to think that something exists beyond our imagination which does exist".

If, after all, you and your family seemed to have accepted the experience in your previous story, which took place few years earlier, as something supernatural in nature.

"a story that took place at my home in the year 1997... My father suggested to my mother to remove the image but my mother stopped him from doing so by telling him that something bad and evil had arrived at our place but our pet dog and the image of Ganpati had scared the evil thing from causing harm to all of us."

As for this story, it's hard to say what or who that lady was based on the little information provided by your narrative.

It seems like your gut feeling warned you against approaching her, though, in my opinion, this doesn't necessarily mean that she was trying to harm you, even if she was a ghost.

Knowing the history of the place always helps when it comes to understand the presence of spirits on certain locations. It's common for spirits to stay attached to places that were important to them during their life, or to the place they died, specially if it happened unexpectedly and/or in a violent way.

Do you still live in that house? Have your family lived in the area for a long time? It's possible that some other people have seen this woman over the years.

Perhaps the lady used to seat on that bench to feed the birds and talked to passerby kids during her life, and what you saw was a residual image of a bygone time.

You may not agree with me, but having a paranormal encounter is a fascinating experience, and proof that there's something else waiting after we leave this world.

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