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So, explaining the title. Ever since I was born, I was brought up in a you-get-to-choose-what-you-want-to-believe-in type of thing. A lot of people think that's why spirits are always around me. I kind of think it's partly because my mom did a Ouija board not too long before she got pregnant.

I hear stories from relatives that I was that creepy kid from those scary movies that says, "I see dead people" type thing. The main story was when I was little I was with my Nana and my mom and I told my Nana, "You're going to die. Angels are going to come down and take you away. But don't be afraid. It's a good place." My mom quoted exactly.

When I moved to San Diego in first grade, things kept getting freaky. I would feel like I was being watched. Brave little me did something in a private building with two less-brave first graders. So, the bathrooms was a separate building for some odd reason. So me and a friend from my class got excused to use the restroom. We ran all the way there and kept the doors closed. It was in the afternoon so there were no lights - just a small layer of windows at the top of the wall. We were getting ready to do Bloody Mary. Someone banged on the door and scared the pee out of us (not really). Another girl barged in and ran to the bathroom stalls. My friend and I carried on what we were doing. There were no lights but it was really dim in the bathrooms so my friend went to a stall next to the girl and held her hand on the flusher. I stood at the mirrors and called out Bloody Mary three times while my friend flushed the toilet. I kid you not I saw a girl standing at a stall, wearing a dull white dress and she had black hair. My friend and the girl walked out and took my attention off of the girl in white. I told them and they ran out of the bathrooms and stood by the door. I looked through the stalls but couldn't find her... Now, researching it doesn't seem like it was actually Bloody Mary and after I watched The Grudge a year later, I still didn't think it was the same.

In second grade we moved to Fort Worth, Texas. My mom and her husband at the time would always leave at night to go out. I wasn't and am not the type to actually imagine things (besides in dreams and daydreams behind closed eyes). Like if I'm staring at the ocean and want to see a giant narwhale, my imagination won't plop one into the ocean. Anyways, specifically, there were a few nights where I would walk to the kitchen and pass by this large shadow (like the size of a basic house door.). I was always really brave in things like this so I stopped and stared at the shadow for a long moment then looked to where the shadow would have came from. There was a door directly across it but with only a small window at the top of the door. Definitely not enough for a full body. My mom tells me that I called him the man in the flannel shirt. Anyways, my feeling of being watched never left even being in Texas.

Next we moved back to our homeland, Oregon. I was in sixth grade. My mom divorced her husband and met now ex-boyfriend. That's when stuff got really freaky. My mom got pregnant so we moved into her boyfriends house. It was old, it was creaky, it was freaky. I would be in my room then suddenly hear the sink running. I thought it was my mom so I opened my door and I saw the water running for just a second before it turned off. I know that the house was old and whatnot but that's not how it felt. It felt like something was there.

I was in seventh grade when we moved to a house in SE Portland and my baby sister was born. I know I'm not supposed to talk about dreams but it's essential to the story. I started having dreams about this man. He was tall, wore black clothing, had black hair and pale skin. There were always different dreams but had the same guy. I started calling him the Faceless Guy because I could never see his face. When my sister started walking, she would come into my room and stare at my closet with a confused look. My closet let up to the attic, stairs and everything. Creepy as hell. When I would sleep I would hear a growling sound and then something in my room would fall down. I would hear tapping on my window at night.

When I started ninth grade we moved into my moms boyfriends friends house that he was renting. Things started getting creepier. I still had dreams about that Faceless Guy. I started seeing black shadows walking around the corners. I would walk towards the stairs and see someone's head disappearing down the stairs (not just a head. Like something was walking down.). I would hear somebody walking around my room at night. (I sleep with a fan and a sheet blowing over me because I feel like I'm being watched...). There was one morning when I woke up and there was blood by my bedside. There was nobody that was bleeding, no periods, no cuts, no nothing. Four drops of blood and not a trail left behind.

My mom, sister and I moved out and into a townhouse without her boyfriend. This is where I currently live. The first day we moved in, I was in the upstairs bathroom and looked down the stairs to see a black shadow. I looked away and back and it was gone. Everyone who would come over never wanted to go upstairs because it didn't feel right. There was always an eerie feeling in my moms bedroom and mine. We would be downstairs and the bedroom doors would open and close, sometimes slamming and sometimes gently. My lamp was on a sturdy shelf but when I went up there it was hanging off of the table. My sister would always say that there was a man sitting in the chair in the corner of their room that would watch her. She would wake up shaking in fear. I tried to tell her that she had nothing to be afraid of and gave the "man" a name. I said, "His name is Raiden and he's here to protect you." It seemed to work. My two friends, sister and I were in my moms room. I sat down in the chair with my new phone in my hand and a few seconds later, stood up and found the screen going static. It still doesn't work anymore and I've tried everything to fix it. A few weeks after that, I turned the light off to go to bed and the phone lit up, still staticy.

I was tuning my radio and kid you not, it said "I will kill you." WHILE I was still tuning it - and I was tuning it pretty fast. I was sitting in my room listening to the radio and in the middle of the station guy talking, it went to a low static sound for like five minutes. I thought it was just the station but turned the same station on the downstairs radio and it was fine and still playing. My sister and I were sitting on my moms bed and I asked her if she was still getting scared. She said, "No. Raiden's in your room now. He sleeps next to you every night." I asked her why. "Because he loves to."

I asked her what he looks like and she replied, "He wears black, has black hair and pale. He's in your dreams isn't he?" (I have NEVER talked about my dreams or experiences in front of my sister before!).

My mom and I go to a Vietnamese fortune teller and the last time my mom went she asked about the things going on in our house. The fortune teller told her the most evil is in my room and gave her a list of stuff to do and to get. So now we have a charm hanging on the front door, a charm hanging on the ceiling above my moms entrance to her room and a coin sword above my door. It took a few weeks to see a difference. Well, my difference was it got worse but everywhere else got better... My guitar was pushed over, I walked out of my room and hear footsteps following me. I was watching a movie for a second time and hear laughing but the part that I was watching had NO laughing in it. I sometimes see black figures in my room when it's dark. I wake up with new bruises, cuts, and sometimes hand prints. I tried researching things to say or do to make them stop but if I'm in my room while researching certain things on getting rid of spirits, the computer will shut off out of nowhere.

Honestly, I'm pretty used to spirits and whatnot. I just don't understand why it's getting worse from when I was little? My mindset on belief is still the same since I was young. I wanted to share my experiences with people who have gone through some of the same things.

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OregonPS (6 posts)
8 years ago (2013-11-04)
MirunaDryden - Any new situations pop-up? If you would like some guidance regarding your abilities and phenomenon, please feel free to contact me.
MJ_GhostlyAspects (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-11)
The part where you heard the voice when you were switching radio stations reminds me of a piece of ghost hunting kit called the ghost box, or the spirit box. It flips through different radio frequencies at high speed, which ghosts can use to communicate through - sort of like a live EVP. They use it a lot on Ghost Adventures.

Definitely sounds like a clearance is a good idea, as the others have suggested. It's not uncommon for increased paranormal activity around teenagers. All different reasons. Good luck 😁
othershadows101 (14 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-11)
i am terrified now I had the same problem but my brother would not starr down my bedroom my dog would starr down my hallway and growl its scary 😨
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-11)

I am going to start by saying I'm on the Fence with this but having said that I'd like to address something you've asked...

You've stated your sensitive, you've known this for a long time and lately its getting 'stronger'...

Instead of 'forgetting' your 'third eye' you have never learned 'not to use it' and now that your a teenager...I'll say 15? Your 'abilities' are getting stronger... Your body is developing as well as your mind.

Why only in your room or around you? You can answer that best... It may have something to with that 'Bloody Mary' adventure you had back in the first grade... This Urban Legend this 'Scary Rite' of passage may have actually attracted a spirit to you. Let me explain... (Please no LECTURES about who she was in History... We are talking about the Urban Legend.)

Its my opinion that this 'Bloody Mary' this Urban Legend can attract spirits/entities to those who 'preform the ritual'. These spirits, these entities are attracted to the 'fear', the nerves' any and all 'energy' generated by those who have decided to 'test' this legend. Sometimes they appear to those who choose to do this... In 'your' case the entity that was attracted liked your 'boldness'...your lack of fear and while you 'saw' a young girl in the mirror there is a chance that this was a masculine entity and that it attached itself to you at this time and is still with you.

I repeat this is a 'might have happened' based on the details in what you have shared with us. You asked 'Why is it getting worse?' Simple answer, your getting older and the energy from your body has increased... It has more to work with.

AGAIN I'm not saying this is what happened or is happeneing... But it is a POSSIBILITY, based on the 'experience' provided.

Keep us updated and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-11)
Hi MirunaDryden, as Rozo said your narration was quite scary and for sure you require some thing to be done. Why not try Rook's method of cleansing. It is mentioned in many places in this site. Quite useful and would definitely ward off any negative energies. If you still find that the "Faceless Guy" you said is not gone, then consult some experts to ward off the negative entity. But, as far as I am concerned, Rook's method of cleansing did help on a couple of occasions to me and for my friend too. But, be brave and bold. Keep us posted of any further encounters or experiences.

Regards and respects to you.

Rozo (3 stories) (108 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-11)
Hi MirunaDryden

This is a very scary account of things that have happened to you and your family.

I want to applaud you for being very brave and not letting things get to you as much as I would, should that stuff be happening to me.

There are various methods that can be applied to help rid homes of these feelings and sightings and I am sure that somebody here will gladly help you out with some tried and tested methods.

Hang in there!


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