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My name is Lena. For as long as my best friend and I can remember, we've always seen and felt unexplainable things. When Maci and I first started hanging out, about three years ago, weird things began to happen. It all seemed to revolve around us two.

Anyways, it all started one spring, Maci and I were going out for a walk (we love just walking and talking and enjoying the weather when it's nice out). I forgot my shoes upstairs, so I ran up to get them. In Maci's house, the living room and kitchen are connected and then the stairs are in the living room. When you go up the stairs and look to the left, the bathroom is directly there on the left. Her sister's room is on the right, hers is at the end of the short hall, and her mom's is at the other end of the hallway (turning right at the top of the stairs instead of left). Okay, well as I was passing the bathroom, I just happened to glance in. Now, I'm a pretty logical person, but what I saw was so real it chilled me to the bone.

Sitting with her knees up against her, her head on her knees, and sitting in the corner of the wall and the bathtub was a little girl. She was just staring, as if waiting for me to look at her. She had a long white nightgown type dress on, and her hair was dark with bangs, I'd say a little past shoulder length. I quickened my pace, grabbed my shoes, and bolted for the stairs. Just as I turned the corner to fly down the stairs, I looked back. Being logical I expected to see nothing there. I was wrong. She was still sitting in the same position, still staring. At the time we were the only two home. It freaked me out.

As time went on, we saw the little girl more and more. It became a frequent thing. Even Maci would see her, but we seemed to be the only ones. Mostly, we saw her in the bathroom. Not just her bathroom, but different bathrooms. Even the bathrooms at school! Recently, Maci went into the school bathroom during third period (as she has done everyday all year). She was the only one in there, and was walking to the last, larger stall. When passing the second stall, she heard giggling. Curious, she looked over. A girl, same description as the girl mentioned earlier, was standing in the stall with her face against the crack of the door. Freaked out, Maci just left.

Several times throughout the years, the little girl would come and go. We wouldn't see her at all for say a month or two, and then suddenly she'd come back, like she had never left. She doesn't seem to be a threat or anything, but she can be startling when you don't expect her to be there, then suddenly she is.

My mom doesn't believe is spirits, but, going into the bathroom one day, she screamed. When I ran in there, she said there was a little girl with dark hair sitting on the toilet. Maci and I were happy someone finally saw her too.

Last winter, Maci and I were in her room. She has an offbrand ihome sort of thing that plays music when you plug in your iPod. Well, it's kind of broken, so it has to have a heavy weight on the cord where it plugs in to play. Since its so hard to get the weight on the cord just right, and she usually uses it in the bathroom, we left it in the bathroom and turned the volume up loud so we could hear it from the bedroom (we were the only ones home, keep in mind). A Christmas song came on, one of those songs that you always skip on your iPod but never delete, and so I went out to change the song. I guess Maci decided to come with me, because halfway down the hall toward the bathroom (bathrooms right by the stairs, as I said before) Maci screamed at the top of her lungs and forcefully pushed me into the bathroom. She pushed me so hard I slammed against the sink counter. She then ran in after me and slammed the door shut, locking it.

"What the hell Maci?!" The look on her terrified face told me something was wrong. She then went on to tell me that she saw an all black figure running up the stairs at us. I turned the music off and we waited. After waiting for only a couple seconds, we heard loud footsteps, which sounded like there were right outside the bathroom door. We aren't easily scared girls, but this was enough to keep us locked in the bathroom for an hour. Even after being in the bathroom for so long, and despite being cold, we went outside and sat on the back porch for her mom and sister to get home. There was no way we were going back in there alone.

Recently (I'd say it started maybe six-ish months ago), I started having this dream. The dream always goes like this: I'm driving this old timey car, and it's snowing. Sitting in the passenger seat is Maci, only it's not Maci but I know that it's her (like its her spirit in a different body), and the there's another girl sitting in the backseat. I don't recognize her, but in the dream I know she means something to me, just like the girl in the passenger seat does. Anyways, we're driving down this road, and it's dark. There are trees all around, and suddenly I lose control of the car. We swerve off to the right and into this pond. Quickly, as we are sinking to the bottom of the pond, we unroll the passenger side window and I push Maci out (we're completely underwater). Next I push, while Maci pulls from outside the car, the girl that was in the back out. About waist out, she gets suddenly stuck. After what seems like forever of pushing, she finally gets out of the window, and then I crawl out.

In the dream, it doesn't show what happened right after I get out of the car. The next thing it shows isn't from my perspective anymore, it's shown from further away, like if I was watching a movie. On the opposite side of where the car entered the pond, there is a sidewalk. Trees line the side of the sidewalk and the moon is shining through the dead branches of the trees. All three of us were walking side by side, down this sidewalk. We were all barefoot and had long white gowns on. Then, it's back to my perspective. I can feel the wind, and I can tell its cold (there's snow in the ground) but I can't feel the cold. It's like it isn't affecting me. And then I wake up.

I've had this dream several times, and after having it for a while, I came to a realization: the girl in the back of the car is, or is in a sense I guess, the girl Maci and I have been seeing for three or so years. Maci has also been having dreams, not the same one, but dreams of people drowning. And I've also had other dreams of people dying. It's really weird. But this has been going on for a long time, and all we want to know is why? If anybody knows anything, or even has theories, we'd love to know!

Thanks- Lena.

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305girl (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-27)
the dreams that your having are messages the little girl is sending you. She's trying to tell you what happened.
Dreamerxx (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-25)
Hi Lena I'm no expert but the little girl seams to want your attention maybe you could try talking to her (just a suggestion) I had an experience with a girl my story "what did she want" and if I had the knowledge that I have now back then I think I would have tried to communicate with her.
What ever you decide stay safe and keep us informed.
Other members on here have helped me understand what I encountered and I'm sure they will help you aswell.

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