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Long Faced, Tall, Barely Visible


Hey, well to start I saw it my whole life until I was 16, then it vanished and I'm now almost 20 and starting to see it again. I always start by getting a dreary feeling all through my body and start getting little shakes every couple of minutes. Then randomly I see a tall, long faced, what feels to me as a demon, almost invisible standing in the distance but it hasn't always been in the distance.

When I was younger it used to move closer and closer every time I saw it until it was at the point that was the closest I ever saw it. When I was 16, at the end of my bed, when I was woken with my legs up in the air like I was about to get pulled of the bed but when I woke up my legs fell and there it was. I yelled at it to get out of my room and my life and to stop tormenting me my whole life and it did. Well, until recently anyway and the feeling of being scared and terrified by it is stronger than ever.

I don't see it all the time but maybe once a week if that. And I think it's starting to move closer to me. I have looked all over the internet and can't find anything about it.

Full description is tall (about 8 ft), hunched forward, long thin legs but muscly, small thin torso with long thin arms that seem to always be reaching forward towards me (kind of like if you were going to give someone a hug but scary). But the scariest part is the face/head. It's kind of like a long cylinder that reaches above and below where the jaw should be, with the face at the very top. But it seems to have no eyes or nose, just a mouth.

I know I said it's barely visible and I can barely see it but at the same time I can see it very clearly. Just any help with what it is or what it might want or how to get rid of it would be amazing. Thank you.

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Savage_Lettuce (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-20)
Slenderman has a mouth now! Try using iron or silver in your talismans, demons hate it, it tears at their essence.
AcroLogic (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-20)
thats pretty scary my sister also experienced it I think its the second stage of a demonic activity opression maybe I am not sure 😊 😐
pjs1977 (2 stories) (48 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-20)
Wow that's some creepy confrontation. Sounds like to me you have a weird ghostly paranormal stalker. If I was you I would have your room blessed and every night before bed I would say a prayer just for safe keeping. Seriously this thing or ghost sounds real freaking scary I don't blame you for being so scared.
jarryd1333 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-19)
hey everyone I have thought about the in my head thing but I can remember seeing this even when I was very very young. I don't think it would be stress or anything I have a pretty easy life and always have, never had to worry about anything ever really. My family never did "dark magic" to my best knowledge.
Thanks for the help everyone
Nectarvore (1 stories) (226 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-18)
I've heard about stories similar, where a spirit or being latches onto a person and manifests closer and stronger over time. I think the best thing, as far as possible is to not be afraid and to take your power back with regards to thing affecting you. Lower Astral beings feed upon fear like a toy needs a battery... They can exist independently of a person, but much prefer the company and attention of a fearful and nervous energy generating human. There are many, many ways to banish this thing, but the fact is, nothing will be effective unless you believe in it. First I'd make a protective talisman to wear all the time, close to your heart chakra. A necklace is good because it's difficult to lose. It's a good tool to focus your energy into at first (the more powerful you become within, the less you will find you need to externalise that power into objects to focus magickally)... Good protection stones are amber, jet or onyx. But it can be anything, a crucifix, a rosary, anything that resonates with you is fine. Have the object blessed or charge it yourself by meditating protective intention into it. The more you do this, the more powerful it will become. Wear it, all the time. The stronger you become psychically, the less power this thing will have over you. It's important to focus your psychic energy upon a positive connection with God/goddess, not into fear of demons... Direct the energy upon what you DO want, not what you DONT want, if that makes sense. Secondly, pray. To whatever face you give God. Every day when you bathe, see yourself renewed, protected, blessed. White sage to burn will cleanse your aura and frankincense oil is good for purifying and protection. If your story was a haunted dwelling, I'd say cleanse the space, but I think it's yourself that this things had a hold on. Reclaim your power. Your right to feel safe in the universe is in alignment with gods will. All the universe is conspiring to help you and back you up. Good luck and blessed be.
Nectarvore (1 stories) (226 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-18)
VirguleAddict... Not to deviate from the original post, but just briefly, perepheral vision is much more sensitive than direct vision. In the course of human evolution, the perepheral vision that we once needed to avoid being sneaked up upon by predators has weakened as we have needed it less. It is a far more effective way to see sprit it's and elementals and the more you train yourself in this way of looking, the stronger it will become. Part of the warrior training of the Samurai was to develop their perepheral vision (their sensitivity to their environment in general) ... You can do this by sitting, looking straight ahead. Bring back both hands level with your ears, palms flat toward your head. Move your hands further and further back until you can no longer see them with your perepheral vision (keeping always, your eyes fixed ahead) ... Train in this and you will find with time, that vanishing point will become further and further back and your vision stronger in it's sensitivity.
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-18)
Have you ruled out a medical explanation? The physiological symptoms that precede the visions suggest it could be "in your head" quite literally, as in a function of brain chemistry. I find it interesting that it waned during your mid teens, when your hormones were no doubt doing new and funky things to you. Assuming Australia has pretty decent medical coverage for you, I would suggest you consult a doctor. You can tell the doctor you are experiencing episodes of shaking coupled with visual hallucinations. You don't have to say you believe it to be paranormal if you are concerned about what the doctor will think.
VirguleAddict (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-18)
I am not sure about this site and your story's truthfulness, but I signed up just to answer to this post.

Something similar is happening to me, and it has been since as far as I can remember. Since I am a kid I think I see strange things and people in the corner of my eyes, but when I turn and look directly at them, they are gone. They are not visual misconceptions of objects, since there were nothing in the places where these things appear to begin with, and what's worse is that they do not appear as blurs. Actually, if it weren't for the convincing details of these appearances I wouldn't even consider writing back to this post.

I moved to Australia a few years ago, and since then these 'apparitions' have showed up only occasionally. I am not sure that they are the fruits of my imagination, since every time I am back to my native country (Reunion Island) a lot of strange things happen to me over a short period of time. When I was younger and still lived there, I was used to these phenomenon and some of my friends experienced them too, though we always playfully labelled them as tricks of the eyes, gut feeling and stuff like that.

If I throw away my rational thoughts, I think I can say that I do not have a singular entity 'following' me like you do, but maybe four of them, though none has been as active or aggressive as what you write about. One of them is giving me horrible nightmares and a cold frightening feeling when I 'feel' its presence, and this happens every time I go back to Reunion, but nothing physical. I only sometimes 'glimpse' one of the others while living in Australia.

One of my friend is studying Asiatic Mythology in France and I remember her talking about a Japanese entity which has the same 'behaviour' as the creature in your story.
I have contacted my friend, and while she does not have much information on this ancient 'yokai', she calls it 'the stalker' and says that it is the result of a time-limited curse. According to her, it stares at its target from far away and slowly gets closer and closer until it is close enough to eat its prey. The only way to get rid of it is either by the prey escaping until the entity's time is up, by the prey being eaten, by having another entity following you which can keep it at bay, or by exorcism. She also heard of legends of western ghosts/demons/beings that slowly approach their victims.

Since the creature in your post did not 'eat' you right away, it might be after something else. I hope this post helped at least a bit, and that it let's you know that you're not the only one with weird things following you;) If they are not part of my imagination that is.
Seek (1 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-17)
Wow great story I got chills. With all due respect, I feel it may be a physical manifestation, meaning not real just in your head. Stress can show itself in many ways. +1 rook
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-16)
I have a cleansing and shielding method posted on my profile... It may help you.

You mentioned you saw it until you were 16... When it physically touched you and you told it to go away... Now 4 years later it seems to have returned... What age were you when you first saw it? What was/is your stress level when you see it... Are you feeling more stress at the times it appears closer to you?

I ask because this sounds as if it my be a 'physical' manifestation of any stress you may be's not a real entity 'per say' but the power of your mind creating a 'physical representation' of your stress.

That however is just my 'gut feeling' after reading your experience through... Either that or your 'putting us on' for Holloween with a well told experience that features an creature that sounds like 'Alien'.


DOA-Spirit (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-16)

In terms of getting rid of an unwanted entity smudging and blessings tend to work from what I've researched over the years. Getting rid of the negative energy, though I've never done this myself as I've never percieved my own experiences as being a threat, so I've left them alone.

Hopefully someone else can enlighten you further.

As for being barely visable, yet seeing it clearly. You mean like it's translucent almost? The apparition seems strange because it's size, though I've read reports on other forums of similar sightings.

In my reasearch most Demonic type haunting tend to be more violent/vicious such as, getting literally pulled out of bed, scratches and even being hit/punched. Also the number 3 is often reported to re-occur. I'm not ruling it out, just trying to ease your mind in the mean time until you rectify the situation. Many investigators believe such entities thrive on fear.

Hope you get this sorted soon.

DOA Spirit
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-16)
Did you try searching the description of what you just gave us to see what it exactly could be? Depending upon your spiritual beliefs (or just beliefs in general) you should consult your leader with the issue. For example, a priest if christian or high priestess if wiccan, etc.
That does sound truly terrifying.
The only other thing I will ask, and please do not take any offense. I mean no harm or ill will by asking this. Are you sure it's an actual spirit and that you're not in some schizophrenic, psychotic brink? I only ask because you said it's been following you your whole life. Has your mom, dad, sibling, etc. Done anything in terms of dark magic?
I hope that you find answers and peace for it does sound horrible.

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