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I have a few... Experiences (if I get time) I'd like to share. Sorry if it's a bit long winded. But first off I'd like to just say I'm not a firm believer in paranormal, it interests me a lot but I've always been one of those "I'll believe it when I see it".

First experience happened back in 2008 and I was 18 at the time. I'd just finished 3 years of college and managed to land a job at a new salon (it was a hairdressers and beauty salon). I was made up as you can imagine.

When I started there the hairdressing side was still being renovated so hairdressers used one of the treatment rooms (there where two in total) and I had the other which were side by side with reception desk in front of the doors but on opposite wall.

One day after finishing a treatment, I'd taken payment and the customer walked out. All sounds very normal, but as I'm seated at the reception desk putting the money in the tin, my hair got pulled. Now it was hard enough to notice but not to the point of pain. I turned around, no one was there, so I walk over to the girls in other room to ask what they're playing at and they point blank refused to admit it was them. Then one of the hairdressers, let's call her Ruby, said that she had sensed something in here before and that she had seen "him" once and she described him as 5'-9", dark brown hair and dressed in like 70s clothes (corduroy trousers, shirt, blazer and shoes). She said even his hair was kind of styled like 70s, longish. I kind of laughed it off, thinking yeah right, it was probably just static.

Unfortunately after 6 months of working there I left, for reasons is rather not say, so I was between jobs. And for a few years I had been trying to find my biological father (I don't say dad because my dad is the man that brought me up from age of one, but I was curious as I had no recollection of him) so I decided now would be a good time while looking for another job. So off I go to London (where I was born) with my birth certificate which had his last known address as a road in Peckham, long shot I know.

So I get to the address and I'm knocking and knocking (it's a house made into two flats) when the upstairs neighbour opens up and asks if she can help. Then she really looks at me and says, "Oh my god you're his daughter" and she invites me in. Short of it is he had died 2 years previous, 6 days after my 16th birthday, of heart disease. I was shocked to say the least.

She explained that I needed to go to local police station where I could claim his belongings, because they couldn't find me and didn't know of any other family. Sadly the council cremated him and got rid of his things, all but a few photos of me and a funeral service card. This funeral service card was old, from the 70s, and on closer inspection I noticed it was for a man who I later find out was my uncle.

As I flipped it over there was a picture which stopped me dead in my tracks. It was the man that the hairdresser Ruby, months before she had said she saw.

Now, I never even knew this man existed until then. He had passed a long time before I was born so how the hell did she describe him and better yet, why pull my hair!?!

I'll leave it there for now and I'll write my others separately. They may all be linked who knows.

Thank you for reading:)

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Cbear100888 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-02)
No Ruby didn't see the picture, well not until after I had got it, which was months after the incident. Not sure how I knew it was him, but I just did and he did fit the description that Ruby had said, so I later showed her and Ruby confirmed it (which I'm sorry I forgot to put in at the end) sorry if I made it unclear. Thanks for reading though:)
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
I got a little confused. Did Ruby ever see the picture of your uncle?
I don't get how you can be sure the man in the picture and the ghost in the hair salon were the same person if you only felt something or someone pulling your hair.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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