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Let me start off by saying that I am a grown woman, I run a local business in a great little town and am a responsible person who doesn't scare easily, and I have been so scared tonight that I drove an hour to my mom's house without my shoes I left so quickly. I was not really scared for my life, I was just so uneasy and creeped out I could not stay inside the house.

These recent things began heavily with a move into a new house recently, but "monumental" things have happened through the years that were memorable and not on a constant basis- now that we are in the new house I feel uneasy, see shadows in my peripheral vision and even movements as if something is peeking around door casings (just shadowy "areas"- I look hard and blink a few times to see if its my vision and they are gone), have seen a reflection of a white shadow "blank person" walking toward my direction in my patio door off of my kitchen. Tonight I arrived home at 10:45 and opened the door to the house from the garage and heard talking from a young guys voice (late 20ish but not deep- light hearted) and another person was participating but their voice was not distinguishable; I did not pay attention to what they were saying. It was loud not whispers. It abruptly stopped when I walked in but I heard the tail end of something. I wrote it off as the tv and it was an abrupt break in a conversation happening on a show as I was walking in.

I had to go to the bathroom so bad when I came in I rushed straight across from the garage entrance door to my bedroom across the hall and went to the bathroom. When I walked back into the hall after the rush was over, I realized the tv was not on. I walked straight to the door with my purse and left- no shoes. I called my mom and went to her house an hour away. Over the last days this has progressed to this point.

After the move it started with the shadowy figures I have tried to blink away, then a quick reflection of a white opaque person with no features in my kitchen that had me rubbing my eyes again. A few odd sounds here and there, and this morning of note- the alarm clock my 4 year old likes to play with in his room beeped 2 times at 6:30 am and I went to get it, and realized it was switched to off-which in 10 years it has NEVER sounded in the complete off position. It has been my clock that sits on my makeup stand for 10 years. It was set for 6:30 but not turned to the on position- it did this twice in my 4 year old's bedroom and once in the living room after I moved it. 2 short beeps only each time-not the full alarm to wake up until you turn it off with snooze.

The boys have been at their Dads the last 2 nights while I have tried to get settled into the new house and get some paperwork done. I'm not sure if it is really showing out because of my insecurity now due to the move and it sees a weakness it usually doesn't see, or if this is something new in the house. The last folks that lived in this home divorced and he left the home, so the mother and 2 boys stayed there until the lease was up and moved. From the looks of the house when I viewed it before leasing, it was messy. I think she was trying her best alone but there had to be lots of sadness, I'm sure. I also bought used furniture for the move. I had to refill a large home and I figured a quick way would be with nice large used pieces: 1 dining room suite, 2 bedroom suites. I'm unsure if this has something to do with it.

Very memorable "events" have happened through the years that make me wonder if this is something perpetually around, that sees the opportunity to flare up when I am in a weakened state. In an effort to have someone tell me what this is and what I should do to remove it if needed, I would like to back up and tell you the past large events.

I moved a month ago from an 1100 sq ft home downtown that my mother used to live in. I felt very confident there. I had some "events" there but always felt in control and safe. It was a small house, very organized except for my 2 areas of stacked papers. A few things happened at this house over a 4 year period but one was unforgettable.

I have 2 boys, a 10 year old and a 4 year old. My 4 year old had a habit of coming to the living room if I was up early in the morning (4am-ish) needing things and wanting to lay with me on the couch. I was in the bathroom (this seems to be a theme-but seriously, its not:) I just realized this as I was typing- its the only other time I was in the bathroom when anything happened that scared me I assure you) and I heard little steps on the carpet, hall light was off and bathroom was dim. I saw my 4 year old walk past the door way with dark patterned pj pants and a t-shirt on and he was walking past the doorway of the bathroom going toward the couch. I did not stop him because I wanted a few moments of peace. I did not turn to face him because I did not want him to notice me, I didn't move or make a sound. I saw him from the corner of my eye and knew it was him from his height, features, and silhouette down to his thick curly hair on top as he walked past the door. I let him walk by and sat there for a minute, then I realized he went to bed in a pull up, not pjs. I felt an urgent surge of fear for a moment, but was then not afraid for some reason. I went to the living room almost knowing no one would be there- and there wasn't. I went to the boys room they shared and he was asleep in the bed with a pull up on. I turned on all the lights in the living room and kitchen and made coffee at that point, but was not afraid for some reason. Other creepy things happened at this home but nothing stands out like that.

The 1st large event I ever had was when my oldest son was a tiny baby. He is now 10. His dad and I had a big adjustment to baby life. He is an attorney and I am a realtor, lots of paperwork and schedules. He has an explosive temper and is a heavy drinker in the evenings. He had an episode of yelling one evening in the living room and I just sat there listening to him and when he was finished I walked out of the room. Our son was asleep in his little carrier like the one you snap into a car seat backwards. I took him to our bedroom with me and the lights were off. I sat him down on the floor at the entrance to the vanity area to turn on a light switch. My back was to the door and suddenly I felt my husband come up behind me and came close to me and said "hey" as if to say "hey, I'm sorry" in a very apologetic tone and sincere. It was a very sudden approach and it startled me. I jumped away to tell him he scared me and no one was there. It scared me so bad I ran out of the room into the hallway and my fingertips went numb. I accidentally left my baby in the carrier on the floor- I had to run back in and grab him quickly. This was a deep vibrating voice identical to my husband's-it was his voice- very distinct. It was so close to my ear I felt his breath and the vibration of his voice on my ear, and he was so close I felt his presence about an inch from me all over my back. I was not sleep deprived and I will remember this event forever.

Another event happened during a cleansing I performed on our lake house before we moved out during our divorce. This home is in a remote subdivision and I was having to stay there at night with the kids. From the explosive arguments we were having, the house felt so tense. I could not sit on the couch without feeling like 20 people were watching me. It was so uncomfortable. I had enough one day and opened all the windows and doors and went through each room aggressively reclaiming my house. During this cleansing my bedroom door slammed shut and locked. There was a direct blowing wind from the lake through the windows and the front and back doors, so it could have totally sucked shut and slammed. The locks on these doors were glass knobs with the push pin locks and it was pushed in all the way. This too could have happened with the very hard slamming.

I was so upset that no matter how scared I was not going to show it and I walked to the door to open it, and when the door was locked I froze for a minute inside, but then kept moving and walked onto the porch and stepped through the window to unlock. This feeling of this presence had me so fed up I wanted to face it head on for what it had done to my home and family. This approach seemed to make it go away, but I had to truly be so mad and sincere that I genuinely was not afraid.

After that I could have sat in the dark on the couch and not been one bit uneasy. This feeling did not come back until we moved to Mom's old house alone, and it was on occasion. I immediately felt in control usually there though, even when any of the big ones mentioned happened. I think I felt that way because I was familiar with that home and it was so compact- nothing was happening in the other room without me knowing it. Total confidence at Moms old house. Ironically my oldest son came to me a while back to talk to me in private about creepy feelings at the lake house (my ex-husband lives there now) and said he feels like he's always being stared at. I have not told him about the things I have experienced there nor here.

Another event happened over the summer of 2015. We went on a vacation for a week to a beach house. It was just me and the 2 boys and 2 of their friends and their mom. The 2nd or 3rd night my oldest son and I watched tv late and fell asleep after everyone else on the couch and love seat. He evidently got up and went to his bed, and I was alone asleep in the living room on the love seat with one of my legs sticking out of the covers with my bare toes pointing up in the air from the arm of the love seat. I woke up to a quick hard bone-touching tapping on my right big toe on the tip. It continued through the half awake stage until I was fully awake and realized what was happening and snatched my leg in and stood up. It scared me really bad and I hurried to my oldest son's room and got him up to get in the bed with me, it scared me that bad. I know he thought I was crazy for waking him up like that. I read in the guest book to see if anyone had written anything weird and nothing. All good remarks with no scary stuff or weird things going on.

Now that we are in the larger home I am feeling insecure, uncertain and scared about the move like all single moms do with any big change. I wonder if this time of uncertainty and change has given it power it did not have before, or if this is something new. From everything it can do from make audible noises to touching I am wondering if anyone knows what this is, how it is happening, and what I can do. Having a heartfelt aggressive removal like before can't happen because I'm too scared to sincerely feel it and do it I think. Advice and tips please, and do not worry about scaring me. This is serious and something I need to handle. Not knowing what I am dealing with while the boys are in the house is what is making me so uncontrollably scared and that is not helping it stop, I'm sure. Knowing would make me feel better so I am hoping someone that is educated in this and knows will see these events and tell me what this possibly is. I'm really embarrassed about this and do not tell anyone but my mother for fear of making the boys scared, etc. Maybe it will stop as abruptly as it started in this new place. The loud talking I heard tonight was the top for me.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-13)
With the stress you've been under for I don't know how long, but it sounds like a very long time,you're tired. Physically,mentally,and psychically~the last not really a word but you get my drift. A perfect tri-fecta. The fact that the woman that was in the house before you was also divorced with young boys doesn't help, that energy left behind doesn't help.
Try Rookdygins method of cleansing/shielding method and if not all of the spirits leave like granny says they are not bad spirits. If you want a spirit free house do what I do which is very similar to wha8t you do I do if I feel there are too many spirits in the house. I visually go from room to room and say if there are any spirits in there they MUST leave and can't come back. Of course I say a payer to protect myself first and I make sure that I remember any closets, beneath the basement stairs, and crawl space attic. The only spirits that come back are those that are familiar to me. Above all else don't allow your sons "play" with the Ouija Board it's not a toy. I have also been told that if I had a Welcome mat to get rid of it wants just have a regular mat or if I want an ornamental mat would be okay. I used to have a Tazmanian Devil door mat that said GO AWAY with the Tazmanian Devil standing in a goofy pose.
Good luck and peace to you
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-12)
I am a firm believer that a house will attract similar types of people time and again, and does impact lives directly.

Once my mom took me past a house a friend of hers bought. The friend was getting a divorce, just like the three people who had lived in that house before, including the builder. She asked me what I thought of it, and why would people keep divorcing in this house? As we drove by I noticed it was odd - and reminded me of two houses smashed together. There were 2 front doors, 2 different roofs, etc. It was not a joining house in my opinion.

Could the ex's house be similar? And did you bring something with you from that place? You mentioned it felt as though 20+ people were staring you down, a couple of energies may have moved with you. "On your side" so to speak.

I agree with the cleaning, but recall the previous tenant, the woman with two children and try and see if she fared well after living in this current house. Next move, if you can, avoid homes with a history of divorce, death, etc. So as to not pick up on that in your own life.

I would have left hearing the voices immediately as well, in case you had just walking in on a robbery! Good thinking!
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-09-10)
holly: Personally, I don't think this entity seems particularly negative. Some of the events you cite sound to me like someone is trying to get your attention, or just letting you know they're there. Think of it like this: if you're trying to get the attention of one of your kids and they seem to be ignoring you, doesn't that kind of piss you off? There's quite a distinction between being creeped out and genuine fear, and sometimes it's hard to tell if the "fear" comes from your own perception of what you should feel or from the vibration of the being.

Most of us on the site feel that cleansings will remove negativity, therefore giving an entity that thrives on negativity no reason to hang around. However, like cleaning your fridge regularly to maintain a healthy environment, so too, should you maintain a regular schedule for cleansings.
In my opinion, if a cleansing doesn't completely remove or drastically reduce these events, chances are that you're not dealing with a negative one.
Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-10)
Hi Holly. Thank you so much for sharing your story and welcome to the community here! It took a lot of courage and despair for you to post this I am sensing. That is most likely the cause of your turmoil. I am not saying it is a poltergeist due to your situation, but that you possibly are vulnerable and may have drawn energy your way. You may just be more susceptible to these things in an agitated state.

One interesting synchronicity I saw in your story is that a mother and her two sons lived there before you, probably in great turmoil themselves. This seems to resonate with what you have told of your own situation, and it is an interesting coincidence if nothing else. I for one think it is more than that. Human energy is only partially understood. I am not going to try to act like I understand more about it either. What I do believe is that energy leaves a residual.

Cleansing your home could be the best thing for you to start with, and I will echo Tweed's sentiments about giving Rook's cleansing a try. I'm hoping Rook will chime in and provide some thoughtful insight into your situation. Other's can be very helpful too, Miracles, Granny where you at?:)

Rest assured that we are here for you, Holly. Be strong, and I sense that you are, beyond your own belief. Embrace your faith strongly and never give up your happiness or sanity! Things WILL get better for you, I can promise. Please keep us posted and know that you have a firm sounding board here at YGS.

God bless you and your family and best of luck to you as well! ❤
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-10)
Hi Holly,

Thank you for your well written detailed account, your honesty and candour. You have no reason to feel embarrassed here.

This is merely a hunch I had while reading. I feel it's possible you have been dealing with telekinetic phenomena. This is a psychic response and/or energy presence which is experienced and created within a hostile (or otherwise energetic) environment. Possibly brought on by the tension within your marriage before the split. Telekinesis can also be positive, it is merely energy flowing around a location and/or individuals. I'm guessing it was your son you saw walk by the bathroom, and it was your husband's apologetic voice you heard close to your ear. But it wasn't them in the physical sense. It was them in a psychic sense. Maybe, in that moment, your then husband had a moment to cool down and felt differently about his outbursts and his mood sent you this message. However, he didn't mean to, nor have any knowledge of this happening. The same for your son walking by. Maybe enough stress (or any kind of high energy) has lingered within your family to manifest in your new home to produce the apparition of your son walking by. A kind of living residual energy in this instance. It's something he's likely to do and his intentions manifested in the right conditions within the home. But, like with your husband's voice, it wasn't your actual son, merely energy representing him, triggered by his habit of finding you at that time of day.
Man, I hope this makes sense!

Onto the apparitions you've been seeing and the voices in the garage. I'm going to guess this was separate to everything else. Maybe these are ghosts who frequent the house and, because of energy brought in and your natural sensitivity to the paranormal, these ghosts are more detectable. It sounds like you caught them off guard in your garage. They may not have any negative intent, but more annoying curiosity like: "Oh my lord, this lady can sense our presence, that's fascinating!" Fascinating to them maybe, but highly annoying and, given everything else, pretty darn scary! Of course they *might* be negative, or silly pranksters. Or just want your attention for their own reasons like: "Hey, can you tell my [random family member] that I love them."
Whatever the case, you've obviously had enough and just want peace and quiet. I've a hunch this is going to have to come from you. That you find a way to calm yourself. Easier said than done, I know, especially since it must feel like all this is feeding off itself and making itself worse, which in all likelihood is exactly what's happening.

Rook's cleansing method to the rescue!
There's this cleansing/shielding technique which a member here came up with, it gets passed around and recommended here pretty much every day lol. People have been using it for years, it really works, here's the link:

My knowledge of telekinesis or psychokinesis is very basic, hopefully someone more educated can share some techniques to help calm your energy levels. I can only think to suggest looking into meditation.

This will get better! Feel free to ask any questions or just spill your guts if you need some place to vent.
Thanks for providing such detail in your story, it will help folks here help you out.
Take care. 😊

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