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This is my first story and there should be many more. Some info about me. I live in Newcastle, England. I have had many ghost encounters that go back to when I was a child. I am 16 and the house that I live in has a ghost in it as me and my mam have had experiences in it. Nothing much just cold spots, noises all that but this is the case of an apparition.

This happened in 2010. Anyway, I was upstairs in my room listening to music when I heard the house phone ringing. Then I heard my mam answering it, then I heard my mam shout something to me so I went on the landing and asked her what she had said. She told me that a close family friend had died and me and my mam were really upset. My uncle was upset as it was his girlfriend, so we went round his house and found out what had happened. She had went to a friend's house where she got talked into taking heroin which killed her. My uncle had seen her as she was leaving her house to go to the friends, that was the worst part, anyway.

It was a week after she had died, it was about 1:00am in the morning and when I woke up I seen a dark figure standing in the doorway to my room. I knew straight away that it was the family friend saying goodbye. The next day I mentioned this to my mam and to my surprise she told me she had seen the exact same thing. This was weird as this happened on the morning and there was no other communication between us until the morning.

She was closer to my mam as they would buy each other gifts and my mam said she seen her in more detail.

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LeeMc96 (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-21)
thanks Lilliepielindsay and sds I like people getting involved, really good advice
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-18)
Hi LeeMc96, that was quite an experience both you and your mother had. Definitely love goes beyond life and death. My dad had the same experience when my mother passed on and I wrote it in a separate narrative. Please keep posting your other encounters and thanks for sharing this experience.

Regards and respects to you.

LillyPieLindsay (35 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-16)
I know many people - myself included - who have seen their loved ones pass before they completely leave this Earth. However, in my cases they were always within 24hrs or so of the person passing. I find it interesting a full week had gone by - perhaps she had more to matters to attend to before leaving this plane of existence.

Either way, I'm glad you and your Mum were able to see her one last time. Maybe one day I'll share my experiences here as well.

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