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The Woman And Her Goodbye


As a kid, I was always scared of my house. In the middle of the night I would be slapped across my face, have things fall over in my room and on one occasion had something fly across my room.

The most scary experience I have encountered lasted a few weeks. It was actually at my friend's house (we were both 13 at the time).

I was in her room reading a magazine before going to sleep and she was brushing her teeth. I heard her laugh awkwardly, telling me to go away. I asked her what she was going on about and she dropped her toothbrush and started to squealing.

I won't lie, I was petrified as I didn't know what was going on but I went to see she was okay. She was as pale as a sheet of paper. She told me she saw someone looking in the bathroom. All she saw was their eye at first (it was one of those sliding bathroom doors) but apparently the woman stepped back and my friend saw she was wearing a white night dress and had curly grey/blonde hair.

Although I had my own experiences from a young age, I couldn't help but feel she may have been over tired and her mind was playing tricks.

The next day I went home but got a phone call in the evening from my friend telling me to go round ASAP because she had seen her again. This happened a lot.

Then a few weeks later we were at her house watching a film (Stephen King's Pet Cemetery out of all things to be watching!) Anyway, we could hear footsteps coming down the stairs but neither of us thought much about it as the walls were extremely thin and her neighbours stairs ran down the same wall so we assumed it was them.

But the living room door burst open, banging off a table which slammed the door shut again. We both hit the floor and looked under an arm chair (which was arched at the bottom) and we both saw the woman's feet! They were pale, almost grey and extremely veiny. She wasn't some faded 'ghost'. She looked like a living human. As she walked on, she seemed to have disappeared. But no, because then the kitchen door did the same thing but stayed open just a couple seconds longer.

We ran out seconds to the garden seconds later (that is where we assumed the woman was going). And I am sure this is just the biggest coincidence but it just added to the situation... There was a dead pigeon at the top of the garden.

We took that day as the woman's dramatic exit. I am sure she wasn't connected to the house as nothing scary happened before.

Seeing that foot haunts me to this day. I shall be posting more stories soon. I have so much to tell!

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DaisyDecember (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-22)

Yeah I know there was no connection with the pigeon and the woman. But it really did add to the situation.
I didn't ask anyone else and neither did my friend (I don't think anyway). We were 13 at the time and I am sure our encounter would have been brushed off as over active imaginations.
In regards to my friends mum, I didn't feel it was my place to ask her as (before what we witnessed together) I hadn't seen anything. And when we did see something, we thought it was just too unbelievable to explain to others. This is the first time I have spoken about it. Even to this day we don't discuss it with each other.

It was a really strange situation. But even though it only lasted a few weeks, it made by friend extremely ill. The strange thing is, as soon as the woman had left, literally to the second, my friend had this feeling of calmness come over her.
I guess she was just getting 'bad vibes' whenever the spirit was around.

Thank you for your comment:)
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-22)
Hello DaisyDecember, those were scary encounters indeed. But, how did you say that the woman was going. But I feel that there is no connection between the dead pigeon and the woman, who left the house. But did you investigate further into the matter like asking the neighbourhood about any sighting of a woman with the description your friend has seen. The part of the banging doors was really scary. You said that they moved out a few months later. But, did you ask your friend's mom about her experiences in the house. If so, keep us posted.

Nice narration and thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

DaisyDecember (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-20)
[at] Hades666 I never asked her that question actually. When I would run over to the house when she was scared, her mum wasn't home. But they moved house only a few months after, so maybe!

[at] BabySquatch Yeah that was the last ever time. Was the only time I ever saw her. The worst part about the feet was that they were facing our way.
Even when my friend would explain what she saw, it gave me chills and made me feel sick. And the day we saw her, I was so close to passing out! Not a nice energy from her at all.
BabySquatch (6 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-20)
Scary story, your account was excellent. I agree with crf1997 the part about the foot was what really got me. Was that the last time anyone saw the spirit?

Looking forward to more of your stories.

Hades666 (guest)
9 years ago (2013-02-20)
I loved reading your story DaisyDecember wa definitely strange and creepy, just wanted to ask; durng the time your friend was seeing this spirit, did anybody else in the house also happen to also see it as well? Keep posting!

DaisyDecember (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-19)
Yeah it's horrible to even think about. It happened eight years ago and still gives me goosebumps. But me and my friend never told anyone about this story. Felt good to tell it.
crf1997 (2 stories) (44 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-19)
This story scared me! Especially when you got to the part about the foot! Lol. But that pigeon thing is weird! Very weird.

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