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Her Squeak Toy


My mother had passed away in 1999. I Inherited her beautiful dog (we will call her GEM for this story.) She was black with curly long hair, possibly golden retriever mix. She was friendly and was a kind spirit, and I let her wander the neighborhood. Gem loved chewy squeak toys and we laughed seeing her so happy, chewing away on them. We bought her an Orca Whale squeak toy about 8"long and she looked really funny outside walking around with that Whale sticking out of her mouth. She loved going fishing and exploring the shoreline with me. We took Gem down to the river one beautiful sunny day, she was older now, her sight was going. She is running in the woods as we are walking down this dirt road, we hear her whimper, and find she had fell into a large hole. I lift her out, she is hurt but quiet. We drive to the vet's clinic and were told it's her time to go. We were present and sent her to dog heaven.

Her Squeak Toy

Some time later we get a free Yorkie. He is 2 years old. Yorkie is a cute and loving MALE that loves his new mom. Yorkie also loves squeak toys and some have to be hidden for a while as he acts almost crazy, time will pass and we will give it to him again. Fast forward a couple years.

I was cleaning off mantel one day and GEM'S old Orca has been sitting up here for many years. I grab it and I am going to take it to a bookcase in smaller room but Yorkie sees it and now following me all excited. I place orca up on a shelf. Many of his toy's are hiding up here. I leave the room go about my business. After a while I hear him whimpering and finally get up and go look. Yorkie is spinning circles in front of book case all excited. I pick him up and we scan the shelves, there's at least 6 of his toys up here but he see's ORCA and has to have it. Not thinking I grab the Orca and put both on the floor, and head back to living room. I'm watching TV now and suddenly there is banging above my head in the wall in vaulted ceiling attic area, very odd. Now I also hear Yorkie in other room having a fit.

I am irritated now and walk in to room to see Yorkie has broken the now brittle soft plastic tail on the ORCA and now has a big gash in tail area. I pick ORCA toy up, Yorkie is in hot pursuit, I walk to kitchen and throw ORCA in the garbage can. There is still banging in attic wall area. I think maybe a bird got in the attic. I look out back door and remembered I installed metal screens on all vent blocks. I go out front door, no wind it's a calm day, banging constant now. Yorkie is at garbage can, still whimpering. I stop and gather my thoughts, I can literally see the spot in the wall, attic area where banging is coming from. I see Yorkie at garbage can and I went and gently pulled ORCA out of the garbage can and put it back on the mantel. Banging in attic area stopped. We never heard banging in attic before or after this day. We still have HER SQUEAK TOY.

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Martin (602 posts) mod
3 years ago (2021-05-21)
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
the_0lympians (10 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-17)
This is beautiful and it seems Gem wants you to remember her by her favorite squeak toy I'm glad to know she still remains with you
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2020-12-26)
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy "out of the mirror's" posts.

It seems strange that he closed his account (or should I say they? His wife was his typist, right?)

Hope all is ok with them.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-14)
outofthemirror - That is a beautiful story.

Please consider reopening your account. I truly believe that you have much to offer.

Regards, Melda
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
3 years ago (2020-12-13)
Hello Seekings,

That's a lovely comment you've left.

Sadly, it looks like outofthemirror has deleted the account.🙄 🤔

Best wishes,
Seekings (1 stories) (13 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-13)
Hi outofthemirror,

How lovely that your beautiful Gem had a great life with you after your mother's passing. I can just imagine her carrying her Orca round with her and squeaking it; we had a rehomed GSD who came to us with a bright yellow very loud squeaky duck which he carried around and loved but which drove us mad... It " accidently " lost its squeak after a few weeks. He still loved it though until it actually fell apart.
My feeling is that some of Gem's energy or essence was still there with the home, the people and the things she loved in life; perhaps Yorkie sensed this energy around her Orca toy and that contributed to his excitement. It seems that in the house and safely on the shelf is where Gem wanted Orca to stay, I'm sure she's happy you still have it.
A Happy Christmas to you and yours,


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