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Tucking Her In


It was the Christmas Holiday season, and one morning when I was just getting home from work and my wife was getting ready to leave for work, she told me that something was tucking her in very gently at night, and thought maybe it was a loved one that had passed. I was surprised and kind of forgot about it until a couple of weeks later, she told me that it happened again, and I tried to keep an open mind. In that house, she slept about 3 feet from the opposing mirrored closet hallway where I had previous spirit experiences. I didn't like thinking about her being visited while I was at work, and tried not to worry.

My work schedule was typically four straight nights, from 6:00pm to 6:00am, and on my 5th night I would change my sleeping hours to sleep with my wife, who usually went to bed around 10:30pm. I usually went to bed by 8:00pm, and would be awake and up between 2-3:00am.

On one of those nights, I was awakened around 2:30am and both of my feet were being pulled down by a steady pull, at the end of the bed. We left the outside Christmas lights on all night and there was enough light in the room to see our male Yorkie at the end of the bed, looking down at the ground. I immediately sat up and looked over the end of the bed and saw nothing but solid wood to the floor below the covers, as this bed had drawers under it. I'm guessing or thinking that whatever this was had probably slithered from the mirrored hallway. My wife wakes up from my movement, and I tell her that she wasn't kidding and I had just had my feet pulled down slowly at the end of the bed. She then tells me that she has had that also happen to her. Kind of a cool experience.

Second and Last Blanket-Pulling Encounter

It was two days before Christmas and I was off work for the Holidays, so I was home sleeping with my Wife in bed, and laying flat on my back with my feet sticking straight up (my feet are Size 11 and my Wife's are a Size 6, so mine stuck up much higher in the bed and were very close to the edge). It's early a.m. Again, and I am startled awake by extreme pain as my toes are being bent straight down. There was some strength to pull the covers and my feet into the mattress. I immediately pulled my feet back and woke up my wife, this time not getting up and looking over the edge of bed, kind of distressed by it and did not want to know what was pulling on the blanket. Over the next two nights, we decided to take the camera to bed and video-tape to see what we could see.

It was odd that while we were laying in bed, video-taping towards our feet that our little Yorkie was at the edge of the bed, looking down again. He normally laid right between us at the head of the bed. While filming, we had many dust orbs appear on the camera, but some would come right at us and abruptly change direction. A couple of large orbs came off the bed and shot straight up quickly. Never noticed blanket-puller happening again and hoped it was just a loved one who came around for the Holidays, but we'll never know. (Typed and edited by Wife)

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Rajine (14 stories) (277 posts)
8 months ago (2021-02-27)
Ooh OK it makes sense now 😁 I agree with TravisCannabis it would be interesting to see the video of the orbs.
CantunSEEit (16 stories) (17 posts)
8 months ago (2021-02-27)
Travis-Yes I want to post our video and some Orb pics, and mirrored hallway with it's own e mail. Must learn how. Yorkie has probably seen more Spirits than I, poor guy. My yorkie slept across living room on small sofa from me as I was sleeping on couch and awoke to see him looking up and distressed like something was irritating him. I started taking pictures of him as soon as I woke up. I left the foot rest up on recliner and had nikon ready. Many big orbs 1st shot, 2nd shot only a couple in picture. Seems flash would scatter them. Never caught anything solid. Maybe Orbs are normal for dogs to see? He wasn't interested when filming.

Rajine-I kind of laugh now, if my feet were not sticking strait up it probably would have been a smooth pull down like my first one.
TravisCannabis (44 posts)
8 months ago (2021-02-27)
It'd be cool to see the video. Could U post it? Wonder what Yorkie dog was looking at the floor if the orbs were flying all over the place. 🤔
Rajine (14 stories) (277 posts)
8 months ago (2021-02-27)
Hello, I liked the first part of your story because it seems to me that it is a loved one checking in on your'll, however the second part where you say that you were in extreme pain as something was pulling your feet into the mattress, I would like to think that if loved ones were to visit us they wouldn't try to cause us any sort of pain. But since you and your wife hasn't experienced this after I'd say that it was just a passing occurance.

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