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My Haunted Childhood Home


First, I must apologize if my English isn't correct, it is not my first language. But I need to tell this to somebody.

I grew up in a haunted house. Maybe it was my home town, that was haunted. It was just a little village. I have only experienced something similar two times elsewhere as far as I can remember.

I did not experience anything until I was about 12 years old. But through my teen years and now often, when I visit my parents, I have experiences.

I have sleep paralysis nightmares, every time I sleep in that house. The same things as other people can tell about. I can't move, I see a dark shadow or maybe more shadows, looking at me with their piercing eyes. It attack me, try to strangle me or crush me. Its pretty scary. The last two years before I moved away it was almost every night. I know the scientific explanation of why this is happening, but why is it only in that house?

When I'm awake, I have experienced thing too, many times. I have seen "the shadow people" dark shadows, usually shapeless like smoke. But sometimes I have seen them in human form, with a head, shoulders and arms. I can hear them too, they speak with whispering voices, you can't hear what they are saying. And I can feel them, a presence and the feeling of somebody watching. I have touched them two times, they are very cold. They prefer to be alone and they prefer the night. But I have seen them in broad daylight too.

I have experienced a bit of poltergeist phenomenon's too. My teen room was next to the kitchen. Sometimes at night, I could hear the cabinet doors and drawers opening and closing. Sometimes the kitchen chairs were dragged across the floor. This could continue for hours. I was usually too scared to check what was happening, but when I did - there was nothing. And I have seen the doors opening and closing, suddenly and hard, when there wasn't any draft or wind.

I have so many stories, I will tell you about the scariest experiences:

My first really scary one, was when I was 12. It happened two times in the same month, December. The first one in daylight, I was home alone. First I heard a strange noise from the ceiling. It was the sound of a thousand birds or mice, a real horror movie sound. Then I heard a evil sound, like fighting cats, from my bed. Then my bed started shaking violently. I ran out of the house. The second time was New Year's night (!), exactly the same experience. But I have never experienced something like this ever since, thank God.

I will also tell you about the most scary thing I have ever experienced. It happened when I was 18. I was going to the gymnasium (like a high school) in a bigger town far away. I had to get up early in the morning. One evening I accidentally set my alarm clock one hour too early. So I woke up one hour too early, it was November, I guess, very dark, so I could not see the difference.

When I tried to wake up, I heard people talking outside. Like a whispering conversation. My room is close to the sidewalk, maybe two neighbors met? But when I looked out of the window - nothing. And when I tried to listen to the conversation, hear what they were saying, it disappeared.

I thought it was weird, but I got up, did my usual morning routine. I brushed my teeth, showered, got dressed, ate my breakfast. When I was eating breakfast in the kitchen, I heard the voices from outside again. I turned up the radio, because it was too scary.

And still I didn't realize, that it was too early (only time I have ever done this, it was like it was meant to happen).

When I walked down to the bus stop, the really scary thing started. As soon as I got outside, I could feel something was wrong. On my way down to the bus I could hear them. And see them pass by the streetlights, clear human shaped shadows. It was like the streets was filled with hundreds of them, seriously. At one point I ran into one and, this is creepy, it passed through me, I could feel its cold inside me. I made it to the bus stop, pretty freaked out of course. The bus didn't come and then I finally realized it was an hour too early. I ran back to the house, as fast as I could. I was in shock the rest of the day.

I can tell you more real life stories, some more recent. But not quite as scary. I have no explanation of what this is. I have just experienced it.

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Cheese56194 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-08)
Wow, i've never seen anything as intense as that, but when I was young, I would be eating supper and all of the sudden I would hear a knocking on the door, course I would open it, aaand it would be empty outside...
But anyway I really enjoyed the story, I would love to hear more of your stories
bizzjoe (1 stories) (162 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-04)
wow... What a freaky story... Aspecially the last part of your story where you say that the streets were filled with hundreds of human shaped shadows... Which makes sense because so many people have died that have gone before us... They must be really fighting for space at this stage, I fear they won't be any space for us... I'm not trying to be funny or smart... Do I have a point?
Spockie (8 stories) (203 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-04)
A lot of things are written about sleep paralysis, but what I'm going to say comes from my own personal experience. I had many instances of this happening to me when I lived in my childhood home, but since I got married and moved out... None whatsoever. So, although there is truth to the scientific explanation in many instances, I know that there is something else in some cases that just can't be put down to normal physical sleep paralysis.

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