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My Grandmother's Experiences


Some people are very sensitive when it comes to the spirit world, I'm pretty sure that my grandmother was one of those people. Her first paranormal experience took place while she was doing some wallpapering for a friend at his home.

First let me begin with a little bit of history regarding the house. Years before, a school house once stood on the property where a distraught young man supposedly hung himself (the reason for the suicide is unknown). Anyway, my grandmother busy wallpapering when she had to use the bathroom. As she ascended the stairs, her friends' 2 beagles began to howl. Suddenly the reason for their howling became apparent as a misty figure with, what looked like a rope around its neck, began to materialize and float down the stairs. My grandmother fled the house in terror and never set foot in it again.

Her second paranormal experience took place at the orphanage she lived in as a child and where she later worked. One night she was working alone in the kitchen when she saw 2 nuns walk by the window. She ran to the door to let them in only to find nobody there.

On another night when she was again working alone, she began to hear footsteps descend the stairs. As she listened, terrified, the footsteps entered the kitchen and stopped at the pantry door, which proceeded to open and close by itself. Needless to say, she didn't work there for much longer.

My grandmother is deceased now and I miss her very much. Maybe she's made contact with the spirits that haunted her life.

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demonicsheikh (55 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-30)
It happens sometimes. Nothing you can do as we both live side by side in this world.

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