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I Saw My Mother's Look-alike


This happened while my family and I stayed in Quezon last week March 28th-31st for the Holy Week. I work at night so I'm fully awake while all of them are sleeping. Anyhow, I always wake up after midnight and since I'm the only one who's awake I read books at the living room since my sister is sleeping and I don't want to disturb her sleeping by turning on the lights. My mother slept at the veranda, she said that it's comfortable to sleep there, its kind of chilly at night but nice. Also my mom always wakes up to check the water in the bathroom if its running or not since water is hard to come by there. She always asks me if I check it or not since I'm the one who's awake.

For the 1st 2 nights, nothing really happened. Same routine, I'm reading a book, my mother wakes up, talked to me for bit, checks the water if its running or not then goes back to sleep then wakes up again after at least an hour and same thing happens. On the third night I woke, I remembered checking my ipod first and saw that its 1:42 am and grabbed my book. I went to the masters bedroom to use the bathroom first. When I entered the room I saw my 2 uncles, a space that can still fit one more person, then my younger brother sleeping on the bed. Then I went to the bathroom and peed/brushed my teeth. The I went back to the living room and read again.

After at least 2 hours of reading. My mother woke up for the first time that night and I saw mother enter the house from the veranda wearing the same clothes she wore the night before. I just looked at her and she just stared back. I was waiting for her to ask me her usual question but she didn't so I went back to reading. She went to the bathroom and I even heard her pouring the water on the other basin. After at least 2 minutes, I felt like peeing again so I went to the bathroom and knocked. My mother opened the door right away and just left. While I'm in there I thought I heard her leave the room but I also heard her footsteps near the bed.

After I'm done, I went back to living room and read my book again. I actually waited for her to go back to the veranda so we can talk for a bit but she didn't so I thought she's already asleep, but at the same time I had this thought that she actually went back to the veranda while I'm inside the bathroom but I was too lazy to check. At 5 am, I decided to wake my mother up so we can go to my grandparents house and eat breakfast, that's also our usual routine since day 1. I checked the veranda first, I saw my aunt sleeping there instead of her. So I went to the masters bedroom and saw my mother sleeping beside my younger brother. I woke her up and we ate breakfast.

Now, before 12 noon, my mom and I were on the bed, she's doing something I can no longer remember while I'm finishing the book that I'm reading. I can't remember how the conversation about it started but my mother said she slept at 7 pm that night since my uncles were drinking at the veranda. My uncles slept at the living room first after their done that night but they eventually transferred to the masters bedroom since they don't feel comfortable sleeping there. My other uncle even said that he felt someone looking at him while he's trying to sleep so that's why. I felt creeped out since I'm 100% percent sure of what I saw. I thought they were lying to me and just trying to scare but my mother insisted that she didn't slept in the veranda that night. I also notice that she's wearing a different set of clothes and she said that its the same clothes she was wearing last.

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4d (15 stories) (167 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-18)
rukiel 17, I agree with demonicsheikh that other things roam around at night. In my culture we believe the light is for the living the dark is for everything else 😆 I know we can't help these things these days since most of us work crazy schedules, but something to keep in mind. I always expected to see and hear things at my last job in security since I had the graveyard shifts... Mahalo for the story - 4d ❤
crf1997 (2 stories) (44 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-17)
sheikh, your comment is scary!
And yeah like Christine said, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe she didn't realize she wore the same outfit and was roaming around sleep walking? That might be a possibility. And you said you even heard her pour the water. That is possible she did that while sleep walking considering it is a repetitive activity she does every single night while conscious. But if it wasn't your mom, that is crazy and I just can't understand what it would be.
Christine_Pandora (1 stories) (80 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-15)
Maybe she sleep walks?
Has she ever done that before?

But that is still rather creepy 😨
demonicsheikh (55 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-14)
a little advice...
Dont stay up all night. Other things are disturbed by you. We roam around the house during the day and other things roam around in night.

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