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A Ghost that Holds You Down


It was about a month ago when it happened to me... It was 11:33pm, I was already asleep, the room was so dark without a light peeping in, it was really warm that night. When someone or something got on the bed. It stopped moving for 3 minutes thinking that I was awake. It moved again now it was creeping on my legs until it got to the side of my neck. My body temperature was rising really high, I was sweating. It stopped moving for 3 minutes and then it started... The force of it was so strong like a man was holding me down. I struggled to get up but it kept pushing me down into a position it wanted me in. I got forced to lying on my back flat on the bed with my hands set far apart also my feet apart.

When a beam of light peeped through the window, I saw a man's face so handsome and charming and the silhouette of his body. I saw his mouth on the side of my neck like he was licking it. His hand on my hips and his legs in between mine. He was like raping me in bed! The motion of his body was too rapid to handle, he kept pressing into my body trying to hold me down. When mother opened the door, he disappeared... I went back to sleep and ignored the violent ghost. It happened for a week. I couldn't tell it to my mother, it might shock her too much.

I told my friend about that night, he told me that it was just one of my unfulfilled desires in my dreams. I couldn't reply to his statement, he might think I'm a paranoid girl.

It happened again, sunday, it did the same thing but while he was licking my neck he talked...

Ghost: How delicious your body is!

I was shocked when he told me that...

Me: Please stop it!

His force got stronger, disabling me to move anymore. He then tried to lift up my shirt and pull down my shorts... I couldn't stand it until I subconsciously recited God's expelling prayer...

Me: God... Forgive this exiled soul for it has strayed and abused its second chance, let it rest in your ever eternally peaceful kingdom lay it to redeem for the next life...

The ghost started screaming, tossing and turning in pain while I was reciting that. Ever since that night it disappeared, I started to go to church more often for God's protection...

I appreciate a discussion about this violent and perverting ghost...

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ichigo01 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-04)
hi I'm a male from the Philippines also experienced this and I think the one whose hunting me is the so called succubus... Its a dream but feels so much real... Please help me with this because it always happens to me for a year now and its kind of like 5 times or more a month
RideTheLightning21 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-06-10)
Sounds kind of like my experience, but the only spirit I called up on was Jesus Christ.
aQua05 (guest)
9 years ago (2012-05-17)
Great story. This sounds like a succubus? 😐
A devil rapist. 😆
Kidding, you should not be alone in your room.
silver_surfer (22 posts)
10 years ago (2011-08-11)
i experienced this too but no voiced I heard but you can feel their presence but my experience was a succubus she tried to make body contact with me...
CrystalWolf4427 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-13)
wow, my heart dropped down into my stomach when I read this. Especially when I read 11:33 at night. You see, the EXACT same thing happened to me, but only once. It all started off when I was about 12 (6 years ago). I was lying in bed one night at 11:33 exactly. The hallway light was on and shining fully into my room. I closed my eyes for a minute, but when I opened them back up (what seemed like only a minute later) my room was dark, which was odd because I didn't hear my parents shut off the lights and go downstairs. I felt like someone was holding me down, and forcing my head to one side. This continued for some time, then I blacked out. When I awoke, I sat up in bed and immediately saw a grown man sitting on the end of my bed. It was just an outline and before I could comprehend what I had seen, I blacked out. When I woke back up the lights were back on. I looked at the clock and it read 11:33.
phoenixwright23 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-13)
i DO Not believe in ghosts... But this story is somewhat similar to what I've encountered, but not rape (i'm a guy who loves the women)
I woke up one night and I've had this paralysis, at first I thought I had stroke because I have hypertension... But then I noticed something unusual,
The two windows in my room suddenly had this red light (I whispered to myself "anong nangyayare?") I couldn't turn my head, I could only move my eyes... Then I was shocked, I saw this shady man sitting above me... I felt this shortness of breath... I saw the door in my room still open... I heard my dad and mom still talking in the living room they were watching the news (bandila) I tried calling them but I could not spill a single word... I could only hear myself choking... I thought I would die that night in my sleep... Then my mind suddenly remembered the words... If God be for me, Who can be against me? -my favorite verse... And then when I opened my eyes the "ghost" was gone... When I went outside my room I noticed that it was already 3am... Mom and dad are asleep in the living room already... So I just drank a glass of water, put on the sign of the cross, then sleep again... I always pray now 😳
mrironmonkey (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-03)
If you guys are okay with it I wanted to share a video I found about Ghost Rape.

irakowei (9 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-07)
I'm scared for this poor girl because she's either being haunted by a incubus or she's just hallucinating.

I read your other post, the other incubus. I think you need HELP. You should tell this to your mother. You've been raped? You said it has been goin' on for weeks or two? You said the prayer you chanted made the violent Incubus go away. ON YOUR OTHER POST YOU STATED YOU HAVE AN INCUBUS WHO's RAPING YOU, AGAIN BUT THIS TIME YOU CAN FEEL HIS PENIS INSIDE YOU?

WAKE UP! Maybe you need to play with yourself when you are AWAKE! Live a little, get out of that fantasy or you'll end up in an institution.

BUT if this is true, you should really be scared and talked to your family or a priest, unless you really love being raped by an incubus. You're so young, 16 years old. Go see the real world, have fun and stop thinking about sex.
Dei (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-04)
i believe in this story... I have a girl friend who experience the same thing... Thats an INCUBUS, a demon in male form that molest/rapes a sleeping woman...
AlexH444 (guest)
11 years ago (2010-11-16)

How the hell can you be so insensitive?! This girl has just suffered a sexual assault by a ghost/demon, which must have been terrifying, and you publish "boring... What kind of story is that?" People rightly come here to publish their personal experiences to the caring readers who should offer helpful advice, such as recommending salt/White sage. The LAST thing the publisher needs is an unsympathetic judgemental reader like yourself. A story doesn't have to be scary for YOU to be published - it is probably scary enough for the publisher - this site isn't built to scare people. It is a helpful guide to help people who have something huge and frightening rampaging through their life. Can't you see? Just try to be a LITTLE caring for the poor girl. I agree with whitebuffalo about how arguementative and judgemental people can be on this website. So much for a nice, helpful community.

Every OTHER reader
- sorry to lecture, if you do have something horrifying in your life, don't be afraid to
Speak out. And some proper advicefor the publisher - try and see an exorcist or demonologist if you do not want this being in your life. Happy to help!
jenny00800 (1 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-25)
I like this story a lot,

But at some point it would be hard to believe because if it would have happened to me I would feel fine., and for the fact that it has been going on for about a week your friend might be right that it can be an unfulfilled desire., but that's just me saying:-)

God bless ❤ 😁 ❤
MysteryGirl29 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-21)
It's totally true. I believe in this story and we should always pray to god like she did God is Our Saviour Almighty Father. GOD is real. 😊
Littlebunny123 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-31)
U know what I don't care what none of you Say, I believe Amakajaku. If you people do your research, then you'll know that what happened to her is real. It is a entity called Maron. It rapes women. Do your research. Amakajaku isn't the first girl to experience this, and kat maybe your mind might be a bit far fetched! 😊 😠 😠
kulto143 (7 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-20)
One thing more, yes I am a Christian, I just believe that, those entity may be a ghost or spirit, they can talk, they can touch, they can move object, as well a they can posses. But for our normal consciousness, we cannot here them, they cannot touch us, they cannot posses us if we had a strong faith and personality, but with a certain level of our subconscious mind, we manage to experience that all, science cannot explain everything, especially human spirit, if you are a Christian, then you believe you have a spirit. And the entity we talk about are also an entity that we may call ghost, and could be a spirit, a bad spirit, or rather they may be devils. Or A spirit that already been fall to evil.
kulto143 (7 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-20)
hi, I am just curious about Hypnogogic hallucination and sleep paralysis..., I have just one question, actually I experience somehow likely the same with amakajaku. The difference is, the entity is choking me to death with her bare hand. Here is my question, this so called sleep paralysis and hypnogogic hallucination only happens to me in a certain area or a certain places where I sleep, it does not happen every time I sleep, but it does happen when I sleep on a place that has a history of ghost or a sightings, I don't know if it was just a coincidence but it appears to be happening this way. Even though I may even know that the place is hunted or not, surely if it was hunted, I will have a sleep paralysis on my sleep. Not so often though, not everyday I sleep I may have SP on that place. But surely I will experience it. And there are place where I sleep when I do not experience SP.
dickron (3 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-29)
love this one... I wish I could be the ghost! 🤔

Btw, just simply pray to God so that it won't return... Tendency is, it will take revenge and will do more than what he did before! 😐
josh_josh14 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-13)
hindi totoo yan amajaka ang multo hindi makapag salita at hindi maka hawak cristiano kaba o catholico o englesha?
josh_josh14 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-13)
i think that's not true amajaka the ghost can't touch you, and the ghost can't talk, the ghost is only spirit, are you cristian? Ang multo ay hindi maka pag salita bobo!
lunarpanda (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-07)
I kind of experienced the same thing. I was too afraid to open my eyes though. I heard a guy's laughter and "belat" the sound one makes when sticking his/her tongue out (I don't know what it's called in English). I couldn't move nor talk so all I could do then was hum, hoping that t could get my boyfriend's attention. He woke me up saying that I was having a bad dream. I thanked him afterwards. The feeling was realistic and frightening but I tried to search for a logical explanation so as not to scare the hell outta me. SLEEP PARALYSIS was the closest I got. It is sometimes caused by a supine position when asleep, stress and sleep deprivation. ❤ 😨
aarontassin (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-09-26)
I don't think you're going crazy. I've had very similar experiences. I believe the spiritual world is more real than the spiritual world. Not to believe that would be calling Jesus a liar. I'm very confident that he raised people from the dead and rose himsels so I think he knew what he was talking about. He frequently mentions demons and evil spirits and their presence in this world. I also believe that they are our enemies and an enemy who's presence you fail to exist has already won. Take Iraq for example... We simply can't always see them and they are posing quite a challenge. Demons are much more intelligent than we are and we are no match for them alone. What you are experiencing sounds very much like a demonic attack. They happen to everyone, but most people remain blind and unaware to them because they simply don't want to believe. Consider yourself blessed that God has made you aware
mmaaee (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-06)
hey... Your experience was kind of hot 😁, I thought you were about to indulge yourself in such situation but I was wrong. However, I sympathize with you girl with your experience,, hope the next time it will happen, it would be with a real man! 😁 kidding... My prayers for you my dear. 😊
Beast_of_the_East (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-09)
Definate incubus.
I have never experianced this, though an old friend of mine has, while I was with him.
I probably wouldn't have remembered to pray at this time, and it's a good thing you did.

God Bless!
melay04virgo (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-30)
Are you really delicious? Just joking, hehe. What's the matter? He's handsome after all. Only one thing will frighten you and that is to know he's afraid of prayer.
Silly123 (19 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-06)
If I were you, check your neighborhood for new arrival. Someone trying to rape you and you call it a spirit thing... Hehehe. You must be between 16 - 23 years old.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-01)
Although there is a type of mentality or thought pattern that leads up to what is called "self-fulfilled prophecy",
Paranormal experiences like this one present elements outside the human mind.

In occult literature, the position into which she was forced by a persistent and systematic entity is the ritual posture mandated for spirit/human coitus.

Her resistance in the way she knew how does not seem to match with the idea of some unusual mental state being responsible for the entire sensory experience.

Supernatural force and pressure felt during any state of mind is not changed into a strictly interior experience by any amount of scientific logic or philosophical reasoning; it is physical sensory stimuli that is rooted in the application of external force by an intelligent being who is either visible or invisible to its human target.

Science often does well with that which is natural.
But it cannot always grasp that which is supernatural, only strive to explain it so as to bring it into an appearance that is more natural to the human mind.

The problem with that approach is that science often ends up distorting or even denying the supernatural, refusing to allow it to validate or disprove itself based on its own universal, internal evidence.
So people are told that they're crazy, or that they created their own experience without knowing it.

This account details real supernatural events and is appreciated and understood by all who've had similar experiences.
Scientific reasoning that does not accurately acknowledge these experiences as what they truthfully are has simply caught hold of an onion while reaching for a pear.
Piro (4 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2008-08-24)
Oh, dude that is cool! What was the prayer? Email me Piro360 [at] Gmail.com. I'll tell you about Nikki!
givemeaname (1 stories) (34 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-27)
yah that is really scary I think I am lcky nothing like that has ever happened to me I'm really sorry about that and I hope that it never comes back to do that to you. Have faith! 😁
WaterxBlessings (5 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-18)
Thanks AstralAnomoly, finally someone to help explain things. I keep posting the same explanation, but this one seems a little different to me. Though it still seems lik the normal passage to Luicid dreaming.
If you want to raed this you can amakajaku. This is my main explaination,
Everyone has the same story, so I'll just explain with a paste of what I said before.
If you want to know more, o feel like alking about this some more, send me an E-mail to Mrs.Lovett2336 [at] yahoo.com (because I just started this to explain what everyone is missing.)
Hey, I really hope you read this. I'm not very old, but have read many things on ghosts. I'm still confuzed of my own ghosts meanings, but yours may not be a ghost. It very well could be a state of Luicid dreaming. It seems unliklet because you don;t recall falling asleep or it could be you have just awaken, but that's a reason why it's posable. I had the same problem, thinking it was a ghost then cam across nothing, but about Lucid dreaming and others making the same mistake. The reason you can't move or speak is because you are about to fall asleep and your brain doesn't really reach your body. Normally you can't speak for the same reason. The first time it happened to me I freaked, and tried to scream for help. I thought it was pinning me down gripping my wrists. Freaking out is a very bad thing, since your going to a dream state, your mind can create what's not really there. For a very long time my brother had fallen for the same trick and a dark ghost girl fiqure appeared at his beds end. I saw an arm crawling across the floor. My brother would pray in his mind, beleving this would free him, it managed to work.
You can take advantage of your state by closing your eyes and (my brothers way, you may find it easier differently) imaging pictures, pull youself into one. Now you will be Lucid dreaming (aware of dreaming) and can contral everything around you (as long as you believe so 100%, this explains why I saw things and felt something touching my wrists).
This is most likely what occuring, but the chances of a ghost doing it as well are still possable.
AstralAnomoly (6 posts)
13 years ago (2008-05-01)
kyle_yup is exactly right.
Contrary to what some of us may want to believe (not sure why?) demon/evil/raping spirits don't exist. These experiences, along with alien abductions, and the like... Can all be attributed to
Hypnogogic Hallucinations & Sleep Paralysis. Many times the two occur simeltaneously and it is VERY FRIGHTENING.
These are well known phenomena, experienced in almost every culture/region/part of the world, and most have their own name for it.

If you research these two subjects, you will find that they are REAL and VALID scientific explanations and that there is ALOT of information out there.
Here is somewhere to start...



Witch_girl (1 posts)
13 years ago (2008-04-27)
Wow...how utterly romantic...well,except the part with the rape... But other than that... A ghost love is romantic...well, its just me saying...anyways...
TTFN...! ❤

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