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I have thought about this for years. But particularly the last 5 years.

When I was three my family moved to a small town in the Riverina area in NSW Australia.

The house we moved into was maybe built in 1910. We moved there in 1980. It was a creepy house. Everybody seemed to agree on this. The general perception in the family now is that the house was haunted.

In my younger days I believed in ghosts etc. Now I do not. But I find this difficult to grasp. Here is what happened on one occasion.

I used to wake up most nights terrified. There was a very long hallway to my parents' room from my room. I used to go to my parents' room to sleep in their bed because I was always afraid almost every night. At the end of the hallway and around a corner in the hall there was a piano room. This room had a very dark, haunted/negative feeling. Everybody in the family agreed that this room was scary.

This one night I woke up afraid. I was maybe two years old or three. I walked the hallway terrified. It was very long and dark. I got to my parents' room and felt as I was being pulled further down the hall (to the piano room). I can still feel it in the memory when I think of it now. I remember I grabbed the door frame of my parents' room and pulled my body into their room. At that moment it felt as if the pulling force let go.

I did not think much of it as a child and I don't think I even told my parents. It was not until becoming an adult that I realise how peculiar this was, and I wonder a lot if it was really a ghost or entity pulling me down the hall.

Other explanations I have come up with is that I was sleepy and wobbling while walking (hence pulling sensation being actual fatigue/sleepiness). That is the only "rational" explanation I have come up with.

However I am not convinced that is the truth. I remember it felt very real and I remember it terrified me at that moment. The idea of being pulled to that piano room frightened me beyond belief in that moment.

Incidentally I dream of the house maybe twice a month (now 37 years later). I feel very drawn to getting back to the house and just feeling what that hallway feels like now. I feel like this would be an important experience for some reason as an adult to confront that hallway.

However I do not want to bother the people who live there now. So that stops me from contacting them to ask permission.

Anyway I think about it a lot. As I said I don't believe in supernatural. But I am certainly confused about it.

Would love to hear anyone's thoughts.

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Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-13)
Hi Recurring, yeah what Nectarvore said! Seriously cool observations/advice.

Recurring, wanted to let you know that it's pretty common to feel/be attached to a former home. Ask around, your friends, family, co-workers, everyone has something lingering from a location. It's just not spoken of, stiff upper lip and all that. But most people experience it. I say explore it. Maybe not visit the place, or contact the current occupants, if it doesn't feel right to you. But certainly explore your thoughts/feelings about this home, the hallway and piano room.

I'm a pianist and in my opinion they, pianos, have a commanding presence in a home. Even if there were no pianos when you lived in this home, a piece of their magic would linger, I like to think. So I was kind of cheering things on whilst reading your narrative, 'yeah, go hang out in the piano room!' I don't mean to make light of what was a very scary experience you had, but it truthfully was my reaction to reading it. Maybe you've been coming at this from the wrong angle, just maybe it's not the home but the instrument you're drawn to. Hey, it's never too late to take up an instrument.

Yeup, those be some rather bias concluding thoughts from me!
Nectarvore (1 stories) (226 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-08)
Hey there Recurring
Great story, well told.

It's not a bad thing to be discerning about the paranormal, to look for the rational explanation first. Debunking is a part of staying grounded and yeah, even credible.

I read somewhere once, on a blog written by a paranormalist that in his personal experience about nine out of ten supposed hauntings can be explained with hard science. Have you ever read about a thing called EMF?
Old houses were often badly wired, electrically, which can create a microwave effect.

This manifests as a feeling of negativity and oppressive energy, something you feel but often cannot define.

We are far more perceptive and sensitive than we think, humans, more intuitive too.

I'm a firm believer that anyone can have finely honed intuition and perception, even clairsentient ability, it's just a matter of whether you're open to developing those skill and trusting yourself in the process.

It's all a bit woo woo for some.

Regarding your childhood home.

It sounds to me like it was genuinely haunted. Because you had an actual experience.

I think a good process of elimination, regarding the authenticity of a haunting, is to look at every rational explanation first.
If none can be found, ask your intuition.

Do you feel like the place was haunted?

I dreamed also of my childhood home, for many years.
I took the (retrospectively) unhealthy step of moving back to that house as a young renter, years later. For similar reasons you outline, I guess, closure. Curiousity.

I don't know what the position of the current tenents of that house would be, but, I understand your reservation.

I'd say leave the past in the past, but, if you're dreaming of the house, it's clearly made its mark subconsciously.

You can try doing a meditation where you walk through every room of that house, then leave it, closing the door behind you.
But make certain you protect yourself psychically before attempting this.

The fact you're dreaming of the house so often makes me wonder whether you're visiting the place on the astral plane while you sleep.

And possibly doing a meditation to close the door behind you would be helpful.

Bright blessings.

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