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House In The Mountains


For those who have read my first story, I've lived in a couple of houses that have proven to have paranormal activity in them. I want to share my story regarding my childhood house.

I suppose first I must explain that I grew up in a house built by my grandparents and father beside a mountain in Western Canada. The area is beautiful. Although, we still do live in a city. The house is three (four if you count the uninhabited attic) stories, and about 30+ years old now. No body died inside this house.

I guess I'll start this story off with a cute sentimental moment. About 20+ years ago, before my parents divorced, they visited my dad's side of the family in Germany. That's where my mother met my dad's Grandfather. At the end of the visit, my dad's grandfather wanted to send them back with something special; an antique small grandfather clock (only a foot in height... To put on a shelf) . This grandfather clock had not worked in many years. He just wanted them to have it, so my parents took it home and placed it on a mantle in the family room.

A few years later, to my amazement, the grandfather clock chimed. It chimed for a long time. The next day, they received a phone call from Germany, saying that my dad's grandfather passed away the night before.

Now, I lived in this house until I was 13 years old. My parents had divorced when I was 10. I moved away from this house and lived with my dad when I was 13, until I was late 18. (That's when I moved into the 'haunted apartment' from my previous story.

After things hadn't worked out on my own, my mother took me back into my childhood home. (she got to keep it in the divorce) At this point, my older sister, and her husband had moved in to try to help out with renovations. (I had stated in my last story that my older sister was the owner of the haunted apartment) When I told her and her husband about my experiences at their apartment, her husband got serious for a moment and had to tell me an experience he had in this house.

He woke up at about 2 or 3 am one night, to see a figure of an old woman right beside him, just looking down on him peacefully. He received a phone call in the morning saying his grandmother died in her sleep peacefully the night before.

Now that I type this out, I feel like the beginning presences in this house were just passing spirits, knowing they can enter, saying their final goodbyes.

I wish that the kind, passing spirits, were the only ones to bother us here.

I'll share two experiences in detail about the house other than the other two I have shared. The others I'll put in another story, to save you guys the trouble of reading so much.

I had trouble sleeping one night. It was 3am. I was lying in bed, in the silence. I was closing my eyes, and all of a sudden I jerked myself awake to the shriek of a woman screaming in my ear. I quickly turned to my boyfriend at the time and asked if he heard it too. He didn't. It was right in my ear!

The next morning, my mother came up to me (without me saying anything at all) and said:

'You know, the strangest thing happened last night. I woke up around 3am, and went to the kitchen for water, where I heard a dinner party going on."

'Mom, was the tv on? Because you know your hearing isn't that great."

"No, the tv was off. That's why I was so confused."

My mother has AWFUL hearing. If she can hear something as clear as a dinner party, going on specifically in the corner of the kitchen, at the same time I heard a horrifying scream in my ear... Very confusing to all of us.

Another experience is regarding electricity (kind of) So, this part, I'd like your opinion on. I have a photograph to share as well with it.

When we realized the activity was a mischievous one, we decided to tell our friends. We were outside on my deck in the evening, and I was explaining that we have an energy that likes to take our stuff and hide it, and then place it in the strangest places, etc. Just strange trickster activity. Opening and closing closets in front of our eyes, slamming doors, Locking cats in certain rooms, etc.

House In The Mountains

Well when I was telling them, I stopped myself and excused myself to he wash room.

I went into the wash room, turned on the light, and POP.

The room was still dark, so I just assumed the light bulb had burnt out. I turned on the other light in the bathroom (the heater light in the ceiling) to see that the light bulb had popped itself out of the metal that it's encased in, and was just... Dangling there. (You will understand when you see the picture)

I called everyone into the room, including my electrician friend and my mom, and pointed at it.

"So, any y'all have an explanation for this?"

Just when we had everyone at attention, we noticed right next to the bathroom, the laundry room door was open.

Let me explain the laundry room door... It doesn't stay open. No matter how slow you open it, no matter how long you keep it against the wall, this door will close.

So for it to be open by itself, all the way, and staying there, was needless to say, messed up.

Especially since when I put my hand there and told the ghost to close the door, the door slowly closed back again.

No body opened the door to begin with. Nobody held it open either. I think I had maybe 6 witnesses.

So I'll post the picture. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if any electrician said: Oh don't worry, that happens all the time. But, I was creeped out, along with everyone else in the house.

I need to point out one more fact in all of this *Sorry for the long post* My younger sister and I dug up my older sister's Ouija board when we were ten and eleven (we are one year apart). But we never used it for what it was intended for. We asked "Oh, does someone have a crush on -- what's his name, will we get married? Etc" We were young kids. We don't need to summon spirits.:P

But that being said, we destroyed the board. Either with food, pen, sticky stuff, even rips and tears from just being so mistreated.

When I moved back into the house, and all the activity was going on, I went in the basement one day to look through storage for any furniture I could put in my bedroom. I saw a bunch of old boxes and thought to look through them for nostalgic purposes. No joke, at all, the first box I opened, had a brand new Ouija board in it, with the instructions and everything. I asked my mom if she bought a new one, and she exclaimed in her Italian catholic way:

" No! I had a big enough problem with it when your older sister made me buy it for her years ago. In fact, I think I threw it away."

No body bought a new Ouija board, I promise this. We burned it in the back yard, and the mischievous spirit has been a lot nicer to us.

Now, for all of you, I've made peace with these spirits (there is one, who is mean, but not in a harmful way. He just likes to mess with us.) And another one, who is a woman, who sometimes speaks in a mumbled voice when we're quiet. She's the one that opens the closet doors.

I don't know "who" any of the spirits are, nor do I really want to poke around and find out. We have an understanding. I think in the last 2 months, the only experiences we've had are opening doors, and I saw my cat drinking water, and watched the water fly up into her face and she jumped and ran downstairs. I told the spirit to be nice to the cats, and nothing has happened since.

I really think it's because everyone in the house has just accepted that there are presences, and we don't mind. We don't tell them to leave because for all we know, it could be spirits from the land before we even built the house. We don't bother them, and they've stopped bothering us. Again, sorry for the long post.

If anyone can explain the picture, let me know. Otherwise, thank you so much for reading.

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Jessicqqqq (5 stories) (56 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
The parts with the cats in it made me laugh. The spirit is just teasing the cat by splashing it with water hahah. What a fun spirit. The story about the clock was really interesting and I've had situations like that happen to me before as well. The minute my grandfather died (he was living in Syria and I was in America), I woke up from a dream of him dying. The same exact minute. The phone rang not even 5 minutes later.

I'd cleanse just encase there's something not "okay" in that house. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

I also have a question. Do you remember if stuff like that started happening before or after using the Ouija board? If after, I think it could be because of you guys using it that all these spirits are always around. It was a nice story. I enjoy collage stories!
trentinray (3 stories) (67 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-15)
My husband, who is a tradesman, has seen that before. He said it was caused by being improperly glued, and after the bulb has heated to a point the glue simply can't hold it anymore. It isn't massively common but it does happen. But I agree, you should do a cleansing for the cat's sake, they don't understand why they are being picked on ❤
Good Luck, trentinray
Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-15)
Hi Laurrenm,

Is that a ceiling light? The way the light bulb is dangling is as if it's mounted to the wall, hanging towards the floor. 😕 Thanks for sharing, I think a house cleansing wouldn't go astray. Your cats will thank you I'm sure. Don't like it when ghosts pick on animals, tisk tisk.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (807 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-15)
Locking cats in rooms sounds like a trickster spirit, yep.

Question about the lightbulb, from the picture, it looks like the glass part of the bulb popped out of the metal base which is still stuck in the fixture. Or am I seeing things?

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