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The Blue Mountains Terror


Blue Mountains is an underdeveloped subdivision here in Antipolo City, Philippines. It has a road open to all vehicles that connects two highways, Marcos Highway (lower) and Sumulong Highway (upper). At 4:30-6:00 AM, that place is a hub for health-conscious people, doing their early morning exercises. Lots of people including students, and workers, and vehicles go through that area due to its accessibility. In short, Blue Mountains is a pretty busy area during daytime up to 8 PM but at night it is a lot different. The road is very dark, their are only 3 houses along the road and the rest are vacant lots with tall grasses-- a perfect place for crime-doers and a dump for dead bodies. There were approximately 50 recovered bodies from different crimes in that area over the past 5 years or maybe even more.

Despite the dangers in the said area, me and my friends still hangout in a 24-hour-open fast food chain situated at the upper street corner of Blue Mountains during wee hours, because it's the only place open near our vicinity that got a big alfresco for smoking customers, so we always pass through the dark and eerie, dangerous, Blue Mountains just to get there.

For the past 4 years of visiting Blue Mountains, there's this one unforgettable experience me and my friends had. November of 2014 around 3:00 AM after a few hours of hanging out we decided to go home. There were four of us inside the SUV except for one, our youngest friend, Magic. The silly kid insisted to cling onto the roof railings despite being told to get inside, so all of us agreed to prank him.

My boyfriend Rex started our vehicle with our friend Magic clinging outside the SUV's roof railings and drove up to the darkest part of Blue Mountains when suddenly, Magic's joyful and thrilled screams sounded different. It sounded as if he's terrorized. We all got worried and my boyfriend stopped the vehicle in the dark part of Blue Mountains to check on Magic and to pee on a nearby tree. My boyfriend joked around and pulled another prank with our friend Magic and he hurriedly got inside the SUV and locked all the doors while Magic is still peeing. Magic was violently screaming in fear, "Guys open the door! Let me in! Let me in!"

We both have lock controls for all the doors, I was unlocking the door but it keeps on locking. I asked my boyfriend to quit fooling around and let the poor kid in but he said, "I'm not locking the doors anymore, here are my hands." After seeing his hands not touching the lock, I wondered, "Who is locking the door?" The door continued to lock and I'm still struggling to unlock it for five more times then it stopped and Magic finally got inside. Just as half of his body is inside the car, we saw a white figure passed really fast in front of the vehicle and we heard a bang noise, rear left of the SUV. Our friends at the back seat checked if there is someone who banged the SUV but, there is no one.

We all grew pale and shocked and as soon as we got to our friend's studio, we checked the rear left of the vehicle with a flashlight and saw a hand print on the exact same location where we heard the bang sound. We were all terrified.

That night, one of my friends who were with me, Abby who doesn't believe in ghosts, was suddenly convinced that there are really ghosts and lost souls. It seems like we have accidentally disturbed resting souls and we are the ones being played/toyed.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-13)
The busses in the Philippines to which otteer us referring are called "Jeepneys." They look a bit like a cross-bred American school bus and a military jeep, then painted by Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters after they had used "Further" as a practice run.

I must agree, though, that the scenery there in the blue mountains is stunning! Driving there in the dark seems such a waste...

otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-12)
Ya, it was irresponsible but I just googled
"Blue Mountain Philippines bus pictures" and saw half a dozen photos of people hanging on all over different buses, inside and out. Even riding on top! I think its an area where automobile safety isn't stressed, it's a "just get where you are going how ever you can" kind of place. (Beautiful area by the way, in the hills)

I agree you were lucky you got off with a warning, I know when people are young they take more risks (ive done some major stupid when a teen), seems this area didn't appreciate your kind of pranking and decided to give you a real thrill!

Thanks for sharing. Scary incident. All around lol.
Joremjas (1 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-12)
That was creepy! I think there are still unfounded bodies in that place.
dreamer01 (1 stories) (117 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-11)
yes, that was very irresponsible and you were all very lucky to just get off lightly with a scare. You can sustain severe or fatal head injuries at very low speeds (5-7 mph). It is such a waste of life and heart breaking for everyone. I know because I have looked after these people in the past. Most head injuries are preventable. I suppose that what ever slapped your car may have done it as a warning to stop fooling around or don, t stop here again.

Thanks for sharing

lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-11)
You guys should be thankful to that spirit for making Magic get back into the car... The truth is, it was very stupid and irresponsible to allow him to ride on the ruff of the car. 😠

I'm glad Magic's head didn't end all smashed up on the road like a watermelon.

Thanks for sharing and, please, drive safe.

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