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A Haunted Mountain


I often hang out with a friend who was my roommate in college. I've written about our experiences at college under another account on here, but this time is about a mountain we go to sometimes.

His uncle owns an entire mountain in the Catskills and it's a beautiful area and we often go hunting there as there's lots of land. But that entire area is awash in paranormal activity, and this mountain is no different. I have had two experiences, one just as scary as the other.

The first one was during deer season. My friend put me up in a tree stand that overlooked the open areas of the mountains and could see all the barns and the house. I was up there for maybe an hour, hadn't seen anything so I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone, and then I hear something strange. I look up and I see some movement in a distant field maybe 400 yards away and what sounded kind of like drums. I raised my gun and looked through the scope, and it was 8 or 9 people dancing together in a circle, mostly (apparently) males, many of them shirtless. I get on my radio and talk to my friend who was down in the woods maybe 300 yards in the opposite direction, and described him the situation, I also asked how many people were home, and he said no one was at the time.

I watched for maybe 5 minutes before the drumbeats faded and the people disappeared one by one. My friend said it was likely Native American spirits practicing their ancient rituals.

The second incident was when we were just walking up the hill. We came to an opening, it was an old overgrown field, not very large, and there were a couple of old rusty cars laying around. We got to a small knoll and maybe 75 yards away from us there was an old well, the kind that's circular and you had to drop a bucket down into, broken down and old, but not in too bad of shape all things considered. What happened next left us paralyzed and gave me (and maybe him) several sleepless nights.

A man came climbing up out of the well, old style clothes and a beard. When he got up, he stopped and looked all around, and despite us being right there, didn't seem to notice us at all. He then ran into the woods and disappeared. Apparently some unsavory characters used to dispose of bodies down that well. I don't know if it was a full bodied apparition of a victim or something more sinister.

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Zidagar (3 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-13)
Jubeele yes, I use a lot of names from Escape Velocity Override, its still one of my favorite games. And his uncle isn't rich, but his parents were, he inherited all that land.
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-12)
Like the name, Zidagar. Never tried "Escape Velocity Override" myself, but it has a great gameplay setting.

Your friend's uncle must be fabulously wealthy to own an entire mountain in the Catskills. What an amazing experience, I wonder if you'd have been able to capture anything if you had a long-lens video camera to record the dancers.

I hope that "old-timer" was a residual haunting. Because the alternative of an actual person up to sinister no-good frightens me a whole lot more! 😨
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-11)
Zidagar - that's quite interesting... I hope you didn't drink water from that well!

It must have been amazing to witness the warriors' (?) dance, even if it was only a residual haunting.

Thanks for sharing.

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