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Dad Sitting On A Wall


My friend's father tragically and suddenly passed away a few years ago. He unfortnately took his own life. It took a huge toll on he and his brother and sister mentally and emotionally, but he was affected the most out of the three of them. He is always thinking about his dad and speaks of him frequently. He seems like he was a great dad. He was the kids' hero. My friend still visits his father's grave regularly. He and his father were really close and had a great relationship since day one.

Last week, he called me, freaking out. He said he had seen his dad. It was between the middle of the day and the early evening and he said it seemed so real. He said he could have touched him. There is a white wall beside his garage door that is about 6 feet tall. He had just gotten home from work and was walking inside from his truck. He looked at the wall, as he does every day, and he saw his dad was sitting on the wall looking out at the road. He then looked right at my friend and my friend froze. He did not tell me how long this stare down lasted, but it was not a long time.

He has been thinking about his father a lot lately and I think that is why he showed himself. He has always said he has always wanted his father to be around him. I have always said he is. He loved my friend and his siblings with all his heart. What do y'all think? Maybe he was saying,"quit worrying about me. I'm fine." By the way, his father lived in the house my friend currently lives in when my friend was younger.

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curiousgeorge_ (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-08-04)
OOps! I can't use this site. Haha I;m in the state of Georgia in the United States:) And thank y'all so much:)) ) I'll tellhim it's okay to talk to his dad. I didn't even think about that!
taurus83 (4 stories) (84 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-16)
curiousgeorge, My deepest sympathies to your friend, his family and father. Having dealt with my late uncle taking his own life and my mom trying to I feel pain in this story. My heart truly hurts for your friend. I believe because your friend has had such a great struggle with this, yes I believe his father let himself be seen by his son. I believe he knew it would help him in some way. But I truly hope your friend has a support system that will be there for the long haul. Thanks for writing and well wishes to you. ❤
zetafornow (4 stories) (447 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-15)
First off, deepest sympathy for your friend. Suicide is such a horrible tragedy, not only for the victim but the victim's family members. But I hope your friend has sought counseling and has a good support system... You sound as if you are one of the supports he has.

I do believe your friend saw his father, without a doubt. The father wanted to show himself to his son to let him know that he is around and I am sure he regrets his actions. However, your friend can live a full and wonderful life with some good friends, family and counseling. Let him know that it is okay to speak to his father when he feels like it, he probably is listening.

H2olily (5 stories) (158 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-15)
I believe it is a sort of traditional belief in many cultures and families, that after a loved one passes away we receive a "visitation" or vision or dream from them, which makes sense in a way, because we miss them, think about them, go through their belongings, talk about them, mourn them. I, myself, have had numerous dreams about my favorite aunt since she died two years ago, in 2011. So, I wouldn't call it a "ghost", exactly. A ghost "haunts", right? Seen on a regular basis or anniversary or at unexpected intervals? So, maybe, this is more like one of those brief, farewell visits?
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-14)
Your English seems pretty good to be from the country of Georgia (an East European country.) Is this from Georgia, or the U.S. In the state of Geogia? But I believe the Dad showed up... And also the son might be taking his father's death hard. I wondered about the Georgia thing (as is listed as "country") because i've heared from Georgian friends that this is very hard on the family if a guy takes his own life. Either way, take comfort in knowing that in most traditions now they say God has mercy on people who are distressed in mind when they pass. And they're distressed if they take their life, so they are innocent. So he's probably ok. He'll be a good spirit here or in the light. Thankyou for your thoughtfullness.
valkricry (48 stories) (3243 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-07-14)
Dear George,
This is a hard call, basically there just isn't enough information to say Yes that was a ghost, or no that was refraction of light bouncing off a white wall coupled with your state of mind. But you are not your friend, so we need to make do with what you have given us to work with.
Now, if you are asking if I think it is possible that your friend's dad paid him a visit, I would say most definitely YES. Did your friend mention what he felt during the 'stare-down'? Or if there was an attempt at speaking? Those would be clues as to what the message would be. Contrary to the widely held belief that the message is 'I'm fine, quite worrying', sometimes the message is different. Then, there is that chance, that given his state of mind, your friend imagined it. But if he BELIEVES he saw his dad, then quite possibly he did.

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