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My Dad's Haunted House 2


Here's some more ghost stories about my Dads childhood house. He's had multiple things happen so I'll put each little story together here, told from my Dad's perspective. These all occurred in the same house at different times growing up.

My brother's and I were bored one day so we decided to set up a prank for my sister. We slid a spoon into the top gap of the closed door then balanced a tin full of forks and spoons on top. When it was opened they would fall and scare her with the loud clanging of the utensils hitting the floor. Not long after the preparations were completed we heard the door open and the prank being triggered. We knew no one had gone to the room yet so upon hearing this we rushed to the room and saw all of the utensils scattered on the carpet and the door wide open. There was no wind to push it and it wasn't a gentle opening; it slammed open. Instead of being afraid we were annoyed, we had put so much effort into this prank and the ghost had ruined it.

I was around 12 when this happened. I'd just left my bedroom and was strolling down the hallway when I heard someone whisper 'ANGEL' right into my ear. I immediately spun around searching for the source of the voice but there was no one there. This chilled me to the bone but all I could do was shake it off and continue on. As I entered the kitchen I noticed that my Mum was cleaning one of her angel statues. I of course was freaked out and could only stare dumbfounded while my Mother obliviously continued her task.

I was asleep in my room when I was awakened by the sound of my watch that was on the built in shelving of my bed being lifted up and dropped 3 or 4 times. I was on the top bunk of my bed which had a light in the corner shelf that never worked. This broken switch was suddenly being flicked on and off by some unseen force. I sat up and felt that it was ice cold. A few minutes after it began it all stopped. I could feel the presence leave my room. I was terrified because in all my time living there it had never come into my room. I hid under the covers until I eventually fell back asleep.

I would be in the bathroom sometimes and I'd hear something walk out of the separate toilet. If it was a person I definitely would have seen them walk by the door because it was the only way out, but no one did.

I am the youngest of six children who lived in this house so it wasn't just me who would have experiences. My older sister told me that she was sitting in the living room and she felt something sit on her. Her dog started growling with his hackles up staring at something on her. She yelled 'GET OFF!' and immediately after the weight lifted and whatever was with her vanished.

My parents are long dead so the house got sold. The new owners were doing major maintenance on it but all of a sudden they stopped. It looked as if they dropped everything and left. They sold it after two years. We still drive by it every now and then and it looks abandoned. The ghost never liked anyone altering the house, especially 'THEIR' room. Even when we lived there and my parents replaced a new room in the house. My older brothers and sisters did a séance and the ghost replied that it didn't like the new addition to the house. It told them to look out the window and then spelled out 'boo' on the Ouija board.

The house would make many strange noises throughout the day. It would creak and moan constantly. I would hear random loud knocks and bangs. For me though this was normal, I knew it was strange to live in a haunted house but there was nothing I could do about it. My family never talked about it, it was just something that happens. To this day I believe in the paranormal due to what happened to me as a kid and I always will.

These are most of the stories that my Dad has told me about the house. We've had other experiences but I'll put those in different posts.

Thanks for reading!

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