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The White Eyed Rider


Hello everyone, I thought of looking for this kind of site because I am seeking help. I wish to understand what is going on.

Let me explain. Around 2008, I was very depressed and without a job. One day at around 3 pm amid the helter-skelter of Nairobi city when, just before I crossed a road called Moi Avenue, I looked to my right and saw two men seated on a powerful motorbike. And before I knew it, their bike had begun racing towards my direction and as I tried to recognize this face which seemed so focused on me (and not looking straight ahead!), met with egg-white eyes staring at me. The eyes turned upwards and stunned, I did not manage to follow the bike but let it zoom by before I "came back to my senses" and crossed the road. It all happened in about 10 seconds. How I even managed to observe all these I do not know.

The rider had a red stylish jacket and no helmet. I did not register anything about the passenger; I only recall a dark figure seated behind the rider. It was only days later after recalling the incident did I realize the first anomaly; that the motorbike was on the wrong side of the road and counter-flow.

Come the other day as I watched TV; sound muted and just as I observed a certain ad, out of nowhere, a smoke-like figure pops up from the bottom-centre of the screen and grows until at one point I notice a round head, with only two egg-white eyes: no ears, mouth or hands. It reminded me of Casper the Ghost but this time in a light orange "robe". The white eyes seemed to twitch and flutter as they looked at me and seemed alive.

What could be the meaning of all these?


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gelflingfay (1 stories) (52 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-31)
Well this thing is obviously mischievous and is liking how it is creeping you out. It doesn't matter what it wants because it is not behaving in a kind fashion. IT is screwing with you. So first you need to cleanse yourself. Physically, mentally, emotional, and spiritually. Take a bath in slat water, sage yourself, and then draw onto your body with holy water or blessing oil (If you are religious, the proper thing for your belief) and then mist your home with salt water and sage it. Every room. Next lay some sort of barrier on all forms of entrances like windows doors and even vents which seem to be over looked. Sit and meditate and actively clear your soul. If you cannot a block, then crack a block, force just enough space through it so that it can eventually erode away. IF you see this thing again try to ignore it. It just wants attention. I know my advice seems excessive but it has already attached itself to you and knows where you live. IT will just keep terrorizing you. Whatever you do stand your ground try not to let it beat you. And do not let it make you lose sleep. That is the easiest way for them to break you down. You got this and good luck!

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