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Was She Haunted? And Did It Hate Me?


This experience begins in April 2010. I just entered a new relationship and things seemed to be fine.

One night I slept at my friend's house. We were in her guest room and all of a sudden I froze because I heard the sound of a baby crying downstairs, there were no babies in the house. She asked, "Do you hear it too"? And I gave her this shocked look. She said, "Yes, I hear that baby quite often if I'm upstairs. I hear it downstairs and vice versa". While it startled me I was ok with it. But then an overwhelming and uncomfortable feeling came over me and I freaked out and started crying and just had to get out of that room as fast as I could. She told me that she thinks there is a woman that stays in that room and she doesn't know who it is. Well I wanted out of there and slept in a different room that night.

The next morning when I woke up I noticed I had a handprint on the calf of my right leg. I showed her and she told me the same would happen to her sister when she would sleepover. I was a bit bothered but didn't really know what to think.

Later that day we were outside with our children and the kids would not go any farther that the shed in the back yard. That's when she told me NO children would go past the shed. I thought that odd so, being curious, I went check things out. When I went to the edge of the yard, I got a weird feeling like eyes were on me. I then decided to take a look in the shed itself and the huge wooden door slammed shut behind me. After that, strange things continued and got worse.

Once we moved in together, I started having trouble sleeping, started hearing things like bangs, knocks and footsteps. Then it slowly went out of control. I was having vivid nightmares, waking up with scratches. I would have scratches on my legs and back. They would burn like fire.

One night in particular I would felt someone standing over me. All I could do was lay there like I was frozen. Then my blankets were slowly pulled from me and I felt something grab my ankle. Needless to say I didn't sleep that night. But I noticed I had three huge scratches on my leg and back.

I started to get sick horrible headaches and was always vomiting. I was tired all the time. And the experiences went on and got worse. It was a strain on everyone. Soon the kids would say they heard footstep and bangs, plus they would see shadows.

It was just too much on us all and when she moved out things calmed down. I would still hear footsteps, bangs and doors opening and closing but the dreams stopped. I started to feel better and I never had scratches again. This experience took place over two years and I will go into detail on each incident in future stories.

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LouisianaBelle (5 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-01)
No longer live there, but I have also noticed since I no longer have contact with my friend the negative experience have disappeared. That is why I wasn't sure if it was the land home, or her. And since I was the only one it seemed to bother I was under the impression it had a problem with me. Her parents live in that home now and I don't know if they are still having experiences but now you say that I understand that, that could be a possibility. I unwelcomely went into its space.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-30)
LouisianaBelle, The land and home may habe equally been haunted. If the occurences happened more frequently and more violent after you walked into the shed you may have let whatever it is out. The ghost or ghosts may have been territorial over the home,land. Scratched,headaches,nausea are usually associated with hauntings. Mainly malevolent in nature. Do you continue to reside in this home? If so, its best to have your home blessed and cleansed, continuing with the cleansing until the activity subsides.

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