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Orange Entity


I had my first ghostly encounter when I was 13, When I was 7-12 I would always go to my aunts house on the weekends and we would have a good time together. She had one puppy called Teddy and it was my main reason to go to her house. When I was 11 my aunt got a boyfriend and on 2 more years she moved with him.

I would still visit her but there was something wrong the house. I would feel like am being watched or something is close by, but I felt very weird in the main room (upstairs). It had a patio, 2 closets and one huge bathroom. I really felt fear when I looked at those mirrors so I would try not to.

On the night of 2012 September I was staying with my aunt and my 3 cousins and it was bed time and I was the one who would sleep last. At 2:16 am was when I woke up out of a cold chill in the room. I looked at the mirrors and turned around to go back to sleep but I heard a creaking sound. I turned around again and I saw an orange foggy hand coming out of the closet door. I was paralyzed with fear. A few seconds later the entity was fully visible and it began to approach me. I started to feel dizzy and very cold then the entity started to move back to the closet and it disappeared. Some seconds later the lamp fell and a picture of my aunt's wedding.

In the morning I checked the closet and all the clothes were on the floor. After that I never went back to her house and now my aunt started having contacts with ghosts too. The house could be haunted, but I'll never find out because I'll never going back.

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sds (14 stories) (1435 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-03)
Hi OminousBlackSoul, I do not want you to go back to the house. But you said that your aunt is having contacts with ghosts. Is she a medium and how do you know that she is having contacts with ghosts? But still you can ask your aunt about the incident, ask her to investigate the history of the house and you can post it. If your aunt is having any harmful entity in the house, then it would definitely be difficult to live in the house. May be we could help. You can ask your aunt to cleanse the house and to drive away evil or negative entities. Or else you can ask her to vacate and move to another place. But please try to warn her about your experience and if it is necessary, please ask, we could try to help her.

Regards and respects to you.


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