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Not An Animal-not A Person?


In the spring of 2008 my family moved into a townhouse in a quiet cul-de-sac in Centralia, Washington near Centralia High School and less than 100 yards from the banks of the Chehalis River.

My daughters, age 16 and 12 at the time, shared bunk beds in a bedroom that overlooked several neighbors' backyards, the training yard of a dog training facility, and several acres of horse pasture with a distant view of the back end of Borst Park. My youngest daughter had taken the top bunk and was next to the window which, at the time, had not been given window treatments.

As soon as the mornings began to get lighter, around 5:00-ish a.m., she complained of seeing four small, dark creatures passing from the garage side of our house, hopping our back fence and traveling along the neighbor's fence before disappearing around edge of the fence. She was insistent that we get window treatments right away as she felt incapable of not looking at the creatures when she was awakened by their presence.

She described them as approximately 2-3 feet tall, with long arms, traveling at a jog, hunched over. That they frightened her was obvious. I asked her if they jumped over our fence or went through it. She said they physically jumped over the fence; sort of a vaulting motion.

I was a bow hunter for a number of years and I know how to track animals. I checked the lawn for footprints - there were none. I checked the path she described them as taking each day. It is a path that would not have been traveled by anything else and there should have been obvious signs of the passage of creatures such as she described, but there was nothing. Nothing on the fence, nothing in the grass, and the neighbors thought I was crazy for asking if they saw anything.

After several more times of seeing these creatures, at the same time each morning, the last creature in line, just before disappearing around the neighbor's fence would pause and slowly look back and up into our daughter's window - looking right at her. After the second time of this happening, she put a large piece of poster board that had been a science project across the window until we put blinds and curtains up.

I asked why she didn't come get us or her sister when this would happen. She claimed to be unable to move when she saw them; not "scared stiff", but physically unable to move - that was much of what was scaring her about the encounters. She was also insistent that the creatures did not have a "friendly" feel to them - she described them as feeling dark.

My wife and I and her sister are the only people she has ever told about these encounters. It was easy for us to believe she was telling the truth because she has no history of crazy stories with us or her friends. Her fright and her insistence on covering the windows were genuine and she has never changed her story.

While she has been happy to forget the whole experience and doesn't like to talk about it, I've been all over the web looking for any explanation of what she could have seen.

I have already considered and discounted all the indigenous animals in our area, or kids, or prankster midgets, or aliens. Whatever these things are, they were too large for the closest animal they could be - raccoons. They followed the same route each time, they walked on two legs, could hurdle a 3 foot fence, and became aware they were being observed from a window 12 feet up and over 60 yards from where they would disappear from sight.

Nor do any of the alternate explanations adequately explain why my daughter would be wakened by their presence, be "forced" to observe them and be unable to move or call out until after they were gone from sight.

If they had left any signs of their passing I could say that, however farfetched it might sound, they must be cryptids, but since they left so signs, I am forced to conclude that they must be supernatural, despite the necessity of jumping the fence to get to the neighbor's yard.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or any clue as to what my daughter saw and the effect it had on her, i.e., the wakefulness at their presence, the inability to refrain from viewing and the "paralysis"?

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Its-Pixie (1 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-19)
That is creepy. Does she still "feel" them or see them? I'm happy to see you believe her, when I was little I used to see this small evil looking creature, the size of a garden gnome, sharp teeth and fingers, staring at me. No one believed me, putting it off as a childs overactive imagination. I hope these things stay away, wish you and your family all the best!
MaxSharpe (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-31)
Thanks much for all the input and suggestions. To answer as many of the questions as possible in one post;

This did occur several years ago (2008). No- I never did sleep in her bed to see for myself. I have a hard time accepting sleep paralysis or sleep disorders since she had never reported anything similar before or since. I agree it's a hard thing for the rational mind to understand, which is why I posted on this sight 😁.

What I was really hoping for in posting here is if anyone is familiar with native legends about supernatural creatures such as I have described and what these legends say these creatures are or do...?
NorthCoastie (4 stories) (72 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-26)
I have a reoccurring sleep hallucination where I wake up and I'm in my childhood bedroom for a few seconds until I fully come to. You can have reoccurring sleep related hallucinations just as you have reoccurring dreams.

Could it have been paranormal? Of course, as other posters have said, I would have tried sleeping in her bed to see if I could witness this myself.
Amanda32 (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-26)
CREEPY! I fully believe that your daughter did see something! What...? I have no idea, but there are things out there, that we do not understand! Our minds are completely unable to comprehend. As a child, my brother and I had an experience somewhat similar to this one, but we weren't asleep. It was the first experience I can remember having. I will share it very soon. I don't believe that it should be chalked up to sleep paralysis, as it happened several times to her, over and over. I firmly believe something was trying to get her attention, and succeeded. Unfortunately, it may have been something demonic, beings it had the effect on her that it did.
NorthCoastie (4 stories) (72 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-26)
Clearly there is no other explanation than this being a Sasquatch. (sorry, that was my best Bobo from Finding Bigfoot impersonation).

In all seriousness, as someone who has done a lot of research on sleep related disorders and hallucinations due to my first hand experience with them, I would say the first step in figuring this out for her would be to look into that as the cause and possible talk to doctor about it. I have seen some VERY strange things upon waking up, which I know were not ghosts, aliens, or Squatches, but hallucinations. The fact that she can't move when she sees this does support that she's having some type of sleep episode.

I've probably described this 10 times on this site already, but I actually woke up once to see a bottle of Aunt Jemima maple syrup walking across the sheets of my bed towards me, among other similar experiences.

The experiences your daughter is having sound very scary for her, but there might be a normal explanation for it!
Argette (guest)
11 years ago (2013-10-25)
Fascinating. I believe this story, although it seems far fetched to the rational mind. Thanks for sharing.
elfstone810 (227 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-25)
You say this happened five, almost six years ago. Do you still live there? Have you ever slept in her bed or got up early to watch for them?
MandyyNicole (7 stories) (183 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-25)
I used to work for a summer camp and two children (a borther and a sister) recounted similar events. They told me seperately and on a couple different occasions, they seemed frightened and never changed the story or appearance of these things... I fully believe what they told me to be the truth. Sadly, I didn't have any any explanation to give to them either as I was never able to unearth any information or any similar events/stories.
I don't believe what your daughter is experiencing is caused by sleep paralysis, but I agree that these beings could very well be causing the paralysis.
I think a surveillance cameras are a fantastic idea. Or even set up a webcam in the window.
Hahiha (28 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-25)
Well, it might've been sleep paralysis coupled by hallucinations (we usually get them if we wake up suddenly.
Spook_E (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-25)
I agree with Fransmum. Based on your story, there could be an alien form living in your area that possesses intelligence and superior physical attributes. Since they constantly pass through the side of your house at a certain time, you should consider putting up a surveillance camera or even asking your neighbor if they've ever seen anything similar to what your daughter has seen.
Fransmum (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-25)
Hi there, Although you say you have discounted the possibility of these critters being aliens, I think you should re-consider that possibility. It is the paralysis described that makes me think this, coupled with the description of them and the way they move etc. If you research, there are many reports of paralysis in relation to sightings (or supposed sightings) of alien life forms. Just my gut feeling is all. Hope this unpleasant experience doesn't ever affect her again, it must have been very disturbing!

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