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Tall Dark Figure with a Small Leaf-like Clasp


In 2004 we moved to a little town about 20 miles south of where we had already lived. The first year there was uneventful other than the strange noises and voices. But that isn't what I'm going to tell you about. It starts about halfway through the second year of living in this house.

One night I was going to bed and all was fine, from my bed I could see the light outline the door from the hallway. I fell asleep around 11pm. Around 2am I wake up and notice that the light was still on in the hall way, but I couldn't see all of the light. As my eyes were adjusting to the room I noticed that there was a tall "man" standing in front of my door and that was blocking the light. It was staring at me. All I could notice was that it had black hair and it was wearing a black hooded cloak. I also noticed that it had a small leaf-like clasp holding the cloak on. The clasp glowed with an unnatural light.

As this thing stood there staring at me I lay there frozen in terror. The thing started to raise its hand towards me and walk towards me in bed. Just as it took its first step my bedroom door swings open and hits it and it turns into smoke and floats up to and through the ceiling. In the doorway stands my younger sister. She asks me what I wanted and I told her I didn't say anything and she said I called her name. Then she turned to walk away and turned back and said that she was going to ask me something but that she forgot. And she went back into the living room and finished watching her movie. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

The second encounter happened about 3 or 4 nights ago. This is an entire 3 years later. My room is now in the basement. I was sleeping and I wake up around 3am and as my eyes focus I notice a tall dark figure standing by my closet staring at me and I notice that it had the same clasp as the one 3 or 4 years ago. This time, not as freaked out, but still slightly frozen, I sit up in bed. This thing is still looking at me so I grab my phone which has a built in flashlight and I turn it on him and he turns into smoke again and floats up through the ceiling. I quickly turn the light on in my room and see that it was 3 in the morning. I stayed up the rest of that night.

if anyone out there has any info about what this thing is and why it is haunting me I would much appreciate it.

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FRAWIN (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-16)
Hello Sorry, after reading your story and the comments I have only two bits of advice for you, one stay on good terms with your sister because she sounds like an angel and two invest in a good flashlight and keep fresh batteries in it. Heck if I in your shoes I`d probably buy one of them redneck spotlights just to make sure I done the job right. All kidding aside just embrace the "Light" and the "Darkness" must flee.

whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-16)
I am sorry, Jacko, could you help me out here? What is St. Michael's prayer? You said to recite it, but gave no reference to where it is found, and I do not know what it is. Thank you
Jacko (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-16)
Oh yeah, 3 am is the OPPOSITE of what time Jesus died. Jesus died at 3pm. You're sister, is she younger than you?
Jacko (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-16)
I know exactly what you're talking about. Don't bother moving away, that won't make any difference.
This is more a dark entity rather than an evil spirit. NEVER attempt to summon it and NEVER welcome it.
Do not be afraid, it cannot physically harm you, but this is not what it wants. It wants your mind- your soul.
I don't mean to scare you, you said you wanted help- here it is.
Also NEVER talk to it, except demand it leave you in Jesus name. Also read St. Michael's prayer- it might pay to learn this one by heart.
You want to know "why you"? Likely you are an easy target or have a "sixth sense". It wants to use you as a medium. When I call it an entity, I mean, evil is reportedly starting to manifest itself on Earth as a physical form.
There were a lot of sightings of these things in the months leading up to 9/11.
Anna12 (1 stories) (44 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-02)
I think you are probably dealing with an evil spirit. If possible, try to move. Your Guardian Angel most probably sent your sister to open the door at that moment. Scary story! Be careful! 😲
Saint2 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-09)
IT'S EVIL! MOVE FAR AWAY! IF IT IS THE SAME IT I SAW! I don't know when you started seeing it but If I can give you advise PLEASE MOVE! If he was about 7ft tall and you can hardly see through it, Right! IT took my brother from me when I was 5 years old in 81' and IT came back in 85' and took my father! IM SORRY! Bless You and your family!
Advise: If things are going really well for you and your family. Everyone near you is happy is why IT'S there IT doesn't want anyone 2B PERFECT and HAPPY in life!
Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-12)
WOW! Scary story. Ok! I have to tell you the leaf clasp, is interesting to me. Tolkien was an expert in mytho and language at Oxford. He was also an artist/writer. He fitted some of his best known characters with a "leaf clasp for each cloak". If you look into the meaning and myth behind that symbol you might get a surprise that helps to make your experience clear. Also, be glad you have a sister that is so protective of you. She doesn't realize it maybe, but she was operating in your behalf. What a cool connection.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-10)
I would certainly try the smudge ceremony, but I would also ensure I had a Holy Bible close at hand. The description you are giving sounds so ominous nad evil, try the EVP. Have a tape recorder handy and ask questions. Even if you are asleep you could run a tape recorder to see if anything is picked up. I have done this, I got extended play tapes, which now you could use digital and let them run. It was very enlightening. It is frightenening you so that you want it to leave, tell it firmly but politeoy that it is not welcome. Use your Bible.

God Bless!
beachhouse (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-10)
Maybe one night you should try inviting a friend over to stay up with you until 3 am. If this thing comes back, you could have a witness. You could also try taking pictures and see if anything shows up that can't be seen with the human eye. You could also try EVP. Get a take recorder and start asking questions like: "Who are you?", "What do you want?", etc. Let the recorder run on RECORD for a little while even if you can't hear anything. Sometimes, things can be heard on tape that can't be heard by humans. Maybe have a friend with you as well, because if you get an answer, it may scare you a bit. Don't expect anything to be heard clearly. There is usually some distortion and it's very quiet as well. If you get anything, please share it with us. Good Luck,
pirAli (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-08)
Hi iv had many experience I know how to call them and my friend hes got over 30 as friends in our holy book it says humans are made of clay and jinns what your seeing out of smoke fire they are dangerous but talk to it ask what do you want because hes showing himself to you be strong they get scared like humans as well.
RainbowRobots (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-08)
3 am is the mirrored idea of 3pm the time jesus died on the cross and throughout history of ghostly encounters it's proven that 3am is the time for the dead to play.I've also experienced a dark figure at 3 am but Mine was dressed in a dark robe as well as a fedora styled hat.

My only suggestion is to do a smudge ceremony in your room and through your house. for everything you need.

hope this helped!

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