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Something Is Stronger Than My Guardian Spirit


This is a new account due to a lost email address so I'll catch you all up.

I've been sensitive to the paranormal all my life, I can feel it, I can see silhouettes when a spirit is present, and occasionally I can make contact. When I was 14 I had discovered I had a spirit acting as my guardian, my great auntie Mary. Mary died at the age of 16 from leukemia and decided to visit me during a difficult time of my life. Due to my scared confusion I mentioned it to my mother, and described what I had seen. When my mother asked for the name, I said Mary. The conversation led me to discover that she has become my guardian. I have been in terrifying situations where I'd feel her, see her, and feel emotionally stronger. She had become my protector.

Recently though, things have changed. I've been dating this girl for nearly 7 months and at the start of the relationship we had a pregnancy scare. Before this people had been mentioning seeing a shadow figure in the house when we were in the garden or whatever but I decided to shrug it off. Very rarely would I feel something on the anniversary of a family member's death but that was normal to me. Then childish stuff started happening, like the blanket being taken off me and my girlfriend, the wardrobe opening, things a child would do.

We were both terrified and excited, believing that the spirits of 2 children have taken a liking to us. As we were upset of the false pregnancy scare, we were so excited, believing that they see us as parental figures. At times I could feel their happiness, other times I could feel their sadness, how much they miss their parents.

At my girlfriend's house, she's experienced paranormal activity in her brother's room, him claiming there's a "man in the corner". To make sure, me and my girlfriend decided to go into the room for me to look. In the corner was a silhouette but different to most, it opened its eyes at me. I quickly pulled her out of the room and asked what corner he would cry at, the some corner I saw the figure. My shoulder felt like it was badly burning. On inspection, we saw three red marks, as if I was attacked by an animal with claws. I had understood then that I had angered it.

For the past few weeks activity in her house has died down massively but in mine it has gotten less childish but something else entirely. My nephew (who regularly stays over), for the past few weeks has been waking up screaming and crying in my mother's room, and only her room but will sleep soundly whilst in any other room. Even our bird who we had put in the room one night made an intense amount of noise, more than usual.

This situation worries me and confuses me. Usually the baby would sleep in my mother's room soundly and not wake up for the next 10 hours and if he had woken up in the middle of the night, he just grunts to himself then falls back to sleep. There are no signs of the ghost children. No signs of spirits, except for a silhouette in my mother's room I had just recently scene, and there certainly is no sign of Mary, which is absolutely frightening.

The weirdest part is, my nephew just woke up screaming an hour ago as I was calling my girlfriend, who's brother woke up at the same time (he usually wakes up screaming because of said man in corner).

Please if someone could provide an explanation or even a more professional point of view on this please it would be appreciated.

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Junglecat (2 stories) (56 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-02)
I keep reading the word "clown" posted on here where other words, such as "spirit" or "post" would make more sense. Maybe it's just my computer. Strange.

I agree with the last post but unfortunately, I cannot find the famed cleansing which involves opening your closets and cubbies and windows during daylight, and sweeping them and then something to do with a candle on the following day. It's a three day affair which has been posted many times on this web site and if I recall correctly, the original author is Rook. You might seek that. Alternatively, if you can't find it, there is also a Native American smudging ceremony under the "articles" tab above which should be easy enough to find and you could try that.

Lastly, if you follow a religion, you can pray to your god for devine assistance. Do not be too humble to pray for yourself or your girlfriend/ family when you are facing a malevolent paranormal entity.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-11)
have you tried asking for a house blessing? Or tried cleansing as others havee suggested in most of the stories here?

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