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She Sees More Than Most Children


I have a daughter whom we will call Adeline for safety reasons who is a toddler. I clarify this now because some parts of what I'm about to share could possibly be mistaken as bad grammar.

Within the last month I have noticed that something is bothering her while she sleeps and sometimes during the day. For example, Adeline was playing in her room and normally she talks to herself as she plays. I noticed that she was quiet so I peeked into her room to find her sitting there motionless staring at her hands crying.

I asked her what was wrong and in her broken sense of speech she replied "make go away." She started shaking her hands as if she were trying to sling something off of them and started screaming "No!" repeatedly.

Later that night while she was sleeping I once again heard her scream. When I opened her door she was sitting straight up in bed staring at the wall across from her, tears running down her face. I did everything possible to get her to focus on me and soothe her. When she calmed down I asked her what she saw and she just buried her face into my shoulder and wouldn't say anything.

I did some research and all the signs pointed to night terrors, which isn't completely uncommon with young children so I watched her and prepared myself for any future events.

Two days passed and I noticed the feeling of being watched. No matter where I went in our house there was a heavy feeling. I thought that I was simply overly tired or had watched too many horror films in the last few weeks and brushed it off until the following night.

I had put Adeline to bed and was trying to slow down for the night when I heard something hit the floor in the kitchen. I went in there and saw one of Adeline's plastic bowls I had washed earlier that was drying on the counter now on the floor along with her cup that was next to it. I washed them again, feeling slightly uneasy, dried them and put them in the cabinet. I checked on Adeline and went to get ready for bed.

No matter how I tried sleep was far from me. As I lay watching the second hand making its way around the clock, listening to the low tick for a few hours I finally started to nod off only to be awoken by the feeling of someone sitting on my bed. NOTE: It didn't feel like the weight of a child sitting next to me and I was the only adult in our home at the time so I was officially afraid. I was about to roll over when I felt a hand in mine. As I rolled over I saw nothing but heard a sharp almost stern SHH! Like you would hush a child in a place they need to be quiet.

Not long after, Adeline woke up crying and I rushed in there to see her staring at the same wall as before crying and once again not moving.

My questions are am I dealing with more than one spirit in my house or does it seem that one is effecting us both, why would a spirit bother Adeline? The incident where she was staring at her hands could that be her seeing a past life or is that possible at such a young age, and lastly what would draw them into my home? I have always strived for a peaceful and calm atmosphere in my home along with opening and cleansing my house on a regular bases. So this really shouldn't be happening.

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Mystic25 (guest)
8 years ago (2016-01-16)
Bibilo, First to clarify it is spelled Shaman, I had accidentally misspelled it and didn't catch myself until my comment was posted. Sorry for the mix up. 😊 I was able to go and visit our family friend that is a Shaman and after talking with him about what has been going on in our home he agreed to come and see if he could be of help. We walked the land surrounding my house and he said firstly that there are a few attachments to the land its self. Though the most dominant was a younger girl, she was unfortunately killed on the property. I prefer to skip the grotesque details of that, feeling that once was enough, I will say it was brutal. She is not dangerous just lost and angry to say the least. When we went inside my home he automatically felt my grandmother (He knew her before her passing) so there was no question on that matter. As we were going into Adeline's room he stopped in the exact spot where she would look when she would wake up crying and told me that there was a very strong grieving spirit that was a male that came in that room quite often and warned that if not taken care of quickly that it could become hostile. So after purifing the inside of my home and opening it for a few days. Our family friend coming back and showing me how to properly shield my home and going around the property line purifing the land and sheilding it. We haven't had but two other happings and that was a shadow passing by a window here and there. My grandmother still comes and goes though recently she has been around more which to me is comforting. I just hope that things will continue to stay calm and I believe they will as long as I follow his teachings and continue with the cleansing and sheilding he has taught me. I did not mention him by name mainly because he is a very private person and I would not want to be disrespectful. Thank you very much for your advice. Many blessings to you.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-13)

No problem; just glad I could be of help because my instinct about your Grandmother was right. If you find out from the Shaman (I've not seen your spelling "Shalmon" before; is it more accurate a transliteration, a specialist, or just autocorrect going berserk?) who or what the other entity is, please let us know! This site strives to be an archive of experiences with the paranormal, amassing anecdotal evidence, inter-faith dialogues, pictures, soundbites, and multicultural/international lore to help out others who find themselves in similar situations.

Mystic25 (guest)
8 years ago (2016-01-13)
Biblio, Thank you for responding and welcoming me. With confirmation I have received since I have posted this I am more than certain that it was my grandmother who has been here in my home along with something I currently can not identify. I will definitely talk to a family friend whom is a known practicing Shalmon and hope that I can get this taken care of so my daughter and I can both get some rest and leave back in our home. Thank you again for responding.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2016-01-12)
Greetings, Mystic, and a belated "Welcome to YGS."

When I read your first story, I couldn't think of anything useful to contribute, so I remained silent and moved on. Now, as I read this narrative, my first thought was "I wonder if the presence in the bedroom is a deceased ancestor." It was not until I reached the bottom of the story that I saw that you had posted "The Owl of Wisdom" and I made the connection!

To quote you directly, "I believe that it was my grandmother's way of letting me know that she is still with me in spirit and that in a way she sent me my own Owl of Wisdom out of gratitude for continuing to share the legend." 1) She held your hand. 2) She was stern -but not deliberately frightening- in a protective manner. 3) Either she was listening for the other presence and did not wish to be distracted, or she could hear the other presence approaching and did not want you to attract its attention.

This may seem unpleasant to you as a parent, but, by the time she's five or six, it is about 90% likely that your daughter will have forgotten all about her night terrors or spectral encounters. You, on the other hand, had no-one from whom to seek comfort in the physical world. That's the sort of call a clear-headed decision a grandparent with decades of calm perspective makes, not the emotional one a parent makes.

Yes, I agree with your hypothesis that there are two entities in your home. However, as I suspect that the more protective entity is your grandmother, I'd STRONGLY recommend having a Shaman or Medicine Man from the Cherokee Nation visit, in order to accomplish two goals: first, he should discuss with your grandmother her insights as to what is going on; second, he should set about the process of cleansing your home thoroughly. You may, after this has been done, wish to have a priest or minister (of whatever religion you practice or find familiar) perform a similar ritual within your own family's traditions. Please note that this minister is NEITHER to dismiss your grandmother NOR exorcize her; he/she is NOT to undo any of the protective work performed by the shaman/medicine man. If the minister is unable to comply with these strictures, seek a different minister to help you!

Take great care,

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