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I've been reading others' stories on this site for some time and thought that I'd share my most "vivid" experience/encounter. I'm not the type who believes strongly in the paranormal, superstitions, and all of that sort but I still don't hesitate to keep my eyes and ears peeled.

I was brought up in a Catholic family. Although, later on, I begun to stray away from religion altogether and held an agnostic-like view of the world with some views closer to deism. I am still a spiritual seeker, and I think of spiritual matters at least once or twice a day. I still hold a belief that humanity has/needs "something more" in order to make it through. I've came across a few strange and inexplicable moments in the past. I don't take credence in having a "sixth sense" but these "encounters" made me a little less skeptical about an existence of the spiritual plane.

This occurred when my parents and I were staying at my maternal grandma's house in Angeles City, Pampanga, during a sojourn to the Philippines in the latter half of the month April, 2012. It was an old house that my grandma, uncle, and aunt moved into from a house across the street which they lived in for years. The house was funded by my other uncle and he had it revamped before the three moved in it. And they now live in that house where they've been for almost four years now. It's a single-story house with a nice garden, four bedrooms and three baths. My grandma's and aunt's bedrooms have their own bathrooms. My aunt shared her room with my grandma while we were there so the three of us slept in my grandma's room. Her room was big: it had four draped windows, a large cabinet/wardrobe, a large wall-mounted mirror by the door, a dresser, a flatscreen TV that my uncle bought for her, and two sets of chairs with small end tables in between; one set was right by the window. We placed a mattress on the floor next to the windows for me to sleep while my parents slept on the bed. And the room was kept faintly lit with a glow-in-the-dark clock and a small night light.

On about our third or fourth night there, I woke up between the very early hours of 12:00 to 3:00 am. The AC was on and the thermostat was cranked up high (about 8) making the room very cold. The AC's thermostat went only up to ten but it felt like it could've been much, much colder. I was laying on my right shoulder with my back facing the windows. I was facing the AC. My blanket was thin. And with most of the coldness blowing towards me, I curled up. Then I had this sudden feeling that I was being watched. Peripherally, I saw that someone was standing by the window. I glimpsed over my shoulder a little bit and there was a lady in white. She had long dark hair and she was very pretty. Being half asleep, one would wonder how I was able to perceive her image. Her face/physique looked blurred/misty but I "knew" she was a beautiful lady: I felt it somehow. She was staring down at me. After glimpsing quickly at her over my shoulder, I quickly turned away and shut my eyes to feign sleep. I guess she knew that I was cold because the next thing I know, she knelt down and fixed my blanket up to my neck and face. Afterward, I fell back to sleep immediately.

I awoke the next morning wondering if it was a dream or not but I could clearly remember being awake at one point. I asked my mom if she was the one standing at my bedside: She said no. But I immediately ruled this out because my mom wasn't wearing white and her hair was only shoulder-length. And it most definitely wasn't my grandma nor aunt. I quickly shrugged it off but at the same time it still left me thinking. Who this lady was is beyond me.

I won't go into detail, but my maternal family is a little dysfunctional. I don't know whether or not spirits visit "sad households" or houses where there's "negative aura" present. Since "white" often symbolizes peace, innocence, and purity, sometimes I just like to "endow" her as such: that this lady in white visited to bring a sense of peace and comfort... Throughout the duration of our stay, I never saw her again.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2013-11-03)
It is possible that you dreamed all of this incident. I've had dreams so real I thought that the incident really happened.

I don't know why you say we sometimes when we first wake up we have hallucinations,I've never had that happen. I don't know anyone else who has either.
Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
8 years ago (2013-11-02)
It's possible that it was a hallucination, as Hahiha said. But whether hallucination or real, the lady in white sounds nice. 😊 Thank you for your story.
rumble_b (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-11-02)
that is so beautiful
I mean if I saw that I would cry but I would then fall into peace:)
Hahiha (28 posts)
8 years ago (2013-11-01)
Could it have possibly been a hallucination, because sometimes when we first wake up we have hallucinations.

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