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New House With A Visitor


We recently bought a house in a small town in Florida. It's a retirement lake community that most folks have bought into as Winter getaway homes. Others live here all year round and everyone is like one big family.

We were aware that someone had died in our home but that hadn't bothered us. The house felt light and empty even though it was full of it's previous owners belongings. My dog and birds felt very comfortable in their new home.

We quickly donated the furnishings, knickknacks, paintings and mirrors and only held onto a few things.

Renovations went smoothly and the place is really looking beautiful. I'm so proud of our accomplishments in such a short time.

The holidays came and we didn't have a tree so we used the old tree that came with the house. It was so big and beautiful. I thought I had given away all of their Christmas stuff but I found a box of ornaments that helped fill in the empty spots on the tree. I couldn't believe I didn't have enough ornaments!

We started to hear sounds coming from the kitchen around the time the tree went up. Weird sounds that we couldn't explain. My husband checked the refrigerator, the electricity, everything and anything that could be making these noises only when we are in another room.

My dog and birds started to get upset by the noises too and it was throwing our whole house off balance.

We did our best to just ignore it.

News Years was approaching and in our big Italian Family that means clean every inch of your home and throw out what you don't want or need.

I found this collection of lighthouses that I thought were really cute. Normally I would throw out something that belonged to someone that died but we have this big shelf across this doorway and I felt like they belonged there.

Now to the visitor part!

Last night I was alone with my dog because my husband was working the night shift. I tried to put her to bed at her regular time but she kept barking and running into the kitchen. It seemed like she was seeing something that I couldn't see. She finally calmed and I went to bed.

I was watching TV in bed for an hour or so when all of a sudden something very heavy got into my bed next to me! I was terrified! I quickly turned around and of course no one was there! I turned on all the lights and said the Lord's Prayer.

This isn't my first Tango with a ghost, just my latest.

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