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Very Freaked Out, Need Advice


This month I decided it would be fun to occupy my time by volunteering at a haunted house. I have had a very fun time doing so, as I am an actor, and I have been doing this all month.

When I first started working, other workers kept telling stories of how they believed that this haunted house was actually haunted. I'm an open person, I listened to their stories, I didn't accuse them of making it up or being crazy or anything, but all my life I had never believed that paranormal entities existed. That is until about 3 days ago.

For my part, I sit in a dark hallway, alone, in the back of the haunt, and it has always been rather cold back there, but I just assumed it was because it's October in Washington and we are in a basement. In the room next to me is a volunteer who happens to be a paranormal investigator, and she informed me that my hallway was the most active part of the whole place. Now, I had never had any experiences at all, so I wasn't worried.

Normally my boyfriend is just right down the hall from me, and he always comes to chat and keep me company. That day we were short on staff, so they moved him to another room. I was fine with it, just a bit lonely.

So groups were going through, it was a relatively busy night, and it was just nonstop people. Finally, there was about a ten minute break about halfway through the night where no people were coming through. We aren't supposed to leave our rooms though, just in case, so I was sitting in my chair, curled up in a ball and shivering because I was in costume, which was really just a tank top and jeans. There is a light in the hallway, and it has never had problems before, nor have any of the lights around the hallway.

Then out of nowhere, the light started getting brighter and brighter, and I curiously looked around and when I did the light completely turned off for about 5 seconds. As soon as it turned off, I felt a burning sensation go down my right shoulder, like I was being scratched.

Needless to say, I freaked out. I screamed and collapsed to the ground, crying and curled up and yelling for help. Nobody came right away because they thought I was just acting, so I was there for about a minute, slowly going into shock. I had my eyes closed the whole time. The light had turned back on by the time someone came down the hallway and found me bawling and shaking.

They took me back to the break room and looked at my back, where it was very raw and red. I stayed there for a while and they calmed me down, made me eat, and said everything was ok. They decided it was best for me not to be alone anymore, so they sent my boyfriend back with me.

About 2 or 3 groups of people went by before my boyfriend found me shaking and wide eyed on the ground again, and he told me to go back because I told him I was hearing whispers the whole time. So I went back, calmed down again, and decided to give it another go.

The owners of the haunt are very religious people, so they shielded the whole area and then blessed me with holy water, and when I went back it was much warmer and I did not have any problems the rest of the night.

This brings me to the next night.

As usual, everyone was told to go to their rooms about 15 minutes before we opened. I went back, and noticed it was freezing cold again. So I sat down in my chair for about two minutes, when I saw a shadow standing about 5 feet away from me. Stupidly, I tried talking to myself, saying nothing was there, that I was ok that nobody was here. Then the shadow moved, and I felt a firm grip on the same shoulder I had been scratched on. I immediately got up and ran back to the break room, crying and yelling, "It happened again, it happened again!" They blessed me again, and told me that nobody is to be working that hallway anymore until they got this sorted out.

A little while later, I was in the break room with two other people, both female. A boy walked into the room, then left the room for two seconds, and as soon as he left the lights turned off, then as soon as he walked back in they turned back on. I told the manager this happened and she said I shouldn't be inside anymore so she sent me outside to entertain the crowd, which was extremely large that night.

I discovered yesterday that my friend, who was a guy, decided to go into the hallway, sit in my chair and record audio on his phone. He started asking the entity who they were, what they want, etc, etc.

When he went back and listened to the recording, he intensified the sensitivity and found that as soon as he sat down in the chair a voice said, "Where's the girl? I want the girl." When he asked who the entity was, it kept saying the names of different people who worked there, until finally it said something that sounded like dragon.

The managers are no longer allowing me to walk anywhere inside without the presence of a male, because "dragon" does not mess with me if I am with a guy.

So really, the most I want from this is help. I am actually extremely freaked out by this whole thing, and I just want to know why it took to to me and how do I make it go away. I am actually petrified to go down that hallway or anywhere near it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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JerryB (8 stories) (189 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-23)
What brought me to your story wad a similar word was used in your and my story. I found your story fascinating, very interesting read. I see it's been a long time in the posting, I would hope you found comfort in the help you were then seeking. I can't add anything or help in anyway. Just wanted you to know I believe you and at the same time enjoyed your story. Thanks.
skullyturtle (2 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-06)
Just ignore it, don't fear it, walk places with a male, and you might want to get a crucifix necklace...
rsarg (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-13)
Where abouts in Washington? I live here as well and maybe could do some research about the location.

I was also a little confused about how you said your boyfriend was with you but then found you. My interpretation was that he was in the room right down the hall from you that he normally was in?

If you have the evp it would be nice if you could post it.
It saying where is the girl is definitely creepy considering the circumstances.

The name dragon also sounds intimidating, certainly doesn't seem like a common human name.

I hope all is well
Piedpiper (3 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-13)
There's one thing in this story that stands out to me. The ghost scratched you on the back? Read "When Jerry Attacks", another story on this site. The same thing happened to a woman in the shower, and she was also on the floor and in shock. One of the people who commented said that demons often scratch people with three marks on their back to mock the Trinity. I think they're onto something there.
kariorit (1 stories) (23 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-12)
Maybe you could do something really wild... Like STAY OUT OF THAT HOUSE! Seriously...
LauraCatherine (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-12)
um obviously dragon is a coward who likes messing with girls, clearly since he won't when men are there he's a coward. I mean these things can be dangerous, but I wouldn't worry since the house is known to be haunted.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-12)
I don't understand why you'd even want to go back after being scratched on the shoulder/back and being that terrified that they find you on the floor "bawling and shaking". Then they "calm you down and make you eat" and tell you everything is "ok" after finding your back raw and red? And you go back there again?

What happened the second time when your boyfriend was there? You're sitting with him one minute and lying on the floor "wide eyed and shaking" the next. Maybe if you could fill in a few of the gaps we'd be better able to help you.
AudreyJay (1 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-12)
My question is this, you said "Needless to say, I freaked out. I screamed and collapsed to the ground, crying and curled up and yelling for help." Is it possible that the scratches and redness came, not from an entity, but from you falling to the ground? Did you hit anything on the way down? What kind of floor was it? I'm asking because it seems that depending on the type of floor, your falling down could have caused the scratches. Like others, I am confused by this story in more ways than one.
newhunter30 (2 stories) (137 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-11)
I like Valkricry am a little confused as well. I am confused by the comment about your boyfriend that has already been pointed but also the scratch. You stated the it felt as you were scratched on your shoulder then later stated your back was raw and red. You state when talking about the next night that your shoulder WAS scratched.
Were you actually scratched or did it just feel like that because the way you wrote it sounds like both at different points?
Was it your shoulder or back?
Last as val asked did you hear the EVP?
AmyDickinsonCampbell (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-10)
Your fear is what attracted that attack. Entities feed on fear. It was a good thing that there were enough people in the haunted house exhibit that the entity could not track in on you and follow you. Although I understand that the exhibit is now closed until next year, the owners did the right thing by not allowing you back into the facility for your own protection. If you are not sure how to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks, don't put yourself into a potential position like that one again until you can learn to control your rear, because entities love fear. They will feed on it.
AARisTHEbest (3 stories) (56 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-10)
If I was you I wouldn't enter not even with a man. Just be glad that it didn't follow you
lynrinth (guest)
10 years ago (2013-11-10)
Consider yourself lucky it didn't follow you home. Probably leave it at that.
valkricry (49 stories) (3265 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-11-10)
I'm a tiny bit confused by your account. First you say that it was decided it was best if you weren't left alone and your boyfriend was sent back with you. But in the next sentence you say after 2 or 3 groups went through he found you on the ground again. Was he with you or not? 😕 If you were that shaken, why didn't they move you to another location right off?
Not to sound cruel or anything, but since being scratched caused you to scream and collapse to the ground, crying and curled up and yelling for help, I would advise you to not work that haunted house anymore. You could be over sensitive. It's also a possibility that your scratched was caused by something non-paranormal, but your reaction seems over the top. The EVP your friend says he recorded - did you hear it? Is there any possibility that he was pranking you?
Since October is over, I assume the haunted house has closed down? Have you had anything happen since?

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