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The Spinning Man- Need Advice


I decided to write this story, not to try freak anyone out or to share the experience but to actually get advice and help.

About 3 months ago my partner, my 2 step sons and I moved house.

For the first month nothing was out of the ordinary in our new home but after the first month my eldest step son who is 8 years old started having some very scary nightmares.

I didn't really pay attention to the things he would say because I thought it was just his imagination going wild in a new place.

He would complain about seeing a figure in a dark corner of his room and seeing a green light move around his room at night. I thought he spent too much time staring at his ipad and maybe his eyes were playing up. I would explain and reassure him every night.

Within the last month things have seemed to escalate. When my step son comes home from school he goes straight to his room and closes the door and stays there for hours if I let him, he won't allow people in and gets angry when his little brother tries to enter. He complains about sore legs constantly.

He gets upset over the smallest things and will throw tantrums. This is unusual behavior for him.

I work on the weekends and the boys sleepover at grandma's because the hours I work are long hours, late nights and early mornings.

My 8yr old has also started saying that when he wakes at night there is a man on his floor spinning in circles, and that there is a little girl in his closet sometimes. There is also a man in our house with an axe.

I have figured that this man that spins on the floor is the reason why he doesn't get out of bed to wake me anymore, like he used to when he was scared at night.

He used to love coming home after a weekend at grandma's but this weekend he was upset and the only way I could get him home without taking him kicking and screaming was to promise him that he didn't have to sleep in his room again, both the boys are sleeping in my room now.

My little sister is 21, she visited our house for a few weeks and complained about sleep paralysis multiple times a week. She was afraid to sleep alone and at times would only sleep during the day when I could keep an eye on her.

Now here's where it gets creepier.

Today I was at grandma's, we used to live there and our neighbor started a conversation with grandma while I was convincing my 8yr old to come home.

Grandma started talking to the neighbor about some of the things my 8yr old sees and explained that's why he doesn't want to come home.

The neighbor then told us that her daughter used to experience very similar things. She was seeing a man and a little girl in their house. She would say that something was on her chest at night and that something was biting and pinching her when she was in bed at night.

She would complain that her legs were sore and when her mother slept with her she (the mum) would wake up with scratches on her face.

The neighbor got help and was told the two entities were just one entity, a man manifesting as a little girl to seem less intimidating to her daughter. They cleansed their house and the bad energy.

So I have many questions.

Where does the bad energy go? Can it just latch on to the next person and follow them?

How do I get rid of what's in my house? Could it be the same thing my old neighbors had?

Where do I find the stuff I need to get rid of it?

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terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-24)
I have some advice, it's not much but it's what I have come to learn.

Things that go bump in the night that come to visit you when you are asleep and at you're most vulnerable mostly are there to drain energy.

They like fear the most but anger also. I think that is what it is doing to your kids, just using them like power from a battery.

Anything evil or negative hates light so keep some nice lights on in the night and during the day keep all doors and windows open to let in sunlight.

Also if you want to do a cleansing of your house you can. All you have to do is obtain white sage which you burn and a white feather. Bells are good to because they are said to ward off evil.

Burn the sage in every room, open every door, cupboard draw (anything that can open, open them.)

Say something like in the name of god (Choose god) I cast out negative energies and keep this a safe space for love and light. Then ring the bell and fan the incense with the feather.

You want to start at one end and go through everything then the other.
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-05)
Hi MsTeek, sorry to hear of your family's oppression.

I have a couple of questions: 1. Do you or any of your other family children / partner living in the home experience any sort of unexplained activity? I ask this as you mentioned that BOTH sons are sleeping in your room. 2. Does your son possess / use any form of game or tool that supposedly helps communicate with "spirits" such as an ouija board?

In my opinion if what your son says is true, it is likely a case of demonic oppression. The fact that he sees 3 distinct entities doesn't mean that there are 3 of them, they could be many unison or 1 causing all three but usually there's more than 1 of them. These entities keep up the harassment to get the oppressed used to a "new normal" where they exist all the time.

I second DeliverDawn's concern that you boy might be forming an attachment with an entity as you mentioned that he locks his doors. This may be a dangerous progression as these demons usually seek permission for small things like "can I talk to you?", "do you want to see how I look like?" etc which "heighten" their interaction with your boy. Often due to the incessant pestering the oppressed will agree to increasing intrusions into their lives.

From what I know, cleansing rituals, when they do succeed, only ward off the problem for a certain period of time. My advice to you is to consult a Christian pastor or priest in your area, especially one who has experience with dealing with these entities if you can. If you are interested to know more of my worldview regarding these entities you're welcome to view my profile.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-02)
Hi, MsTeek -

I thought about growing pains when I read about your oldest having sore legs, I went through that with my children. But then you say that your grandma's neighbor's daughter complained about sore legs and seeing a man and girl same as your son and, well, that's just one coincidence too many.

I do believe that when a place is cleansed of bad energy that energy needs to go somewhere else. Ghosts and spirits can be sent to the light, I've heard that but you're right, what about the bad energy? Where does it go? It makes sense to me that it would latch on to someone and follow.

I would ask your grandma's neighbor for the contact information of the person (s) that helped her cleanse her house and would call them to get help.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-02)

I'm sorry your children are going through this. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless when your children are scared. 😟 I wanted to bring up the sore legs issue and offer an alternative viewpoint. Sometimes kids get sore or achy legs when going through growth spurts (growing pains). My kids have gone through the same thing. It's important to rule out any medical issues, so it wouldn't hurt to bring it up to their Doctor. Hydration also helps with this, make sure they are drinking lots of water. Also, warm baths before bedtime help ease the muscles.

As for the change in behavior, it would be a good idea to bring this up to their Doctor as well. I know the pre-teenage and teenage years can be quite trying with the hormonal and emotional ups and downs.

I would definitely recommend a cleansing (see RCRuskins comment for the link to Rooks profile) and/or blessing. I know Rook's Cleansing Method has been used successfully by many individuals.

Please keep us updated, I wish you the best.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (815 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-02)
MsTeek, hi. I see what you did there as I sounded it out in my head. 😁

For reference, I actually have this bookmarked, it comes up so often,

A piece of general advice, for all situations both ghostly and not, please keep the lines of communication open. Listen, ask questions, etc. But mostly don't offer explanations without doing some investigations. It could be sleeping in your child's room, setting up a motion sensitive camera, or asking someone reputable to investigate.

Talk with your stepson too. Sounds like he's getting into his teen years/adolescence with all the fun and angst that comes with that... Hopefully, you have, overall, a good relationship with your stepson. I really want to emphasize the 'with' part of talk with. He speaks and you listen to what he says, then you speak and hopefully, he'll also listen. <humor intended here>Whether or not either of you will act is another issue altogether.</humor intended here>

And one last thing for DeliverDawn:

When the Internet was still a relatively new thing, I was invited by a Catholic priest and military chaplain to participate in a religious/spiritual counseling service. I had to learn a lot about every religion out there since we followed military chaplaincy rules: counsel everyone in their own religious tradition.

Mohammed, in Islamic tradition, is not equivalent to the Christian Jesus. At least, not within how Christians like myself view Jesus.:) In Islam, both Jesus and Mohammed are just prophets and have only human abilities. A Muslim would invite Allah or his angels into the household.

And I hope some of this makes some kind of sense. I have not yet had any coffee.
DeliverDawn (5 stories) (45 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-01)
Hi there, MsTeek. Wow...that's quite a lot you've got going on. I'm going to give you what advice I can x

1) Where bad energy goes depends on how strong it is. Sometimes energy is so strong that it's simply not going to completely disappear. You will be able to cleanse yourself, your family, your home, and you will be able to protect yourself, your family, and your home--but there is not always a way to tell whether the energy will completely disappear or if it will latch itself onto someone else.

In my experience, if the "energy" is really an entity (as in your case), it's theoretically possible for it to latch on to someone else. Not like the "first person it sees"--entities are attracted to energy, and WILL seek out those who are more likely to be able to see them, communicate with them, etc.

On the other hand, if energy is simply negative, and doesn't really have a "mind" of its own, it can often be released into the Universe and transmuted into positivity. X

2) It MIGHT be the same thing the neighbors had. Honestly, as I was reading the story--before you got to the end--I had an idea that there was really just one spirit that was showing itself... And to be honest, that's never a good sign. Ever. Never mind the man with the ax--some ghost dude SPINNING in a kid's bedroom is creepy AF.

Anyway, do you think you could maybe clarify on the neighbors some more? Did they use to be YOUR neighbor, at any point? Is the place where you live in now nearby to where they live?

2a) There are several different ways of cleansing, most of which are very effective. I know of one by a member here, but I can't remember his name (and therefore won't be able to link to it) --but I can almost guarantee you another member here will mention it ^_^

Before I start talking about cleansing, I want to stress something. The fact that your oldest stepson at times will lock himself in his room is very, very, very worrying. Obviously I don't know, but to me it sounds like he might be forming an attachment. A hard truth I've had to learn is that it really doesn't matter how many times you cleanse, and how good you are at it--if there is someone who is consciously or unconsciously inviting the spirit back in, it WILL come back in, or at least find a way to communicate with said person. As long as he--and everyone else--fully, 100% wants to get rid of that thing, it CAN happen!

That said... I could absolutely be wrong, but to me I don't think you need a CLEANSING as much as you need a BANISHING. I think whatever this energy is goes far and beyond *most* cleansing rituals. There are different ways to banish energy like this, and I suggest you follow what you feel is best. You can call on a priest to perform an exorcism, or you can call a witch, a medium, or a otherwise spiritual person who is experienced in this.

I do realize that you said the neighbors performed a cleansing and it worked for them, but I just... The way that you tell the story makes me feel it would be more *effective* to do a banishing. A cleansing still could probably work, and you can research them extensively with Google, YouTube, and everything else--but it's not how I would go about it.

ONE LAST THING: I don't know what your religion / spirituality is, but continuously inviting loving, protective entities into your home, your space, and your life will eliminate access to violent / very negative energies. If you're a Christian it could be Jesus, Muslim it could be Mohamad, it could be any other Gods or Goddesses that you are drawn to, it could be your spirit guides, it could be angels... Whatever the case, as long as they are loving and protective, it WILL work. <3

I'm sorry if this seems a little rushed--this seems like such a huge topic and I just don't think I can cover every single thing I could possibly say in one little post. But if you feel like you want to know more about something I said, or if you feel like you need to, you can email me.

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