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I think I should start by saying I have never been overly superstitious nor have I ever experienced any type of contact with paranormal entities. I do not typically scare easy and I have a very rational way of thinking. With that being said I will continue with my story.

Late last year I had been admitted to the Veteran's Hospital in Butler county, specifically the domiciliary housing. I was assigned to work in the resource room which was basically a room full of reading materials and video tapes. The resource room was located in the basement of the building beside the laundry room, the weight room, and about 4 other rooms they kept locked at all times, like the boiler room and the storage room where they kept the empty luggage from the people that stayed there.

Most nights I would sit in this room reading various books waiting for someone to come in for reading materials and whatnot. About two weeks into my job I was sitting there at my desk with my back to the door reading a book when I heard footsteps walking down the hall. I turned around expecting someone to walk in. The footsteps started faintly at the far end of the hall and progressively got louder like someone was walking towards the door. I got up from my desk and poked my head out the door to notice no one was there. The footsteps had stopped just before I stuck my head out the door. I didn't think much of it but it started happening almost every night I worked down there.

After the first few nights I heard them I walked out and took a look in every room in the basement and found nothing. The doors that were usually locked were still locked and the laundry room and weight room were empty.

Roughly a month had passed and one night I decided to do laundry which was in the room adjacent to the resource room. I reached into the dryer to pull out another piece of clothing and heard what sounded like a large heavy table or something being drug across the room directly behind me. The sound scared the crap out of me and I turned around quickly and nothing was there. The table that was usually against the wall under the TV was still there and I walked out into the hall and saw no one or heard anything. I can't explain the sound very well except that it sounded like when someone pulls a heavy table across the floor, like the grinding sound. I went back to the resource room and sat down and began to read again. I heard the sound again and it sounded like it was coming from the far end of the basement. I walked out and checked and the one room was completely empty and the other was the locked boiler room.

After a few nights of putting up with these sounds with no explanation I asked a friend of mine to sit down there with me and help me figure out where these sounds were coming from. It took about 15 minutes of us sitting there and the sounds started up. The footsteps came first and as soon as we heard them we both jumped up and ran out into the hall. The sound stopped as soon as we reached the door and nothing was out there. He started to make excuses like maybe it's the pipes making noises or maybe it's the people upstairs footsteps you're hearing. Both excuses seemed quite odd to me because for one, I have never heard a pipe sounding like footsteps before (the floor was a regular cement floor with tile on it, footsteps are unmistakable on it) and also the fact the sound stops every time I try to leave the room.

There were roughly 60 people in this building and having worked in this room for over a month now, I had never heard any other noises. One set of footsteps at a time coming from the opposite end of the hall from the boiler room and going towards it and the sound of something heavy being drug across the hall in adjacent rooms, one of which was completely empty. The cafeteria was directly above the resource room which I had sat in through many dinners with dozens of people walking directly above me and I heard no sound.

After about two months of this happening occasionally, I was sitting in my chair with my right shoulder to the door. I could see the door perfectly in my peripheral vision and saw a tall dark figure walk right past it. The figure had came from the dead end part of the building. I rushed to the door and walked out into the hall to see that no one was there. I walked down and looked in every room and saw nothing. The only way leading out of the basement was a heavy metal door with a latch that was very loud and was impossible to muffle. If someone came through that door it was impossible not to hear the click. There was also an elevator that was in the basement which made a ding every time it reached a floor and was also impossible not to hear especially if you were listening for it. I basically started to avoid working down there especially at night.

I told some of the staff about my experience and found that none of them were surprised. A few of them had actually experienced a few unexplainable things themselves. One that I found especially creepy was the one staff member said one night she was doing her rounds and had walked into the cafeteria after midnight and after everyone was already in bed. As she was leaving the cafeteria an apple flew past her as if someone had thrown it. She said she turned around quickly to see nothing was there and did a thorough sweep of the cafeteria to find nothing.

The domiciliary where I was staying was said to be a tuberculosis ward many years ago and in March earlier this year (2013) was basically shut down because they had built a new domiciliary at the other end of the hospital grounds. All I have left is what I know I heard and saw even if no one else believes me.

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Naughtyb0i (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-07)
RcX1215:I have read your story & it sounds like some of the "old" residents or an old Janitor seem to be doing some home improvement. 😊
RcX1215 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-25)
Hey everyone thanks for the comments and thank you for reading. Yes I do still work here but the original domiciliary has been closed since March earlier this year. Its basically just an empty building now and they keep it locked up pretty tight. I hear rumors of demolition wafting through the air which is a shame because its a beautiful building. I would love to go back in (not by myself mind you) and see if anything is still going on in there. If by some reason in the future I get the chance to go back in I will definitely post my experience again. If anyone is in the Butler, Pa. Area you can see the building in my experience on the corner of Duffy and New Castle Road. It has a gazebo in front of it.
Arwen1957 (7 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-23)
I work in a nursing home and I understand how you feel. Since I have worked there for ten 20 years I have gotten used to things going on. But it can be very shocking to someone who has never been around those type of situations. There are somethings going on right now at the home and the sightings and such have increased. Many many residents and staff are seeing and hearing things. Oddly many of the residents report seeing children especially a little girl with red hair always long red hair about the age of 6 they also see a little boy with blonde hair he is between 5-7 years old I once caught a glimpse of the little boy about a year ago.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-21)
RcX1215- Great narration and I believe every word of it. No dramatics or "demons" coming after you, just good ol' common sense "wtf" moments. It could very well have been some past residents or staff as DARKNESS said and probably wouldn't hurt to look into any history of the place. Thanks for sharing!
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-21)
Dear RcX1215, welcome to YGS. I think you are a courageous person because after you had seen the dark figure, you had the courage to look into every room in the basement. I believe your experiences and many of us will definitely.

I want to ask a few questions. Do you still work in the hospital? Secondly, I feel that you should maintain a journal of activities. As Darkness said, it is definite that some of the past residents/staff might be still around. As far as the the sound of dragging/pulling the table is concerned, I have a feeling that it might be residual. But still, unless you note down the time of the events, it will be difficult to say.

If you are still working in the hospital, try to find out the history of the basement or domiciliary. You not only ask the staff but also others, if possible, nurses and doctors. Perhaps they would give you more clues and you will definitely get some clarity.

Thanks for sharing and kindly post us the developments. Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-21)
RcX1215: Definitely sounds as though some of past residents are still around or perhaps some past staff members continuing to do their nightly checks and routines etc. I'm sure it was quite frightning at the time for you, thanks for sharing with us here. 😊


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