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Is There Something In My Brother's House


This is about my brother's place where I used to live. His place was built in 1908 and my neighbor said a woman who used to live in the house died, not in the house in the hospital. This is located in San Francisco, CA.

Before our family moved to the house my brother bought, we had it renovated and converted the garage into 2 separate bedrooms. There was already a bedroom downstairs with a bathroom.

So, let me try and explain the layout of his place. There are 3 bedrooms downstairs with a bathroom and 2 bedrooms upstairs, kitchen, living room and a bathroom. Front entrance you have to go up the stairs first thing after opening the door is the living room; to the left is my dad's room which used to be my parents until they got a divorce. Next to my dad's room is my older brother's and to the opposite side of my brother's room is the bathroom. The kitchen is between my brother's room and bathroom and then there is the door in the kitchen that leads outside of the house to the back stairs to go downstairs to the 3 bedrooms. You have to go down the stairs and make a left and then another left which is underneath the stairs and kitchen the door that leads to the 3 bedrooms downstairs. Once you open the door the left is the bathroom, in front of the door is my younger sister and my bedroom and to the right is my older sister's bedroom. To get to my other older brother's bedroom you have to go through my older sister's bedroom and there is the door to left and that's his room. You can also enter his room from the front. I hope this made sense.

If I remembered correctly everything started when my mom moved out and no, I wasn't depressed or anything about my parents' divorce. It did not bother me in any way because my mom wasn't a nice person. I was happy for my dad that they finally got a divorce. They really shouldn't have stay together for so long but they did. Well, back to my story.

I was home alone one night not sure where everyone went. My cousin and his wife stopped by for a visit and when they were leaving I remembered turning the living room lights off and went downstairs to my bedroom. My cousin and his wife were still outside in the driveway. My cousin called and asked me, "Are you upstairs waving goodbye because I thought you went downstairs?" I said "No", and he kept saying, "Stop playing, you're upstairs right?" I opened my blinds in my bedroom and said, "See I'm downstairs and why don't you stop playing?" He freaked out and said, "There is someone in the living room window waving at us." I got scared and said, "That's not funny. I'm home alone." He told me to come outside now. When I did we looked up into the living room window and there was nobody, but the light was still on.

Whatever was upstairs in the living room had disappeared when I went outside. I do not remember what happened after but I for some reason never mention it to my family. All I remember is my cousin and his wife said, "Your place is haunted." I think I just shrugged it off like they were messing with me, even though they were serious.

Many more things happened in that house but only to me. Just keep in mind I'm not telling my story in the order it happened since I do not remember in what order it happened. I was young then and now older.

I remember using the bathroom upstairs getting ready to go out. I thought I heard one of my sisters asking me to hurry up so I just told her to hold on. No knocking, just sounded like whispering. So, she kept bugging me and when I finally got annoyed and opened the door to tell her to wait I'm not done, nobody was there. I looked in the living room and then the kitchen but nobody. So, I shrugged it off and continued getting ready and then I hear her again, asking me to hurry. I opened the door and nobody and by this time I was wondering if I was just hearing things. I closed the door and continue getting ready and I heard her calling my name and I kept telling myself I'm just hearing things, there's nothing there, just ignore it. I shrugged it off. This happened to me a lot in that house but I never figured out what or who it was. I just kept telling myself I imagined it. I still do not know if I did imagine it or if it really happened.

There was another time in my bedroom I shared with my younger sister. Nothing ever happened to her. She had already fallen asleep and I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. I heard a sound coming from the computer desk. I looked up and saw nothing there and laid back down trying to fall asleep. I could hear the handle on the computer desk being moved and when I looked again I saw nothing. This kept happening most of the night until I finally fell asleep when you can see daylight from the window. This would happen a lot during the night. I told my younger sister about it but she said she didn't hear anything.

Only thing she said, there was one night she was freaked out by me. I don't remember it but she told me I was sitting up and doing nothing but staring straight ahead. She spoke to me but I did not respond and then I lay back down and was fast asleep. She said I was sitting up for a while and she stayed up watching me. I guess she was too afraid to go to sleep before me. She said that only happened once.

There was one afternoon I decided to take a nap in my room and I just closed my eyes wasn't asleep yet. All of a sudden I could hear what sounded like roaring sound around my head and when I opened my eyes there was nothing. As soon as I closed my eyes again it would happened again and again. We had a blue lion statue by the window and it made me wonder if the sounds were coming from the statue. I decided to shrug it off like it was nothing. I would hear the sound again another time and this would happen constantly until I decided to get rid of the lion and that's when the sound of roaring stopped. I don't know if it was the statue or just a coincidence.

I remember one night while I was asleep and something woke me but I couldn't open my eyes. I could feel something moving towards me and it felt evil. I tried to scream and nothing would come out. I would struggle really hard to wake up. As soon as it almost got to my head that's when I woke up. This kept happening to me a lot over and over. Sometimes it felt like it was pressing down on my chest. Is this what they call sleep paralysis or was there something there? Whatever it was it freaked me out. It made it really hard to fall asleep, especially if I was by myself in the room. There were nights I would sleep with the lights on or turn it on as soon as I felt anything wrong.

There was another time at night I woke up because I felt something sitting at the end of my bed, but I was afraid. I felt safe for some reason. At least it didn't feel evil. I looked and I remembered seeing what looks like a woman in white. Since it didn't feel evil I was able to fall back to sleep but this only happened once. I do remember before this happened there was a few times I would see a black figure sitting at the end of my bed and this one felt evil.

I spoke to my dad about it and he told me to just ignore it, but it's hard to when it freaks me out. I told my mom about it and she was saying stuff like this only started happening to me because she wasn't around. I didn't think much of it at the time but now that I do, she might be right. Everything started happening when she moved out. She took me to the temple to get blessed and check what was going on. I didn't really understand but I remember the monk gave me a beaded bracelet to wear. I didn't really wear it since it irritated me. I do not like things around my wrist, fingers or neck.

Things just kept continuing so my mom took me to a lady to check my fortune or whatever it was. I guess I didn't believe in that so I didn't really listen, I just did it because my mom wanted me to. My mom was a firm believer of ghosts and stuff like that. I remembered the lady said there were more than one ghost or entity visiting me. She said that they want me to do something for them or they would get angry. I just thought she said what she said just to get money from my mom and I shrugged it off. The lady gave me a yellow paper with red writing on it and told me to put it on my door.

Things would continue and I decided to sleep upstairs in the living room in front of the Buddha altar table we had. I slept in front of it for at least 2 weeks. I remember while I slept in front of it I could hear noises by the dresser that was on the left side where my dad's bedroom is. I didn't mind it too much because I felt safe sleeping in front of the Buddha altar. Whatever I was hearing wouldn't come near me.

I finally went and slept downstairs in my own bedroom and every now and then the same things would happen. I didn't want to sleep upstairs in the living room again since it was a little cold and not comfortable sleeping on the floor. I also didn't want to sleep upstairs because, after I decided to go back downstairs, my dad said there was something in his room while I was sleeping in the living room. I felt bad and I know my dad wasn't trying to blame me for it. I didn't want it to bother him so I didn't sleep upstairs again. So, maybe the sound I was hearing was actually coming from his room.

I got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore so when it did come at night I concentrated really hard to tell it to leave me alone. At first it was hard to but the more I did it the easier it got for me to tell it to leave me alone. Everything stopped when I moved out, at least that's what I thought. Every now and then, not as much, but I would get the sensation there was something in my place.

Was all this my imagination running wild or was and still something visiting me?

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BadJuuJuu (guest)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
To be honest, I'm not sure about the how. I do know that when we lived near my mother, any time I would make her angry cabinet doors had a way of flying open and smacking my husband. I don't think she did it on purpose, but I do think that her anger was affecting our environment. Why it was always my hubby that got smacked when I was the one that had made her mad, I don't know. Maybe just because he's more aware than me as a general rule.
I suppose it could be that your mother had a lot of anger towards that house, and you were just more aware of your surroundings than other family members. And I could just be thinking it's possible in your situation because of my former situation.
josephgogi (2 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
Some of what you mentioned is definitely sleep paralysis. I have experienced that several times and it can be scary. The worst experience I had was when something was sitting at the foot of the bed and it kept moving up. Finally, what I can only describe as the ugliest demonic face two inches from my face with a low growl laugh. I could feel the hot breath. Another was a dwarf woman that resembled what we normally picture what an ugly witch would look like. She was going around the room yelling at me to leave her alone. That was very creepy! The other things you mentioned sounds like possible spirits in the house. I wrote about "Lillie" on this forum.
mylittlerabbits (3 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
Thank you all for reading and your feedback. I forgot to ask whatever it is that bothered me in all the places I live in would it be following me? I still ever now and than hear someone outside the bathroom when I'm getting ready but I try to ignore it. Sometimes I still feel someone pulling my blanket while sleeping. When I look there's nothing there. I still ever now and than sleep with the lights on it I feel a presence.
mylittlerabbits (3 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
DigitalSqare: Thanks DigitalSqare. There are more things that happened in that house I do not remember much about or maybe my mind won't let me but I was afraid of living there but that wasn't the only place I had bad feelings about. My family moved a lot before my brother bought the house. All the other places we lived there was always something that happened to me. Well, I don't know if it was out of bravery or more like there was nothing I could do until I was old enough to move. It's been hard to tell it to leave me alone. I try but nothing would come out not even in my mind.

Lostghostgal: Yes, he renovated the house, but why does it bother me. I have 2 older brothers, 1 older sister, 1 younger sister and my dad. I'm not saying I would rather it bother them but why did it choose me? Did I do something that would cause whatever it is to come after me?

Damion57: Thanks for your feedback. What I didn't mention is I've always had something bother me in other places we lived in before my parents' divorce but then again maybe it has something to do with her. My mom has always been very abusive physically and mentally. Maybe somehow all that stresses from her could of cause me to let something in? I don't know.

Romanzq: I never asked my dad if things still happen there, I probably should. My mom has since moved back in 2 years ago since she has dementia (one of my younger sisters thinks this happened to her because of the way she treated all of us). I visited my mom at my brother's house a few time. Because of her dementia I don't know if she really sees someone in the mirror or it's her dementia. She would tell me the lady is telling her things. I wouldn't look in the mirror when my mom is talking to her. I guess out of fear what if there really is someone there. Last time I was there my dad cover the mirror. I'm guessing to keep my mom from talking to herself or what she believes is a woman. I never asked.

I'm not sure how to get info regarding the house/land/previous owner. The neighbor who told my mom about the previous owner is no longer around. I'm not even sure what happened to the neighbor. She left one day and I never saw her again. I'm guessing her son put her in a home. Not even sure if that's her son but he's creepy.

BadJuuJuu: I understand your point of view but can she cause it and how? Why would she do it to me though? She for whatever reason hate my older sister not me. Not sure how she felt about me. I know growing up when I was in high school and had a summer job she would make lunch for me to bring to work but nobody else other than my dad.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
OK, I have a slightly different point of view on the divorce/stress angle. You say you wished your parents had divorced sooner because your mom isn't very nice. Could she have felt resentful enough to have done something to cause the activity? Her being a believer in the paranormal, not being very nice, saying it was only happening because she was out of the house, those things make me wonder if she could have influenced the situation. Sorry to even suggest such a thing, but it's what ran through my mind while reading this.
RoMaNzQ (4 stories) (36 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
Hi there,

You say that you have since moved out of that house. Do you know if stuff still happens there?

Have you tried doing some more digging regarding the house or the land it is built on? Do you know what was the cause of death of the previous owner?

The part that involved your cousins was down right creepy with the waving and things... If it was me I too would have freaked out... So much respect to you for being as brave as you have been.

I think we all have our moments of psychological weakness especially when we are going through emotional stress so I would second Damion57 regarding your mindset at that time.

Perhaps you were in some way "open" to the presence of whatever it was that could have been disturbed during the renovation of the house. I could be totally wrong though... I am by no means an expert so its merely my opinion

Thank you for sharing your experiences with YGS 😊
damion57 (4 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
sounds like something was or is drawn to you for whatever reason, think about the details a little more... The construction, your mother leaving (even though you weren't bothered by her absence, the underlying stress and concern for your family may just be enough to create an opportunity for something to gain acsess to your overworked subconscious,) I believe that some places can develop "doorways" or thin spots between worlds, and we do it without realizing it. Or they may have been waiting for someone of your unique physiological and mental state to finally be noticed? Good luck and be cautious and open 😁
lostghostgal (69 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-22)
You say Your brother renovated the House Right? I guess it's means your brother woke the ghosts up and start to bother you. Just a thought after I read your stories. But I might be wrong.
DigitalSquare (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-21)
Wow, you have went through a lot. I give you much respect because of your bravery.

I would assume there is something still there since you still feel a pressence. I would strongly suggest to bless your new home and for the meantime, keep telling these spirits to leave you alone like you did that one night. It was working but you didn't finish.

It's hard to say if it's your imagination if your dad experienced it too
And the so many occurrences.

Either way you seem like your very strong and in controI of your life. I wish you goodluck.

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