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I'm 24 now, my story happened when I was 7.

My auntie and her daughter (5 years old) were living with my nana at the time. After a visit with my mother, I was allowed to stay the night. I was sent to bed around 7 o'clock.

I slept in the front bedroom which had a double bed in one corner and a single bed in the other. I fell to sleep in the double bed. I remember waking up early hours of the morning feeling cold, with the bed covers around my feet. My auntie and her daughter were laying next to me in the same bed asleep. But being woken up with no covers on me made me mad, so I reached down and grabbed them to put back over me. As soon as I pulled them as far as my shoulder, something stopped them from going any further. I pulled on them really hard but something at the bottom of the bed was pulling back. I played 'tug of war' for about a minute but my fingers were hurting, so I let the bed covers go. They flew off the bed very fast and I just sat wondering what could be doing this.

After trying to wake my auntie by slapping and shouting at her, she would not wake, so I climbed into the single bed across the room. After about 5 minutes I could feel the covers being slowly moved off me but before giving them chance to move, I went out of the bedroom and climbed into my nana's bed with her. This time I fell asleep but I was woken up again by my nana shouting at me. She asked why I was in her bed and why were her bed covers on the floor.

Even though I remember this very clearly, growing up I began to question the event, so I asked my auntie and nana if they remember anything that night. They told me I tried to explain it but I was too frightened and that the bed covers were on the floor.

More things have happened throughout the years in that house. My nana is deaf and lives alone. Now and again she will walk to my house crying, saying she has felt something touch her in bed.

My cousin had imaginary friends at a young age in that house. She would describe them as wearing weird clothes and they would show her how to take off her shoes and friendly things like that. But one day my auntie heard noises in the living room when she was alone in the house. She shouted very loudly and said, "Whoever you are, you are to leave this home now." After that, my cousin never played with them again. She said they were gone.

Three years ago I typed my nana's address into Google. I found someone had made a family tree and had relations who lived and died in my nana's house in the 1800's. There was also a picture of the family, in it was a young girl and boy. I printed it off and went to my auntie's and without saying anything, I showed the picture to my cousin. Straight away she said she knows the children, she saw them in my nana's house. It brought back a flood of memories for her.

Ok! That's it. Even though I have witnessed things in that house and others, I have never seen a "ghost" which makes me 50/50 on the matter. Things like Ghost Hunters on TV are obvious fakes, which also make me question the whole idea of ghosts. That being said, I truly believe if a camera was put in my nana's house, we would catch something but she lives there alone and there's no way I'm making her live with an angry...entity.

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Lesleighra (2 stories) (18 posts)
8 years ago (2013-12-09)
This story is creepy! I think I would have freaked out completely if something explainable was pulling my blankets off me.
disturbedretribution (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2013-12-07)
To lady-glow, in case you read this at a later date: My mother is an extremely heavy sleeper and so I don't find it very hard to believe when Nelson says that he couldn't wake her up, not even by yelling and hitting her. Further, I imagine that Nelson is afraid that the "entity" will be upset if cameras are placed in the house solely on paranoia. Finally, this did take place when he was seven and so I find it unlikely that EVERYTHING here is accurate, namely the time. What he remembers happening in the middle of the night may have actually happened at five or six in the morning before sunlight. I'd believe that just as I would believe his grandmother being angry about finding someone in her bed who wasn't there before. I understand that it might sound confusing, but I've met elderly women that way myself. 😊

Anyway, Nelson, this was a pretty interesting story and I hope that you write some more in the future! I think it's particularly cool that your cousin knew the children in the picture. Very creepy.

Have a good day/night! ❤
lady-glow (13 stories) (2864 posts)
8 years ago (2013-12-06)
I hate to be the first one commenting on your story just to say that it is a little confusing, to begin with I do not understand why your nana would wake a little kid in the middle of the night shouting at him and demanding to tell her why the covers are on the floor... I find it kind of cruel and out of character coming from a grandmother... But that's just my opinion. 😐
Your aunt didn't wake up after slapping and shouting at her? Hmm.
Do you know if your grandmother and aunt have found the covers on the floor on some other occasion?
I think that you should do something to help your grandma, perhaps a blessing of the house or a cleansing, or contact a reliable paranormal group; the idea of placing a camera is good but I do not understand what makes you think it would upset the "entity"... After all if it is a spirit of some one that lived in the 1800's probably wouldn't even know what a video-camera is. 😕
I hope you decide to do something to help your poor old grandmother.

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