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A few months ago, I was about to take a shower. I needed another bar of soap, so I went and grabbed a new bar out of the drawer. I pulled it out of the box and set it on a shelf in the shower. A little while after I had been in the shower, I reached up to grab the soap. When I pulled it down from the shelf, I realized that was not in the shape it had originally been in. The more I examined it, I realized it looked like a large hand had grabbed the new bar and squeezed it really hard. It was totally smashed. I freaked out and started crying. I called my husband and told him what had happened. He laughed it off, until he got home and looked at it. The hand print was even bigger than his! So I threw the soap out.

I tried forgetting about the soap. A couple days later, I was in the shower and I had the radio in the bathroom with me. I had the volume turned up loud, so I could hear it while I showered. My phone rang, so I reached out and grabbed my cell phone. Right before I answered it, my radio turned itself all the way down!

A few months passed without anything else happening. Then one night, I was in the kitchen fixing dinner. I put dinner in the oven and set the timer for about an hour. I walked away and got on the computer while I was waiting. An hour or so later, the timer goes off. I walk back in the kitchen and open the oven to find that it has been shut off! I know for a fact that I did NOT touch it after I turned it on! There was nobody else in the house with me! How did the dial for the oven turn off all by itself!?

Most recently, it was about 7:00 AM, I was laying in bed not wanting to get up. Every time my alarm would go off, I would hit snooze and just lay there. After about an hour of that, it was getting late and I still needed to get ready for work. I knew that if I laid in bed any longer, I would end up being late. I closed my eyes for a minute. All of a sudden, I heard the voice of my uncle and felt someone smack my forehead. My eyes popped open to see that nobody was there. The crazy part is, my uncle has been dead for 10 years!

Needless to say, I got out of bed after that.

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TJR (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-13)
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You can email us at acknowledgingsupernaturalspirits [at]
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-30)
Hi Amy! I believe you. I was just suggesting that you may not have turned on the oven like you had thought. It sounds like you are without a doubt that you turned it on so it must have been something else.
My oldest brother passed away a year and a half ago. He was a big jokester! On April Fool's Day, 13 days after he had passed, our doorbell rang. I happened to be in my son's room in the front of the house by the front door. I looked out of the window to see who was at the front door and there wasn't anyone. I went outside and looked down the sidewalk and on both sides of the house and there wasn't anyone around. It was around the time that my brother was killed(car accident). Also, right after my brother died my dog and my sister's dog would be lying down on the floor and would jump up quickly and look at their rear end as if something had poked them in the butt. 😆
amyradvan (4 stories) (8 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-27)
I use a very large bar of soap, and my hands are very small. I am a petite woman. My hands are not large enough to wrap around the soap. I don't have a soap dish, I set my soap on a shelf. There are no grooves or whatnot. The bar of soap was brand new, so it was still firm. There is no way that it could of just molded to something. My husband tried squeezing it when he got home, and he couldn't even smash it. He is a construction worker, so he is pretty strong.

As for the oven, I remember turning the oven on to allow it to preheat. Then I put the food in and it was hot inside. When I went back after the timer went off, it was shut off.

If you knew my uncle, you would know that he was a joker, just like my dad and all of the other brothers. Smacking your forehead is just something he would do. It wasn't like a painful smack, it was like being popped on the head. Just something that startles you. I am glad he did it, he got my butt out of bed.

I don't care if you people believe me or not, I am not on here to try to impress anyone. I just post my experiences so that I can get some support, and maybe help someone else going through the same thing. 😊
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-25)
Personally, I think that you more than likely forgot to turn the oven on to begin with because I do things like that sometimes. Like this morning a woke up and my daughter seemed to have left her light on in her bathroom (this is the first time she's ever done that). Anyway, I open the door to turn the light off and I noticed that she had her straightening iron still plugged into the wall, although it was off I always unplug things like that in fear of it accidentally getting turned on and burning down the house. So after I unplugged it from the wall I turned off the bathroom light(so I thought) and shut the door. I went to shut the outside lights off and when I went back passed her bathroom in the hall I could see under the door that the light was on again. I opened the door and turned it off. I just figured I didn't turn it off like I originally thought because I got side tracked by unplugging her straightening iron. Anyway, it seems like you have a helpful spirit. If your oven was on and something turned it off it's likely that something bad was going to happen and God, Guardian Angel or your uncle intervened for your safety like Bruce had mentioned. As for the smashed up soap, that sounds pretty aggressive. You could also take that as a joke, kind of like the smack in the head but that's kind of a mean way to wake up someone. 😕
Anyway, it all seems pretty harmless and that this entity is a "Picker"(likes to pick on you). Thanks for your story! -Shelby ❤
CottonLily (1 stories) (1 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-25)
I'm not a supernatural skeptic, but I do find myself wanting to debunk ghost stories. The soap for example - how big of a bar of soap do you use? I'm a girl with normal sized hands and even my hands will completely wrap around a bar of soap. So how can you tell a large "handprint" was around it? If it were very large it wouldn't have left a print, smooshed the soap maybe, but no print. Perhaps it was sitting on a molded soap dish or holder with the drainage grooves causing the bar to resemble your "ghost fingers"?

As for the stove - maybe you were too preoccupied setting the timer you never actually turned the oven on? I've did that before myself. Sometimes you simply forget to do the most regular things. And why in the world would your uncle, dead or alive, smack you in the forhead?
freakonaleash (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-17)
i think your uncles looking out for you. The hand on the soap thing was weird, but maybe it was him trying to let you know he was around. 😁
bruce3472 (13 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-16)
Well I am only going to comment about the oven situation. Even though I am not a huge Christian and an avid church goer, I feel that the thing with the oven could have been two different things. The first, is that God knew something bad was going to happen to you and intervened on your behalf. Then I also believe that it could have been your uncle watching out over you. Needless to say I feel that with this particular incident you were in good hands. But as for the soap thing, I do not believe this to be a good sign... Things being crushed often suggests Hostility. I do not believe that the soap thing was anything less than an attack on your nerves. I believe that the entity was telling you something and you might want to heed its actions. If this happens again to the soap I would seriously seek a pastors help. Not anything like an exorcism or anything... But just to bless the house in the name of god... Well in a way that's a form of exorcism. Any ways I hope you find out the truth behind these incidents.
The_Sweetest_Thing (3 stories) (10 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-16)
lol...this is a good story I think maybe you've got two ghosts your uncles whose helping you out alittle bit (waking you up) and the other who seems to be somewhat of a jokester well I hope it gets better for you! 😁
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-13)
Apparently you do have an entity of some type in your home. I wouldn't be frightened, it doesn't sound like it means any harm.

God Bless!
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-13)
Hi Amy. I heard of family members helping othners. It happens very often. It happened in my family. You shouldn't be scared of the ghost but your probably thinking its easy for you to say! 😁 I think that the things happening in your house are similar to those in mine. I bet that these activities do not happen that often. Am I right? It sounds like it happens rarly just like in my place but when it does, you sure can notice it. I hope to here from you soon and take care.

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