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Is It Real Or In My Head


I'd like to start by saying, I have always been a very open minded person and love the idea of the paranormal but will always look for a rational explanation to situations before jumping to the idea of the paranormal. And before I start into the 'issue' I'm having, I feel I need to give you a bit of a background story as I can't tell if any of it will have relevance to the things that are happening to me as of late, I'm hoping you all might be able to shed some light on it.

I live in a part of Ireland renowned for hauntings although until recently I have never had a, we'll say "proper" experience of my own. I mean I have had the things you catch in the corner of your eye or the noises you think you hear when you're alone, but nothing that I could say 'wow, that's defiantly something after happening!'

A few years back my mam went to a psychic who told her I had some sort of special connection to the spirit world (which here in Ireland is everyone and their grandmother) but the psychic also told my mother that I should never dabble with Ouija boards or spirit calling as she felt it would only end badly? I have never done either and don't plan on it as I take the warning as a sign and would prefer not to mess with anything unwanted.

I'm now going to get into explaining what's gotten me to write into YGS. I always read this and the advice seems pretty sound so I'm hoping you can all help me. All the little things that have been happening to me seem to be happening since around September time. I turned 21 in September and can't remember anything strange happening before then so I'm using it as a marker.

The first thing I noticed starting to happen around September were things going missing or being moved. At first I thought nothing of it but I started to get freaked out when a set of house keys I was sure I'd lost on a night out around a year ago ended up hanging on the back of my door. Questioned everyone in my house, no one knows where they came from. Books moved around, I like to keep my books in alphabetical order so if one has moved I know. It's really small things but they definitely are happening. These things don't worry me, there more frustrating. There are things that have been worrying me though, and one I'm not sure yet if it is paranormal or just coincidence. Lights going off. About three weeks ago I went into the kitchen to my Dad and the lights flickered, that was fine, walked back out, didn't happen again, went back into the kitchen about an hour later and the light went out completely. The same thing happened in college (not just my house, slightly worrying) went into a toilet cubicle and the light above my cubicle went out, this was only last week. Now I know, it's only twice it happened so it's probably just coincidence it happened but it IS still freaking me out a bit.

Ultimately these next two experiences are the two scariest things I've had happen and I don't want them to happen again and theses are the main reason I'm writing this article. I know cats play a big role in paranormal stuff or just animals in general, and this week I was walking into college and I saw my cat down the road, sitting on a wall with the two other neighbor cats sitting on the pavement in front of him and as I got closer, one cat bolted away as if something was thrown at him with force. The other cat turned to face me and arched it's back and hissed and spat at me (this point I was like WHAT is going on) so then this cat ran. Leaving just Filo, my cat, who was looking past me, not at me and as I went to pet him he dodged and let out this horrible, deep meow noise and ran off down towards my house. I was completely freaked. Now since then my cat has been fine with me no avoidance or horrible noises but I'm still wondering what he was looking at past me.

The other experience I had was walking into my grandmother's house the other day (she's 89) and as I walked into the kitchen she smiled and asked 'who my friend was' to which I responded 'I'm on my own' and she just looked a bit taken a back and said 'oh sorry, I thought there was someone standing behind you'. Chills. I nearly died.

So that's my story. It's not much but it's freaking me out a bit and I don't really know what to do. So, guys, I'd appreciate maybe any tips you might have? Or ideas on what it might be? Or if I'm just daft and it's all in my head.

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Pixie202122 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-09)
Be glad you have never messed with the ouija board, I have and I'm also sensitive to the spirit side and it has been a horrible mistake I wish I could take back. Now I feel like if I say or do the wrong thing a spirit makes itself welcome and one either takes (I don't know how to word this right but) control, kind of. Like it becomes to well known pressure wise like a constant feeling of being watched or if you come around, something will happen. Or two that its just there and means no real harm. From my own expeariances I will say that maybe they take you as someone that just knows they are there and they only want your attention, not so much always meaning harm. I've had to pick apart from feelings which is bad or good but some are only there and just want some sort of acknowledgement that you do see them. It's not always so bad but I do understand it's hard to deal with. Just try to take it in as a gift (even though it's scary sometimes!) and don't always take it as a threat. Sometimes they can feed off that and get worse but try to take it in as best you can. If you find one a threat then take other precautions to rid it safely and help it pass on. It might help I hope it does, again I'm my own experiences I've encountered bad and good and have had to "protect, cleanse" my home and it has helped even though I've still had non negative senses around my home. For now the bad is gone so maybe this can help you. Good luck!
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-24)
goosefabah, Well I wouldn't say its an evil spirit/entity following you, or is around you. But I would say it may be a passed relative, that's around you looking out for you. The lights, and cats may be his/her way of getting your attention. Because as you know, animals do have a quirky way of letting us know, there's something there we can't necessarily see.
EternalEmotions107 (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-24)
I don't think you're necessarily in any danger, but you just may be sensitive to spirits. I would take the psychic's advice to not dabble in the darker side (Ouija boards and such), but you may encounter spirits who are drawn to you.

I have one question about your most prominent experience. Did your Grandmother recognize the spirit standing behind you and did she describe him/her to you? If so, did you recognize them, too?
Griff84 (5 stories) (289 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-23)
I can't help you with much, but I have halogen style bulbs in my kitchen, and when they start to fail, they flicker and go dim for a few days before they eventually fail. Obviously I don't know if you have the same lights, but I thought it worth noting.

The only other things I can say is nothing has tried harming you, or scaring you so I would try not to panic just yet, if there was 3 cats together, then my money would be on them being pre occupied with each other as they are very territorial, and you properly walked in on a bust up between them. 😲

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