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My First Real Experience


**Note: You will find some odd remarks/responses described in the story to some words/phrases/sentences, because... Well you in the USA would find it odd if someone talked to you in Hungarian. Well same applies to me as I found it odd that someone/something in Hungary talked to me in English.**

Okay onto the events that frightened and intrigued me a bit.

It all began on a regular day, the seventh of May (last month).

I woke up that morning just like on any other morning at 5:20. I made some coffee, but before I could enjoy it I had to use the bathroom so I walked out of the kitchen into the hallway, and I think I saw some sort of figure go through the doorway to my bedroom. That was odd because I thought I was alone in the house. I wasn't immediately sure if I really saw that or if that was all just a "morning thing" given the somewhat dim lighting in the hallway. Nonetheless I carefully made my way to my bedroom, listening for noises before finally looking in through the doorway, just to be greeted by the big ol' emptiness. I shut the door, and went to relieve myself. At this point I've dismissed it all as a "morning thing".

Nothing happened from here on until I got back, I went to the workshop, approximately twenty minutes walk from me. I've finished and got out at 4 pm, and decided I'd go pick some things up from the store, some food, and returned home. When I got in through the front door I went to put the food and spices I bought away in the kitchen, and never noticed that odd thing until I was going to take a shower. When I wanted to walk over to the bathroom I noticed my bedroom door was open. I thought it was Layla (not her real name) there, the closest thing I ever got to a girlfriend, we were real good ever since elementary school she had a key to the front door as I'd let her stay a night or two if she needed a place to rest up while traveling. (She goes to Austria and back quite often) so I called for her, but there was no response. At this point I was thinking I may not remember if I shut the door or not, as I've had a lot of work related things still taking up my mind, but chances were I probably did... So I called for her again as I've made my way towards the room. A step before I could look in I've heard what appeared to be someone strumming through the strings of my guitar once, needless to say when I went in and found my guitar on its stand where I left it, and the picks on top of the amplifier I was a bit confused. Also what was even stranger, the fact I was still alone in the house... Or so I thought until later that night.

So as anyone else would have done it, I've checked the entire house, just to find it empty. So I've proceeded with the shower, as for the events, I've dismissed it as a "I need a vacation" stress caused hallucination or something of the sort. And that led me to the event of meeting whatever or whoever "it" was in there even though I still didn't see anyone or anything... When I came out from under the shower I've heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom from outside. I was still naked so I said "I'll get dressed in a minute, hold on" there was no response.

The steps didn't stop, so I quickly covered myself with the towel and opened the door to look out. If I estimated it correctly according to the number of steps and how clearly I could hear them, the person should have been standing about 3 steps from me, yet I couldn't see anyone or anything. I switched the lights on, and looked around, but there seemed to be no one else there. So needless to say I was frightened a bit. Eventually I worked up the nerve to say "Hello?" but as I've expected there was no response. Being a person who doesn't immediately jump to conclusions saying it was a ghost or something, I still didn't want to believe there was something in there, and I didn't until I finally got around my room, turned the amplifier on, and plugged in the noise suppressor and guitar to play a bit.

I was trying to play the intro of Seek and destroy by Metallica, and as always once I thought I had it right, and played it again and a third time just to make sure... I was trying to play around with it, add my own little twists to it. A good twenty minutes into it all I've messed around with the tuning of the lower E string, and played some heavy riffs with the commonly used muting and really high gain... That was all just for fun no particular song or anything, and at the end of my "session" I hit the lower E string and let it ring out. So I finally switched off the overdrive and thought about playing around on the clean when I could have sworn someone whispered "Groovy" into my right ear. I've jumped up from the bed and to my horror there was still nobody around that I could see, and on top of that whoever or whatever it was, it knew I speak English and another four languages! So right there and then I was positive it couldn't have been just random noise from the amplifier because it was silent, and since distortion was turned off in order to hear it that clearly I would have had to turn the volume up which I didn't do, and I'm a million percent confident that the source of the sound was right behind me on my right.

Either way this was my first encounter. Things have been happening since... Small things, such as certain doors are open when I get back from work, some items in the kitchen turn up at different spots, bread mysteriously moved to the freezer and such things. Activity seems to be inconsistent, as it doesn't happen every day. I don't feel threatened, I am however afraid as I cannot explain any of the events, but so far there was no harm done to me or anyone else, nothing around the house broke, I do have occasional nightmares but I'm not sure if that's directly caused by this being.

I'd appreciate any input anyone could give me. I'm mainly interested in should I try to communicate with it, or just do something that will make it go away, and do you think that such a being could be a threat?

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Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-25)
Well to tell you the truth, at first I didn't believe, then that turned into being excited about it, like discovering something new... And it was new for me, in a way. Then I've had a tiny feeling that suggested this all may not be as much fun, so I began with my research, finally ended up here, then I spooked around the site, dropped the occasional comment and read many others. Finally I have pieced together a picture about how a simple attachment could start out like this... Small things, and it may never do much more, just start feeding itself off of me... Aaand I guess that's not something anyone would like to have around their life. So I took charge and did a cleansing on myself and the house. Activity stopped, it all feels cleaner in the sense there seems to be a silent oppression missing, a sort that isn't noticed until it's gone and even then you only notice things turned to the better, well a tiny bit at least.:)
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-22)
Hi Dennis,
I enjoyed your story, especially the groovy part 😆 Sounds like you had an old groupie from the '60's visiting you ~ at least 'it' had good taste in music! Glad to read that the cleansing worked.
Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-21)
Quick edit: Situation solved by cleansing.
No musical instruments were harmed in the process 🤣

Yeah, but I'm still open to see what anyone has to say. Thanks for reading.

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