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Mormor: My Great Grandma


In 2009, My Great Grandma (who, might I add, was Swedish. Great Grandma in Swedish is Mormor) died. She was 85. I was devastated. My Great Grandma and I were very close. I was not allowed at her funeral, although my mother was. This angered me and I felt that I was neglected.

Now, as this will be my 6th Christmas without her, although I have never thought this way before, I wish she was here. The other day I was preparing a gift for my boyfriend. I felt as though I was being watched, but not in a creepy way. I felt as if I was being watched over, not spied on. I thought nothing of it and continued about my business.

The next night, I had my cat over my shoulder, facing a wall with nothing on it. I do this to get her to sleep. She meowed pitifully and I thought I was hurting her so I set her down. Before I continue, let me shed some light on my cat. My cat is not scared easily. She sees a dog, hisses and THEY run away yelping. She is a very stubborn brat. So, I do that and she... I mean, her fur is going everywhere. She scrambles away just as my younger brother comes in. He was not allowed at her funeral either. He was not as close but he was frustrated when she died.

So he comes in and looks behind me, which, as I said before, is a wall with no posters or anything, and he picks my cat up and caresses her and says, "Shhh, it's ok. That's just Mormor." This brought me to tears. I sat on my bed, blubbering like a baby, and then he comes and hugs me and says, "It's ok, *** (sorry, I would prefer not to say my name online) Mormor told me she loves us and not to be sad. She said she's going to wait for us and that when we get there, she will hug us and we can have boundoust and lingen berries together." Boundoust is a Swedish Cheese and Lingen Berries are like blueberries but sweeter.

So that's my story. I guess the moral of the story is that just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they can't see you.

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Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-29)
Awww, that is so sweet. I guess since you didn't get to say goodbye to your Mormor at her funeral, she came instead to visit you. 😊
Mhannerism (2 stories) (82 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-25)
What a very touching story! 😭
Uhm sorry for being ignorant but why weren't you allowed at his funeral? 😕
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-24)
2bornt2b, I know you won't discuss any further. I just wanted to say what a lovely story. It always helps to know that she understood you werent allowed, at her funeral. And I'm happy to hear she still comes to visit you. 😊

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