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Where's My Head At?


This story of mine happened in Batangas, Philippines just this year February 17, 2019.

Have you ever asked yourself are they really true? How stuff in your kitchen will strangely move on it's own? Or strange footsteps or strange sounds you hear during the evening? Perhaps, like in the Harry Potter movie, how they can go to a different places via wall? Do you think that realm exist? Is that the place where some of the spirits stay? Those silhouettes of a person you see in your peripheral vision? Could it be something?

Well, I have that question too. It's way beyond fascinating when you encounter something paranormal, an event wherein before you know it, it already happened. It was our family reunion that time where everybody was busy catching up, I got myself accompanied as well by my cousin named Mark (Not his real name), we were talking about how stubborn we were when we were kids at his place at the back of our grandmother's house. Behind us, there's a tall trees, big water tank and it's almost dark that time when all of a sudden a cold breeze of air, unusual cold air just touches my forehead. My cousin went inside to get us some beer so what I did I move and just shake my head until that cold feeling is gone but it is still there.

My cousin got back from inside his house, handed me the beer without saying anything but he ask me if I am ok. Ok ka lang ga insan? (Are you ok cousin?) I said 'oo oks lang ako' (Yeah, I'm alright) He whispered something to me that I can't understand, surprised by the actions and curious about what he's saying I just let him do it and all of a sudden he spunk me with no reason. I got shock, asking him as to why he did that, I got no clue at all. It ended up almost a brawl, we've got everyone's attention, my father, her mom, our uncle and aunties was there already, I asked him: Ano problema mo? (What's your problem?) he was not answering me, he took the bundot ng pagi which I thought the fight is really on but he keeps on whipping it to the floor while looking at me shouting 'umales ka dito!' (get outta here) 'masasaktan ka ng husto, bitawan mo yan' I thought he was referring to the beer he gave me. I got lost of words, I was about to throw the beer at him but I saw my mom crying, she looked so worried and scared and she started praying while looking at me. But my cousin was not referring to the beer but there's 'someone' beside me and holding my head. Everybody sees it, I felt the cold air and did not see what they're seeing. I panicked and ask 'Ano ba nangyayare? (What's going on?) I played it cool like I was just asking for something but deep inside I was dead frightened as hell. I felt warm after that and everybody prays for me, they form a circle and I was at the middle.

My cousin Mark told me there's a silhouette of man standing beside me and holding my head, whispering something to me as well, I didn't feel anything aside from the cold breeze of air but I felt like wanted to go behind the tall trees that moment for no reason. Mark told me 'binulungan kita insan na huwag ka ga susunod eh' (I whispered you to not follow whatever he's saying).

They told me to burn whatever I am wearing that day including my newly bought shoes. Then the next day we went back to laguna and everything seems normal until this day. Thank god.

I hope you like my stories and somehow everybody can read this. Thanks YGS!

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Eerie69 (5 stories) (19 posts)
7 months ago (2019-06-30)
Hello Haven!

My apologies. I should've said 'He hit me'. That didn't go well 😜

Thank you for reading my story.
Eerie69 (5 stories) (19 posts)
7 months ago (2019-06-30)
Hello there Bibliothecarius!

It's fine! No offense taken. I honestly can't imagine I said that.

Yeah, you're right. English is not my native language 😜 still workin' it out.
Caz (301 posts)
7 months ago (2019-06-10)
Hi again Integrist,
LOL...A bolo would be very handy to have around, but against the aswang? Perhaps not! Unless maybe you could endow it with a special power of your own, but who really knows? I wonder who was the first person to discover a vampire could be warded off with garlic or it takes a silver bullet to kill a werewolf! I doubt we'll ever know! 😉
Integrist (83 posts)
7 months ago (2019-06-09)
Hi Caz,

I can't really tell where "buntot ng pagi"'s story came from. I would wonder why anyone had a ray's tail in the first place, and its being the only weapon available. I would think that a bolo (Filipino machete) would be more likely to have around.

I never really understood this particular superstition, but it is pretty widespread: so much so that some houses - even to this day - with kids or newborns have a ray's tail hanging close to windows to ward off the "aswang" (that's a human-eating shape shifter) and other evil creatures.

Maybe members from the Philippines can shed some light on this?
Caz (301 posts)
7 months ago (2019-06-09)
Hi Integrist,
Thank you for the very interesting explanation of the meaning. As for the origin, could it simply be that someone long ago was in danger and the tail of a ray was all they had to hand to fend it off? I was thinking perhaps almost anything might work if you believe in it strongly enough! Maybe the secret of the 'charm' actually comes from 'within' the person who is being attacked! Perhaps we all have hidden powers we don't even know about. These are just my thoughts!
Integrist (83 posts)
7 months ago (2019-06-09)
For anyone unaware "buntot pagi" or "buntot ng pahi" is the tail of a ray. For some reason (I have yet to hear anyone give an explanation regarding the origin of this belief), this is widely believed to be like a protective talisman and weapon against paranormal creatures in the Philippines.
Bibliothecarius (8 stories) (989 posts)
8 months ago (2019-06-08)
Greetings, Eerie69.

I've enjoyed reading all three of your narratives, so I must apologize if I gave you any offense with my earlier post. I realize that English is not your first language, but your writing shows an effort to master a diverse vocabulary. My first comment is predicated upon the use of one vowel to change a serious statement into a juvenile joke. Normally, I would avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable about a slip of this kind, but I've been giving my students final exams today; my brain needed to let off a little steam and your unintentional error appealed to my sense of humor.

It is peculiar that everyone but you could see this entity, but you could feel its breath as it was trying to whisper to you. I presume that whatever it whispered was the motive for wanting to go behind the tall trees.

A question to clarify Filipino culture: where would a family normally keep a buntot ng pagi? I presume that the tall trees indicate that the family get-together was in a rural, countryside location rather than in a city. (Do city dwellers view the buntot ng pagi as a rural superstition, or do they keep one to show pride in their cultural heritage? I imagine it would be a decent deterrent for burglars...)

I'd like to know why your family, after praying for your safety and menacing this apparent malevolent entity with the buntot ng pagi until it left, wanted you to "burn whatever I am wearing that day including my newly bought shoes." You probably had a change of clothes with you if you knew you'd be staying over, but probably not a change of shoes. If their prayers and rituals removed the entity, why would it be necessary to burn your clothes? It had been holding your head, not your clothes, while it whispered to you. Is the burning of clothes a significant/normal practice when dealing with the supernatural in the Philippines?

Thanks for clearing this up.

Haven (17 stories) (279 posts)
8 months ago (2019-06-07)
Hi, Eerie69

By "spunk me", do you mean he hit you? If he did, what was the reason for that? Was he aiming at the silhouette besides you?

Biblio - you cracked me up!
Bibliothecarius (8 stories) (989 posts)
8 months ago (2019-06-07)
This has got to be the best miscommunication in YGS history: "he spunk me with no reason."

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