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Spirit Of A Toddler


I've never had any sort of major paranormal experience myself, and I kind of hope I never do, but this story does involve me as a sort of ancillary character. I say this because I was way too young to remember anything, but both of my parents tell me this occurred:

It started with my great grandmother's purchase of a new home in a small town in NC. Since she was quite old at this time, my dad offered to help her move in and fix up the house. From the beginning, he felt odd in that place. He would hear strange noises, and recalls several instances of drapes billowing out towards him in a vaguely humanoid shape while all windows were closed, and no air was running. Creepy enough on its own, but it gets better.

Fast forward a few weeks, and my entire immediate family spends the weekend at the new home. At this time, I was a little under two years old, and my brother was about four or five. Well, one night my mother awoke to the sound of a toddler crying and running up and down the hallway. Like any rational person, she assumes it to be one of the children in the next room, so she walks over to try and console whomever was crying, but upon entering our room, she finds both my brother and myself still sound asleep, all while still hearing a toddler crying and running up and down the hallway. Understandably, she ran back to her room, woke up my dad and cowered in fear until sunrise, and then we quickly left.

As a result of this experience, my mother and father did some research on the house, and found that a little girl living in that house had died in a car crash years earlier. I would hazard a guess to say it was her, which really strikes me as sad. I wonder if the presence of a mother and her children drew the spirit of the girl forth?

Well, though this may not be as gripping of a tale as some other accounts I've read, I hope you all have enjoyed the story of my (but mostly my mother's) experience.

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valkricry (47 stories) (3179 posts) mod
8 years ago (2013-12-27)
Tales of wee ghosties always bring a great sadness to my heart, especially when the wee one cannot be consoled. In this case she might have been searching for her folks. I can understand your mother's fear, but if she had been able to get past that perhaps she could have helped the child. Of course there's no way to know for sure. Thank you for sharing this, in its simplicity there is the ring of truth.

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