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Smoke And Cold Spots- A Ghostly Encounter?


Before I start, I would just like to say that this is my first time posting on this specific site. I have used its sister site, Psychic-Experiences, on a few occasions, and although I would in no way call myself a spiritualist, I have had a little experience with the paranormal.

I have been told that I have sensitivity to the spirit world so, although I cannot see or hear spirits, I am often aware of them being there. I have gotten very familiar with this sensation, so it is rare that I actually react or make a big deal of it. However, just the other day, something happened that was much more obvious than a vague feeling.

My friend and I were just hanging out in my basement watching this amazing anime involving psychic phenomenon and ghosts (I am including this because it is possible that we were just overreacting due to having been watching this). I believe it was around three in the morning. The entire night, the lights had been constantly flickering, but neither of us paid them much mind because honestly, lights flicker all the time; we thought nothing of it.

It was just a little after three when I turned to my friend and asked her if she smelled smoke. I thought I could, but I was not sure if I was just imagining it or not. She kind of looked sideways at me and shook her head. I shrugged and returned my attention to the show.

A couple of minutes later, I took a deep breath and was positive I was smelling smoke. It gave me the same burning feeling in the back of my throat that one gets when one is sitting near a campfire. After my asking her again, my friend suggested that we get up and see if we could tell where it was coming from. I will admit, I was little worried that something in my house was burning.

But as we circled the room, we realized it did not actually appear to be coming from anywhere. Walking back over to the couch, I circled the corner I had been sitting in. The smell appeared to be lingering specifically around that section. I shuffled around to the back of the couch, and stopped. The floor felt cooler there. I went back and forth a few times to be sure before I asked my friend to check.

She put her foot out, and her eyes widened. She said she had found a really cold spot. I put my foot next to hers, and she was right. There was a circular cold spot on the floor.

Maybe ten minutes later, I was sitting on the couch again (in a different spot this time) and something cold passed over my hand. It then went on to feel almost like someone had rested their hand on mine, and this lasted for maybe another ten minutes. After that, it sort of faded, but there was still a chilly spot on the couch next to me for a while before it finally went back to normal.

Does anyone know what this might mean? Was the spirit looking for help? Comfort? My friend and I did try to ask it questions, but we are unsure as to whether or not it was actually answering, as our method was unreliable.

I do not know if this actually affects anything, but I would like to add that my house is not very old (maybe fifteen years), so I doubt this particular spirit is bound to the house in any way. On the other hand, I live next to a forest, and if you go a little ways in, there are the remains of an old structure (possibly a hunting lodge).

However, my biggest question is: Was there actually a spirit there at all? Answers to any of these question or just general advice would be very much appreciated! Both my friend and I are curious to know what others think of this possible encounter.

Thank you for reading!


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KaalaLilee (3 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-18)
Walks_on_Clouds- I have considered it, as I'm often convinced that I'm just paranoid. However, I still can't figure out why the cold spot would follow me over to the couch if it was just a draft.
Walks_on_Clouds (2 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-17)
Spirits don't look for older homes to haunt, they're just as happy with a new one.

Before I assign spiritual occurrence, however, I always look for a more common answer to the mystery, such as drafts, etc.

Maybe your heater was telling you it was time to replace the furnace's air filters. The smell could have been the heater heating up the lint in the filters, then go away when the heater turned off. Just a thought.
KaalaLilee (3 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-17)
shhh_im_sleeping- I'll admit, sometimes being sensetive like that freaks me out a little, but I still appreciate being this way. It's sweet that your mother came back to comfort you 😊
I'll be sure to share again next time something happens!
shhh_im_sleeping (14 stories) (62 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-17)
It's possible that you had an encounter with a spirit. I had a similar experience with a cold spot on my hand. The day I buried my Mother I spent the night in my parents home to help my Dad. My Mom passed in the home 3 days earlier. I was sitting on the couch sobbing when I felt a cold sensation literally go through my hand. It felt as if I was holding a block of ice. I do believe that was my Mother. She was aware of my sensitivities to the other side. Being sensitive is a great gift but it can be scary because you never know when something is going to happen. I loved your story and I hope you share other encounters as you have them.
KaalaLilee (3 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-17)
Miracles51031- It's interesting to know that I didn't just imagine it! I'll be sure to keep an eye (well, not an eye exactly) out for him/her! I think chances are high that he/she was just passing through, but I'll try to be more aware anyway. Thank you!
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-01-16)
KaalaLilee - I also can sense when ghosts are around by smelling scents associated with them, as well as cold spots and "tingling" in my hands. So, based on my experiences, I'd say you had a visitor. Now, I can't say whether or not they where trying to communicate or they were just passing through.

If it is someone who is bound to the property, etc., they will make their presence known again if they want you to know they're there.

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