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I remember when I was about seven or eight years old, my father worked midnights at Ford Motor Company, therefore he would come home late nights, early mornings. One morning in particular he came home tired but hungry, and decided to make himself a sandwich. While in the kitchen he heard heavy footsteps coming toward him through the hallway. At first he assumed it was just one of my brothers, my mother or myself getting out of bed, but when he walked down the hallway to inspect he found all of us sound asleep snoring. He then thought that perhaps he was so tired he was just hearing things.

About three minutes later, he heard it again, so he called out for my mom "Diane!" "Diane!" When no answer was received he walked toward the hallway again, realizing nothing had changed, he walked back to continue with his sandwich. Again he heard footsteps so he jokingly yelled "Knock it off George!" The footsteps stopped! So in our family each time something strange happened like lights turning on and off, touch lamps going off, televisions turning on and off, my family would simply say "Knock it off George!" The best part is if our family went a few weeks with no disturbances we would say George was on vacation somewhere!

A lot of strange occurrences have happened with my family over the years. For example on one occasion when my mother was younger her father yelled at her to turn basement light off, so she ran down and turned the light off, then head to bed. My mother woke to his booming voice telling her to turn off the light like he asked her to. When she insisted she turned the light off my grandmother watched her turn it off and head back to bed. So this time when the light was again turned on, there was no yelling to be had at my mother, only at a ghost!

My mother would come home from school and be home alone for most of the day, so to entertain herself she would stay down in the basement playing. She left an apple downstairs to go up and get something, and not five minutes had passed when she returned to find nothing but an apple core.

She was walking up the basement steps one day only to discover a woman under the stairs, her hair musty and white... Her clothes tattered and old. My mother flew up the stairs faster than she had ever moved her entire life. Later after looking through old family photos it was discovered that it was her great great grandmother. She had never seen her before that.

When my mother grew up and was married, she was in the kitchen cleaning when she heard a noise coming from my brothers bedroom. They were both in cribs and far too young to crawl out to make such a noise. The bedroom was a small space with no windows, so we knew it wasn't the wind, or anyone trying to break in. Walking bravely toward the bedroom she discovered the top layer to her wedding cake in the middle of the floor (The top layer was sitting in a closed closet atop a few other things) The closet was still closed...

Another such instance to happen to my mother was she was driving down the road with her then husband and saw a car sitting sideways across railroad tracks with a woman inside staring at her. Screaming wildly she told her husband they must help the woman and that they needed to stop the car. Her husband looked at my mother as if he had never met her, as if she were a total stranger and calmly said "There is no car, there is no woman, Diane are you ok?" Confused my mother returned her eyes toward the railroad tracks, and there was no car, there was no woman...

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peterc (2 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2007-09-17)
When I was younger I remember my sister telling me of a friends mother who had, had a similar experience to the one involving the car and the train lines. My Sisters friends mother was in the car with her Husband driving down a street that they had driven down 1000 times before and she suddenly started screaming telling her husband to watch out for the cyclist. In her mind they hit the cyclist and when she got out to look there was nothing to be seen.
I haven't kept in touch so I do not know if this was some kind of premonition of future events or anything. If not, what do you believe such visions are?

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