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George - Our New Roommate


My husband and I moved into an apartment complex located in Newton, Kansas just a few short years ago. Upon moving in things seemed to be going okay, nothing out of the ordinary-which was strange for me. We had been living in our apartment for almost a year when I had my first encounter with George [our newest roommate/addition to the family.]

George - Our New Roommate

I have taken a picture of the apartment complex where the two murders occurred. Everything was boarded up so you can't get in (hence the picture from the outside), but through the windows you can see that they left everything inside whether it was affected by the fire or not.

The two of us were goofing around on the couch in our living room, when suddenly I saw the back of a young man walking down the hallway toward our spare room, laundry room, and bathroom. Immediately I sat up, wide eyed and in disbelief of what I had just seen. The man, whom we now call George, was very tall, had dark hair and was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. My husband asked what was wrong and I told him that someone was in our apartment because of how real and solid the apparition had appeared to me. [George is not the first ghost I've seen, as many have crossed paths with me, but he was the first to appear as real as I myself am in the flesh.] I was surprised by my husband's reaction after telling him this. All he said was, "you saw him too, huh?"

At first I feared George, didn't understand his presence. After gathering bits and pieces of information on the complex, I have come to enjoy his company rather than fear it.

Many years ago in the building next to ours, there was a young man that had been shot to death while walking down the stairs unwilling to fight the shooter. He died because he walked away, his shooter got off with self defense.

Since then, there has been another murder followed by an arson fire leaving the building where George resided [while still living] condemned. He hasn't left our apartment since, and has continued to make appearances.

Both cases made headlines on local news stations-such as KWCH 12 & KAKE 10, and stories were covered in the town newspaper- The Newton Kansan. [The apartment complex is the Slate Creek Apartments, which used to be the Cherry Hills Apartments.]

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tinasalas1 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-30)
Hi bluemoon1385 please contact me if you ever check this account again thank you!:) tinasalas1 [at] ❤
Slickchick4419 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-30)
Please contact me at slickchick4419 [at] I know the george you are talking about I used to live there and his name was shaun and he was a very nice man. I believe I know who started that fire and what happened weeks before the fire. I have kept quiet because I didn't want any trouble
sheesha07 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-02)
Bluemoon 1385 please contact me at tinasalas1 [at] George is my cousin! Thank you!
Laurie-Monarez (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-29)
Dear Jessica, I wish I would have come across this article a long time ago. The George you are talking about was my newphew. I hope this is not a sick joke because this story is now stirring up some still emotions from our family. George was killed on a very cold winter day March 2, 2002. I remember that day very well. The picture of that apartment in your photo brought tears to my eyes. Your story to others maybe cool or what ever, but to us it is unsettling to know my newphew is not at peace. To think he is in some between life or purgatory middle life does not settle well with me. But if you still see Goerge, please tell him we love him and he needs to rest and we will see him again in the after life. We think him often still, now I feel somewhat drawn to go back there just to see if I can feel his presences. Jessica take care of him, we miss him. Jessica, if you ever read this comment could you please reach me, my email is 1405laurie [at] Thank you 😢 Aunt Lee Lee
sheesha07 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-27)
This is one of George's cousins we were very close I would love to get your contact info email phone # whatever works for you we have just ran across this story & its definitly our George please contact me at tracialyes6 "at sign" or on this site. Thanks so much.
Dimber (1 stories) (50 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-12)
From what you state,"Upon moving in things seemed to be going okay, nothing out of the ordinary-which was strange for me." Were you excepting to see something or whatever. It is true what EyesWideOpen state there. Never answer or acknowledge spirit/ghost. Your just going to invite them into your life which is bad. I work with some chinese people and they always say. Spirit and human can't not live together. Spirit/ghost brings misfortune. Bad luck is not what you want.
EyesWideOpen (63 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-12)
I've read stories from people all over the world. I will never forget one old oriental woman said, "never talk to the dead, and never invite the dead into your home."

She apparently had some experience.

I've heard from others that you shouldn't even open a conversation, which is usually taken as an invitation.
bluemoon1385 (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-12)
That was a funny joke though 😁 Most of the time, when I see him that is, he's just walking around. Sometimes I think he likes to play games, but I feel like he's more of a protector. I know he's not the product of a residual haunting because sometimes he'll follow me around. Who knows though, I've never tried actually making contact with him. He doesn't really bother me, but my husband got a bit freaked out and asked him politely not to make contact or be seen around him and ever since I'm the only one who sees him.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-12)
Does George do anything? Or do you just see him walking about? It doesn't seem like you're too bothered by him. Its a shame you can't charge him rent.

Oh that was a bad joke

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