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Sleep Paralysis Or Not


I am not really sure how to describe what it was that happened to me but I will try my best.

It started when I was sixteen years old, after I had moved in with my mother. For the first few months nothing happened and everything was great. But then there was one night that I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, which I found odd since I'm a deep sleeper.

When I woke up though I noticed that I couldn't move or speak and I began to panic. That's when I noticed that there was someone walking around my bed. It looked like a man wearing a black trench coat, but because I couldn't move my head I couldn't see above his torso. I kept trying to move but I couldn't, so I somehow asked the man who he was and in the most frightening voice I have ever heard he just said that that he was no one.

That was when I was finally able to move and the man disappeared. I was so afraid that I could not go back to sleep. Soon after I tried to figure out what it was that happened to me, and I learned about sleep paralysis. I keep trying to believe that is what happened to me, but what I experienced was so frightening I just can't believe it. It has happened many times since then, but nothing compared to that first time.

I spoke to my mother once about it and she told me it has happened to her as well and it started around the same age as me. She didn't seem phased by what I was telling her until I told her I had spoken to the man. After I told her that she seemed scared and told me to make sure I pray every night. I really just don't know what to believe about my experience anymore. Sometimes I feel I may be overreacting, but I can't help but be scared. I really want to know what is happening.

If anybody knows anything that could help I would love to know it.

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AFRIEND (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-17)
I'm a scientist. KiraLS, and everyone else, this is no scientific event. I've seen this black figure, and there is a feeling of cold chills that accommodates. This, unquestionably, is a spirit. And more than likely not a ghost. KiraLS, if you don't want this to happen again, pray beforehand. In my experience, this provides you with power that you will be able to handle the spirit. Even, attack it. If he attempts to stop you from speaking again, cry "Jesus", and eventually you will no longer be mute.

KiraLS, my attacks began after I was delivered from something that I returned to. I've since overcome this spirit though it does have a tendency to revisit. I'm not sure, but sometimes I wonder if there are some certain spiritual gifts that others do not have, and it results in them being the iconic target of these spirits.

I've seen signs of good spirits as well KiraLS, so don't worry, you're not alone.
sacul (1 stories) (71 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-09)
I'll second the irregular breathing. It really does help. If it gets to the point you're not getting enough sleep because the attacks become more frequent- remember what C.G. Suggested, and then take comfort in knowing that you *may have a form of narcolepsy... But have nothing to be afraid of.

Falling back asleep within a half hour of being able to move almost always puts me right back into SP and the same hallucination. I would suggest reading or even watching a short film prior to nodding back off.

I've experienced SP for roughly 25 years. Sometimes repeatedly over 3 or more consecutive nights. It sucks but is probably better than *really* seeing what you...saw. Right?

You did an excellent job in describing the sensation, OP

Sleep well 😊
Marquisinator (13 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-07)
Its definitely sleep paralysis, though scientists understands how it is triggered, they don't know why it causes people to see dark figures (as to my knowlege) so maybe its not completely just scientific, but I believe there is a reason to it. In medieval legends people would claim they see an entity on them holding them down.

Just wanted to provide some info.

Marquisinator out.
ghstwrld (1 stories) (22 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-04)
Sounds like sleep paralysis to me, it used to happen to me a lot and I always felt like someone was watching me but I'm sure that's just a part of it.

When it happens again concentrate on trying to move a finger or toe, sometimes this helps to bring you out of the sleep paralysis.
CuriousGuy (2 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-03)
Another thing I forgot to mention to about Sleep Paralysis so this adds on to my earlier comment.

If you want to end it and end it fast. Adapt a really rapid irregular breathing pattern. Not sure what it is with it but it sends a signal to the brain and will alleviate the affects of sleep paralysis.

elainekleid (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-02)
Ask Jesus to help you and He will. I know that you are afraid and I know that it is a lot to take in but if you ever feel intimidated by a dark spirit tell it to get off of you in Jesus name and ask Jesus to keep you safe. I am praying for you too sweetie. Best wishes.
Nathaniel (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-02)
Aomni stated it so well, I've really almost nothing to add. It's freaky, but it's just SP. I've learned to just go back to sleep telling myself it's just SP, and anything I see or hear is just a hallucination. As it's easier than fighting myself awake.
Aomni (1 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-02)
I have suffered through sleep paralysis several times, most of the which involved something horrific happening while I lay still unable to move for only a few seconds or maybe a minute at most (I have heard that some people have experienced it for over an hour and I cannot even imagine how miserable that must be).

The good news is that what you experienced is most likely sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis can cause very vivid hallucinations that are most of the time terrifying, probably because of the inability to use your limbs, move your head or even speak which would be worrisome to anyone. Your brain is already telling you to be worried because of this and that is probably the leading cause for the horrific hallucinations.

Unfortunately it is something you may never get over but sleep paralysis is somewhat common and I hope you can find at least some peace in that.

Also, I do have two questions... First, when you "somehow" asked the man who he was was it audible, was it in your mind, or perhaps something else? Second, when he answered, was it audible, was it in your mind, was it a feeling or something else?

Oh and I nearly forgot. You might as well pray every night as your mother said. Prayer, whether you believe in it or not can be at the least a form of meditation which should help calm you before you sleep.
CuriousGuy (2 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-02)
It sounds like Sleep Paralysis. Heres a little bit about sleep paralysis that I have heard, and some of it comes from videos by GizEdwards on youtube, which he does a lot of videos related to Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, etc. If you ever want to check him out.

Pretty much the mindset you have during Sleep Paralysis is what effects what you see in sleep paralysis. Think of it this way. When your dreaming your brain is ultimately what brings your dreams to life right? Well let's add a twist to that.

Imagine Sleep paralysis as your dreaming, however your awake, and what your seeing is a hallucination that your brain has created, and how does this info help when it comes to Sleep Paralysis? Well just finish reading to find out!

When your scared during Sleep Paralysis the fear from your brain gets projected into your hallucination. Scared? Something scary will be projected due to fear feeding into your brain and affecting the hallucination.

A buddy of mine is use to sleep paralysis. So he keeps a more comfortable feeling when it hits, and his hallucinations, or what he sees? Buddies of his walking in and askin how its goin and chillin in his room.

Someone else I know is more scared when it hits so the fear projects into the hallucination and what do they see? Demons climbing on their walls and chattering to each other.

Now I know this is a long comment and sorry for it being so long but what I'm saying do to what I have heard how you feel during sleep paralysis will project into the hallucinations, so next time it happens, stay relaxed and calm and think happy thoughts and see how it goes for you.


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