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Visits From My Grandmothers?


I would like some opinions on my experiences. I'm not sure if they are paranormal or just an overactive imagination.

It started shortly after my Nan passed away about 14 years ago (I was 9). I was very close to her as the eldest grandchild. My uncle was also distraught, and he visited a medium as a way to try and get some closure.

Amongst other things she described to him a girl, the eldest grandchild, who could 'see' my Nan and would be visited by her. I didn't actually find this out until after the first dream I had and I told my mother as soon as I woke up the next day and she told me about my uncle's visit to the medium. I have since had many dreams about that Nan and also my maternal grandmother who passed away 3 years ago.

The dreams are different to other dreams, they are very lucid. I quite often have lucid dreams but they do feel different. Like I can only describe it as feeling electric, and in my dream I am always very aware that I am speaking to someone who has passed away.

The first dream I had a few weeks after my Nan passed away when I was 9. I was feeling very sad during the day because of her illness. She had never come to visit my dad's new house that he lived in with my stepmother. I was staying there that night. In my dream I sat up in my bed and saw her sat on the end. She said to me, "I am here now, to see you" and put her hand on my lap. That was it and I woke up. I told my mother the next morning as soon as I got back to her and she was convinced it was actually my Nan coming to visit me and not just a dream.

I had another one when I was feeling sad during the day that we were never going to go on holiday with her again (my sister and I went on a beach holiday with her and my grandad every year). We were just strolling along the beach and she smiled at me and didn't say anything.

Another one after both my grandfather and my dog passed away within a few weeks of each other. I was sat in the living room of her old house and my Nan, Grandad and dog were all sat on the sofa and she said, 'We are all together now. We are happy, I want you to let everyone in the family know this."

One that freaked me out a little bit was when I was staying at my dad's and in the dream he handed me a phone and said, "Your Nan is on the phone, but I'm warning you she might sound strange and it might scare you a little bit. So don't worry if you don't want to speak to her" but I took the phone anyway and he was right because it did scare me a little bit. I can't explain why though. Like her voice was slightly off and slightly too loud. I spoke to her for a little while though before I told her I couldn't handle it anymore. I knew she understood.

The last one I'm going to describe (I've had more but I'm sure you are going to get bored reading them!) this one stuck with me most. I was 17 and I was going through a bit of a bad time. I was losing myself a bit, making bad decisions and wasn't very happy with myself at all. One night I was staying at this guy's house I was seeing at the time. That night I had a dream that there was a knock on his bedroom door. He didn't wake so I got up to answer it. It was my Nan and she told me to go for a walk with her. She took my hand and we were walking through what I can only describe as an abbey or a Cathedral grounds. There were columns either side of us and the other side of the columns on both sides was a grassy area full of people doing various things and it was very sunny and warm. We walked and she was holding my hand tight. I could really feel it and she said to me that I needed to put myself first. She said, "You need to make sure you are truly happy with what you are doing, that's the most important thing. If you are happy, don't worry what other people are thinking." At the time it really resonated with me. It sounds stupid but it made me realise that the decisions I was making were not making me happy and I changed my behaviour.

I have also had dreams about my other Nan who passed away 3 years ago. I won't go into too much detail. They have all taken place in her home, where my grandad still lives. She is always happy and peaceful, which makes me so happy because she was in a great deal of pain. She doesn't often actually speak to me though. Sometimes she is just sat in her favourite chair.

On another note, my son who is 3 was born 2 weeks before she passed away. In her last months she was very ill and in pain but she was so excited to have a great-grandchild! Everyone says it really was like she was holding on to see him. After he was born she went downhill very quickly but she managed to hold him once or twice and sat in her favourite chair.

Last year when my son had not long turned two, he started referring to the chair as Nanny's chair and Nanny's corner. It made my grandad smile.

Any thoughts? Is it just my wishful thinking?

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-26)
leas, Visitations are what your having with your grandmothers. They come and visit you through dreams, so you would feel more comfortable while they visit. It may scare you a bit if they just manifest in front of you and start talking. I have frequent visitations from my grandfather, but usually before I always see a red cardinal that same day. Have you ever found somethimg around your home that reminded you of them? That could also be another way they visit as well. Great experience, thank you for sharing.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-22)
I can not immagion anyone thinking any part of your story boring. That was so sweet. And I can truly understand as I've heared my great grandmother singing in bold daylight. Thankyou much for sharing.
boo1789 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-20)
I also have dreams of my mother who passed away to years ago although they are different from yours I think your grandmothers are coming to vist you through your dreams thanks for sharing an amazing story ❤
madrocker (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-16)
I ended up on this site because I was searching for something like this. My nan passed away last month. I had a dream last night that she was still alive and in her home. We went to visit her and she seemed happy and healthy.

In the dream, I knew she had died. But in the dream I remember my dad saying the hospital were wrong and she hadn't died after all.

It felt so real, I keep crying:- (
valkricry (47 stories) (3186 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-02-16)
Leas, I understand what you mean by the visitation dreams feeling different then other dreams. I believe that your grandmothers do come to visit now and then.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2909 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-14)
Leas: welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing such a sweet story.
Love is always and forever, your grandmothers are still taking care of you and keeping in touch through your dreams and, obviously, still enjoying the blessing of a great-grandchild.
Wonderful reading! ❤

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