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Mysterious Figures And Strange Sounds


It was a Friday. After school I went round my friend's house, we watched a film. It finished at around 5:30 pm and it was dark already, so I went home. I live about 15 minutes away from my friend. When I was walking home, someone was walking behind me most of the time. I wanted to turn around but I didn't I, don't know why. The strange thing was that I could see my shadow a few metres ahead at some point, but I never saw the other person's shadow.

I got to my house and walked into the back garden. I closed the gate and looked at the windows, all lights were off. My parents, my sister and my brother were out. Although, when I looked at my sister's bedroom window, I saw a figure that looked like a human body. It looked white in the dark and it disappeared within a few seconds. I wasn't really scared, I thought it was my imagination.

I got into the house, switched the lights on and switched the TV on. I went into the kitchen and ate my dinner. After that I was putting things in the dishwasher and I looked into the conservatory and saw that same figure, but this time the shape was more like a human body and from where I was standing (10 metres away), it looked like a man. I was really scared then, I didn't move until he disappeared again which was about 10 seconds later. Now that I have seen it again, I didn't think it was my imagination.

I got my phone out of my school bag and called my friend. I told her what happened and asked her to stay on the phone with me because I was really scared. At first she thought I was trying to scare her but then she realized I wasn't.

I was in my room for the rest of the evening. At around 7 pm, I was watching TV in my bedroom when I heard some sounds coming from my sister's bedroom. It sounded like a cat or some sort of animal, so I went to check her bedroom to see if she left her TV on or to find out what it was, because we don't have any pets. I walked in to the room, switched the lights on, and there was nothing and no one there. I went back into my room and I heard the sounds again, and tried to ignore them.

When my parents got home I told them what I saw and I don't think they believed me. I just felt like it was too much, first that person behind me on the way home, then the figure in the window and the conservatory and then the sounds in my sister's bedroom.

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Samanta (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-16)
Griff84: The thing I saw kind of just disappeared both times, and the conservatory was dark when I saw it. Also, I think it was a male because the shape of it made it look more like a male rather than a female. 😁

Lady-glow: yes I saw my shadow, but never saw the other persons shadow, and it felt like the person was right behind me, I could even hear their foot steps. 😊

Regarding the cat noises, It was like really stange meowing.

My parents still don't believe me, they say I watch too many horror films and that's why I'm seeing things that are not there.

Thanks for your comments. 😁
lady-glow (14 stories) (3042 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-19)
Samantha: there is something I do not understand about your story, if it was dark already when you were walking home, - why were you surprised not seen the other person's shadow? Did you see your shadow while walking under a street light?

I agree with Griff84, perhaps the person "following" you was only a stranger on his way home and you got a little paranoid about been alone and walking in the dark. 😲
As for the sounds on your sister's bedroom, it could had been a cat roaming outside your house; sometimes cats make awful sounds!
Griff84 (5 stories) (289 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-19)
Hi Samanta, Welcome to YGS.

The person following you on the way home could just have been that, a person behind you, and you didn't see their shadow because they were too far behind. The figure you have seen is more interesting. Did it just stand there on both times then fade? Was the conservatory lit or dark when you saw it? What makes you think it was male?

With the noises from your sisters room, what sort of cat sound was it, was it a meow or scratching or something similar?

Thanks for your post 😊

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