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Recently I posted my first paranormal experience that affected my life ever since, and it's posted on here titled "Playing With Fire". I'm explaining that to you if you want to know where my paranormal experiences started, and that this is a different experience altogether, hopefully unrelated to the previous one.

My fiancé and I were parents to a beautiful boy, and we had just moved into a new apartment in Bellevue, Ohio (very close to my hometown). This apartment was very nice, with a full basement and an upstairs where our bedrooms and bathroom were located. For months we lived there, and didn't feel anything unusual about the house, but there's always a beginning to something, and ours was just about to start.

One night we were sitting downstairs watching television, and our son upstairs began to wail his head off, which wasn't unusual considering he wasn't even a year old at the time, and might've been scared of the dark for all we knew. My fiancé had me go upstairs to get him, and the hallway in the upstairs was chilly, but nothing out of the ordinary. He was pointing at the corner of the room when I walked in and turned on the light, and I didn't see anything, and thought he was just afraid of the dark. I carried him downstairs and he calmed down, sitting with my fiancé on the couch.

That night, though, we kept feeling like something was staring at us from the top of the steps. Now I don't mean standing and looking down at us, I mean like crouched down looking at us with a screaming face. We both described the feeling in our heads of what was looking down at us.

A month goes by, and we would just occasionally get the feeling something was watching us. I would especially feel it as I played World of Warcraft at night with my guildmates who were all real life friends. I'd tell them through Ventrillo (a voice system used to talk to online players) that I felt like I was being watched constantly, and would turn around thinking someone was standing behind me on the steps. My friends knew I had a bad run in with a entity in the past (my first story), and thought I was just being paranoid, which is a very plausible thing, but I remember ALWAYS feeling watched at night.

A couple weeks later I was coming home from work, and my fiancé calls me frantic on the phone. She was in a panic that someone was trying to get into the kitchen through the basement door, and she wedged my son's high chair to stop the door from opening, but it was constantly pounding from the basement side. I floored it to get home, and by the time I got there she was hysterical and begged me to check it out. I grabbed an old flashlight and a large kitchen knife and went outside to the metal door that opened downstairs into the basement near our washer and dryer. I didn't see anything downstairs (though I didn't stay long due to a fear of spiders), and checked the steps as well, which didn't show any signs of damage from the pounding.

My fiancé was having trouble sleeping after that, which I don't blame her. Eventually everything started to settle down, but we'd come home to random stuff moved in the kitchen or off the dining room table. My work sold small tape recorders, and I bought one and we decided that we were going to set it in our dining room while we left for a few hours one day. When we came home, we played it back and could hear random sounds around the house, such as doors or cabinets opening and closing. The only thing that puzzled us was this SUPER quiet whisper that we were unable to make out, but it sounded like two people talking to each other, to the point where we couldn't make out the words even with headphones on and complete silence in our house. We tried a few more sessions, hoping to get more voices, but would rarely even hear doors opening, so we thought things were dying down.

A few nights later my fiancé found out we were wrong. We were downstairs watching the Price is Right one morning, and she explained to me that she saw something hovering over our bed one night. She described it as a little boy hanging (like noose hanging) from the ceiling fan, and he was looking down at her. Naturally I freaked a bit, because that is pretty creepy to think about. She said that he was just staring at her, and that she was afraid to wake me up. This obviously caused me to have trouble sleeping, but we didn't see anything for awhile once again.

It was apparently my turn, and one night I woke up to a bright light behind me (which is where my fiancé was positioned). I remember turning around, and seeing a luminescent female face was hovering over my fiancé but all I said to "it" was, "Go back to sleep, sweetie" and I rolled over and fell asleep. When I awoke, I started replaying what I saw, and couldn't believe I didn't react differently to the spirit hovering. My worn out brain literally just said it was my fiancé, when it clearly wasn't. I explained to my fiancé that I believe something was hovering over her, and we began to do some investigating around the house.

When we walked down the hallway, we noticed HUNDREDS of handprints strewn across the wall, which were childlike, but well out of the reach of our 1 year old son. They were slightly under my chin in height, and I'm 5'8", but they were covering every inch around the wall towards our bedroom door. The prints are what I imagine it would be like if someone had oily palms (natural skin oil) and rested them on the wall for awhile. Now, we've walked down that hallways hundreds of times, and those handprints were recent, and some had scratches going down them, like short fingernails scratching plaster or paint, not like a claw of some animal.

Unfortunately, my fiancé and I had a falling out for awhile, in which I helped her move back to her mother's house, and I moved back to my grandparents' house (talked about in my previous story). Our landlords never really gave me any clues about the residence, and I attempted to find out some history on the property, but didn't really turn up anything significant. They recently sold the property through the realtor company my grandmother works for, and seemed really upset when buyers would back out of it. In fact, I'm not sure if anyone ever did buy it, but I do know the landlords moved south to Kentucky due to our local Ford plant closing and the husband working for Ford.

Considering the house was in the middle of the town of Bellevue, Ohio, I was shocked it had such paranormal activity. Usually when I think of paranormal, I think of a country residence outside of a town (like my grandparents' house). Just goes to show that paranormal occurrences can happen anywhere, anytime, and apparently for any reason.

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Krom1987 (5 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-28)
Darkness: Yeah it was very disappointing that nothing turned up from records of any kind. I thought I'd get something at least about the land, because the house sat on what was called a 5 points, where 5 roads intersected in town. Who knows what went on there though.

Shady4u: Yes moving out was sort of a mixed blessing (something happened at my grandmother's which is where my actual demon encounter sits still) but I was glad to get out of that place. Because it was very frequent when compared to other places I've been and experienced, where it would go years before happening again.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-27)
Krom1987: I'm with you on the disliking of spiders never been a big fan of them, interesting accounts here, it is a shame nothing came up for previous tenents and the house history there has no doubt been some unusual activity stained into those walls.
Shady4u (2 stories) (188 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-22)
I have never really liked basements and reading this story gave me another good reason, lol. Well, I feel what you experienced was residual haunting. Moving out was actually a clever idea. Its always preferable to be safe than to be sorry. I really wish to know more about the history but since that isn't possible now, better leave it forgotten. Great story. Thank you so much.
Krom1987 (5 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-22)
My fiancé and I both think it must've been some type of portal, because it didn't fit what we've both experienced in our lives (demonic activity) and seemed more on the poltergeist / ghostly activity. We've used our voice recorder at our newest residence and nothing, so luckily it does seem to be location dependent which also lends to the locational portal theory. Really wish the history would've turned something up though.
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-21)
That really gets me thinking that the house was a portal for ghost. The house or land doesn't have to have a bad history for this to happen. It just does due to so sort of past event that cause the portal to open or because it is a natural portal.

It's what it sounds like to me, mainly because of all the different ghost and the lack of information on the house.

I hope that helps.

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