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Creepy Events In Childhood Home


First of all I would like to say that I've always been a very sensitive person. My first encounter with the dead happened when I was a baby.

Before I was born my parents moved into an old house previously owned by an old lady. The old lady lived there by herself and the house was in two stories and with a basement. The lady unfortunately died by severe blood loss inside the house. As my parents and older brother moved in, there was still police tape around the house. The investigators found out that she'd fallen down the stairs and had gotten a violent bleeding from every opening in her body. I don't remember if she died by the foot of the staircase or in the upstairs master bedroom.

Anyway, I was born and settled in the house. Me and my brother shared a room when I was a kid. We shared the master bedroom and my brother was about two years old when I was born. (My parents told me about this after we moved out of the house so I wouldn't scare myself knowing about any uncomfortable events occurring in the house).

When I was a couple of years old and had recently learned to talk my dad carried me to bed. Right before he carried me up the stairs I started waving hysterically. I waved into a wall and my dad asked me who/what I was waving at. "The old lady!" I happily answered him. My father got the chills and carried me up to bed.

Whenever I would misbehave my parents told me about this troll that would tease children if they didn't behave correctly. It seemed as a harmless thing to say but whenever they told me about the troll I would tell them that I already knew him and that we were friends and that he often came into my room. This scared the shiat out of my parents but they probably thought I was just imagining stuff. We had a tiny playhouse in one corner of the garden and something about it freaked me out. I wanted to love it but it was scary and I remember dreaming about the "troll" and that he cut off my dad's head in the playhouse. By that time I had never seen anything scary on tv and I have no idea why I would dream something like that.

Later on as I learned to walk up the stairs I started to get a creepy feeling whenever I was in the hallway near the foot of the staircase. There was a bathroom next to the stairs and another one up the stairs. Whenever I had to use the bathroom I always ran as fast as I could to make it through the hallway without meeting anything bad. I always felt like I was being chased. Later on my brother and I made up a game where we would run as fast as we could up the stairs to avoid getting "caught." I'm not sure what we were running away from.

When I was almost five years old my family had houseguests visiting. Me and a girl on my age named Sara played upstairs and then suddenly this unexplainable thing happened. We sat on the top of the staircase and we looking at each other. We were not moving and we were both calm and far from the edge. I looked into Sara's eyes and out of nowhere something pushed us both down the stairs. I remember seeing her rolling down right next to me and I remember how confused I was about it afterwards. We both cried. I couldn't explain it and I was too young to even try. Even before the event with Sara I had fallen down the stairs on several occasions. I remember this one time where I literally flew through the air because something had pushed me so hard forward. I didn't even trip on a step I just flew over most of the them.

A few years later on I started to get real scared of a closet in the master bedroom. Our family switched rooms and I got my parents old bedroom. Whenever the closet door in the masters was open I would feel creeped out. I never said this to anyone because I didn't have any clue about what was scaring me.

A new years eve when I must have been about 5 or 6 years old my parents were hosting a party.

A young couple had brought their toddler girl with them. By both ends of the stairs we now had baby security fence and it was just a rule that they would be shut so no one would get hurt. All of the sudden someone screamed loud enough to get everyones attention and my parents found out that the little girl had fallen all the way down the stairs. No one admitted they had forgotten to close/lock the security fence and it was just really weird. The little girl wasn't hurt seriously but it was just strange.

Another thing, me being a child of course believed in santa claus and whatnot. My parents told me our house had a christmas pixie/elf living in the attic. It was not physically impossible to be in the attic but you had to use a ladder to get up there. We didn't use it for storage it was just old and empty. I kind of believed that we did have a pixie and we even named him and I felt safe knowing about him but I needed proof.

I remember one evening where I was supposed to be asleep and I suddenly heard footsteps coming from the ceiling. Whatever was walking up there was clearly wearing boots and the footsteps lasted for a while. I felt really happy knowing our pixie was real! When I told my parents about it they just nodded and told me "of course he is real". Pretty sure they were creeped out.

By that time we had taken in a stray cat. One day the cat brought her boyfriend with her and one day we had kittens! The boyfriend cat refused to enter the house even though he was calm around our family. We found it odd and I remember this one time where he actually went into the house and I closed the door and he literally ran up the wall panicking screaming in hideous meows. That was scary. We learned through time that he only wanted to be in the basement and nowhere else in the house. We had to feed him in the basement.

My parents got divorced and we had to move out of the house. I was 8 years old by then. It was really sad moving away from my childhood home. I used to have dreams about the house. In the dreams I would be so happy to be there again but I would always get creeped out by the closet even in the dreams.

After my parents told me about the old lady dying in there I felt really uncomfortable. A part of me wants to visit the house again some day but another part screams "do not enter that house again."

Hope you liked my (true) story. I will post stories about my other encounters at other homes soon.

Do you think it was the old lady all along or do you think it might have been something evil? I felt safe around the old lady as a child but I know something bad was there and I would like to know what you think of it.

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Scary_Soap (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-22)
After reading your story, I thought over it. How could someone bleed through all holes if they fell down stairs?... And if you kept getting pushed...

I think it might have been murder. Maybe someone had pushed the lady downstairs? And that's what pushes you. That's actually quite scary thinking whatever it is, was trying to do it again. 😭
M1cr0b1al (3 stories) (38 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-02)
Very interesting story, thank you for sharing!

If the lady was bleeding from "all holes", I don't think her death was by a fall down the stairs. There seems like there's a much more brutal story behind that death.

If that is indeed the case, then I can most definitely see how something more dark and sinister being the cause of all these issues.
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-31)
Your feelings towards the house really minds me of my own feeling towards my mother's childhood home. We used to co-own it with my mother's brothers, but when I was about 10 they had to sell it because it was getting to expensive to keep (one of the saddest moments of my life 😢)
Anyway the house used to be an tavern, then it became a American Civil War hospital, and then a family house. I don't know how many people died in there when it was the hospital, but I know at lease three of my ancestors died in there from old age.
There were so many creepy places in that place, I was never completely comfortable there (always felt like I was being watched especially upstairs. Gosh I hated the upstairs) but I would still love to have that home back.
I think it's the fact that you grew up in the that house, whether or not you were scared of certain places. I don't think it is a bad idea that you should go back. Even just for a few minutes. It would be good to remember memories that you may have forgotten or to see if the ghost are even still there.

Loved your story hope to hear more soon
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-30)
Ramona, very interesting and I enjoyed this. Because it reminds me of my haunted childhood home. I was never pushed but, I remember like it was yesterday the feeling of being watched and chased up the stairs, and down the hallway. Its scary to say the least. The lady whom passed away, she was probably there to. Comfort you. The home could have been some sort of portal. Being that you saw the lady as a child, and it may have opened something up

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