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Orbs during Sleepover


Me and my friend sierra were having a sleepover at her house one night. We saw flashing out the window, and thought it was lightning but we didn't hear anything, so we kept on staring out her window and saw 3 orbs. At the time we didn't know they were orbs, we didn't know what they were. 30 minutes later, we were still looking out the window and we saw them go behind the trees. The trees were pretty close to us (they were behind the house in front of sierras) and I said "what the heck is that... it can't be a plane because it just went behind the tree. It's too small.". Then sierra thought about it for a while and said that it might be an orb. I didn't believe her at first, but I thought about it and it's the only thing it could be. We got so scared. She told her mom and she said to go away (this was at like 10:00 pm) so after that, we went to the floor and put the covers over our heads and went to sleep.

The next day we told everyone. Nobody believed us. 3 days after that, we had another sleepover but our other friend, danielle, was with us. She knew about it and didn't really believe us at first and made it a joke that night. She kept on saying "hey guys, let's go take pictures of orbs!". She was just playing around though. We heard her mom get up and rushed to our beds. She was yelling at her dog who kept on barking, then yelled "get the f**** out of my yard!". We didn't know who she was yelling at. She then came downstairs and kept saying "sierra, sierra, jenny wake up". I sat up and sierra's mom asked us what we saw the other night and we told her. She said she just saw that in her backyard, one was above the swingset and the other was by sierra's mom's window. When she yelled "get out of my yard" they slowly went back into the woods. She said they were flashing and it looked like they were taking pictures of her. She was in her underwear too, so it was weird and scary. We ran up to sierra's room and we all slept on the floor.

The scary thing was that the only time the orbs would come is when it looked like there was lightning, but no thunder at all. Now sometimes we would randomly take pictures and look for orbs. One time, sierra's friend came over and took a picture of her bathroom, there was a little girl standing right in the middle. It creeped everyone out. Now that sierra's mom saw what we saw, everyone knows it now and believes us, even though sometimes they would joke about it. It really bothers me how parents never believe kids. I know they lie sometimes, but who cares, me, sierra and danielle were so freaked out that night.

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jenny (guest)
15 years ago (2007-01-25)
hey evryone... I rlly wish I could put up the picture of the little girl but it wasnt on my camera.... I will ask sherell (shes the one that took the picture) if she could send me the picture...thnx for your comments evryone<3
April Dawn (guest)
15 years ago (2007-01-24)
Jenny,That would be great if you could post that picture of the little girl.That is a really interesting story and I belive you about it to. And it is annoying when parents dont belive kids when they are telling the truth. Well Good-Bye :-)
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
15 years ago (2007-01-21)
Hey, Jenny, I believe you and that's scary, hey maybe you could post up the picture on here, that would be nice.... I mean creepy and interesting like Martin said, well thats very wierd that the orbs only come when there is going to be lightening and not thunder. I only thought that people saw orbs in pictures, I didn't think that you could see in with the naked eye, I guess you can. Well, I liked your story and I go along with you about how annoying it is that parents cannot believe you sometimes when you tell the truth. Hey try to do some research and well, for now I'm done, adios!!! :-)
Martin (602 posts) mod
15 years ago (2007-01-21)
Jenny, it would be really nice if you could send us the picture of the little girl, I would publish it next to your story. Ok, maybe not "nice" but creepy and interesting.

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