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Orb And The Floor Squeaker


Nov 2011, First time I encountered a Floor Squeaker. I was recovering from low back surgery. The Staples in my back made it difficult to lay down. It's early morning, I'm sitting up in recliner couch, TV in front of me 12 feet or so away, looking to the right of TV start of hallway and washer dryer doors. Sitting watching TV quietly, I hear extremely loud floor Squeeeak down the hall, my floors are carpet, then another loud Squeeeak and another Squeeeak. I'm almost 200 lbs and have never got my floor to squeeeak, It's moving with purpose Squeeeak. I feel it's cleared the hall and it's not my Wife. Squeeeak and Squeeeak, it's walking towards me. Three more Squeeeaks. I feel it's at the end of my couch now, can't believe what I'm hearing. A quick 3 steps and I know and sensed it's right behind me. I snapped my head back looking up and nothing there. I know it had seen the panic in my face. I tell my wife about Floor Squeaker when she wakes--she says it's probably the pain pills. I had already stopped taking the pain pills, they did nothing.

Orb And The Floor Squeaker 1

Orb And The Floor Squeaker 2

2nd and last visit of Floor Squeaker. 9-27-2012 Its around 6:30 am, wife just walked out door to work, I just got off work, day light is coming through side of curtains. Just turned tv on, I sleep with TV on, I'm sitting on corner of my side of bed away from mirrored hallway the distance between my knees and TV dresser is about 2 feet, and I hear a very loud floor squeeeak to my right in the mirrored hallway. Floor is carpeted, I look over to mirrors and another loud Squeeeak and another, I feel it's out of the mirrored hall. Whatever it is, it's heavy, another 2 loud Squeeeaks. It's at the end of our cali king bed, I'm thinking what the hell, Squeeeak Squeeeak, shiate! It's next to me. I'm freaking, Squeeeak, it somehow passed in front of me between my knees and tv dresser and that squeeeak was on the other side of me on my side of bed. Panicked, I run out of room, standing in the hallway, in disbelief and angry it would walk right by me without showing itself or at least wave or something.

I hurry to living room to grab my NIKON coolpix camera, fire it up on my way back to bedroom, push door open take 2 steps in, see nothing in room. Snap 1st picture. Hoping to see a big ugly something, nothing but a white glowing ball above me in the center of my side of bed. I point camera a little higher, Snap 2nd picture. Darn thing is coming at me leaving circle trail behind it. I know it's going back into the mirrors, stumbling I get around to wife's side, sit and Snap 3rd picture. Picture of mirrored hallway above door in brown area could be flash but is reflected in mirror on the right with smaller orb next to it. In closet mirrors, that is 1 blue towel on something black on the floor. I see in my hurry out of the room, I threw the channel changer, I turned volume down after 2nd squeak. We had pic of orb over bed blown up and printed, definitely a mind bender. If you can enlarge, you can see?

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Rajine (14 stories) (481 posts)
1 year ago (2021-05-21)
Hi cantunSEEit

That would be enough to send me running in the opposite direction, that is just out there, as I'm typing this I'm still trying to pick up my jaw that dropped to the floor.
valkricry (47 stories) (3201 posts) mod
1 year ago (2021-05-21)
Hi Cant!
Publishing can take awhile, as we aren't one of those 'instant' sites. How quickly submissions get published/ pictures added, depends on a lot of factors and we appreciate your patience.😊
Anyway, the orb over bed is definitely something! There seems to be another two orbs (possibly 3) on the blinds although fainter. Very cool.
CantunSEEit (16 stories) (17 posts)
1 year ago (2021-05-21)
THATS CRAZY. You finally added pictures. I THOUGHT MY PICTURES NEVER GOT TO YOUR SITE. You finally printed my Squeeker story. I sent in at least 2 months ago. Must have fell behind the desk. 😁
CantunSEEit (16 stories) (17 posts)
1 year ago (2021-05-21)
I sent this story in of my floorsqueekers awhile ago. They didn't print this story, so I wrote both as single stories FLOOR SQUEEKER #1 and FLOORSQUEEKER#2.But I'm glad pictures are finally posted. And the dates are there. I threw my journal away. Thanks for reading.
annie16 (13 stories) (53 posts)
1 year ago (2021-05-21)
In the first picture the orb can clearly be seen but did you see there is another one on the blinds? The 2nd picture definitely looks like an orb and not a reflection. Your Floor squeaker stories are really interesting and so well told. I especially enjoy the fact that you don't hide behind a facade of bravery, which gives the story total credibility.

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